rainbow loom kyubeys i made years ago

2022.01.18 14:36 SourPine rainbow loom kyubeys i made years ago

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2022.01.18 14:36 DenverHiker How are you guys handling loot for Hyjal trash farms? Specifically hearts of darkness

I'd like to reward people that actually show up with at least a few but also need to kind of distribute them evenly in the guild
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2022.01.18 14:36 bussylord123 when george foyet (the boston reaper) escaped in s4, why did the next episode act like that didn't happen? they just went ab with their day and didn't even try looking for him

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2022.01.18 14:36 LoveMangaBuddy Read I Am a Child of This House - Chapter 142 - TrueManga

Except that I have memories of my past life, I lived as a relatively(?) normal life. But one day, when I turned 11, my mother, who is a prostitute, took me to my father. ... Read I Am a Child of This House - Chapter 142 - TrueManga. Read more at https://truemanga.com/i-am-a-child-of-this-house/chapter-142
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2022.01.18 14:36 roana_pur Which type of hand gun do you prefer?

View Poll
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2022.01.18 14:36 Zictor42 USEFUL NOTES: Why it is best to start from volume 1 if you decide to read the novel.

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2022.01.18 14:36 stravaaa FREE | MARSHMELLO DRUM KIT | EDM DRUM KIT 2022

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2022.01.18 14:36 Olyakvitka hhhh

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2022.01.18 14:36 australiansize Stepdaughter (Vanessa Sky) Becomes A Whore Because She Needs Money For Concert Tickets

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2022.01.18 14:36 ukstonerfam After work welcome 😌 love my little Marley! 🐈‍⬛

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2022.01.18 14:36 ContentForager2 Soldat Junge 😎 (/r/OkBrudiMongo)

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2022.01.18 14:36 oguz_45 Genesect Raid 3333 9537 2126

Pls be online will inv 10
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2022.01.18 14:36 Pudenator The Matching Tattoo's

The matching tattoo's I got done with my two friends was the biggest mistake I have ever made
I know a lot of you might think that getting a matching tattoo isn't a great idea, or maybe you wish to permanently show your connection with someone. That's what I wanted to do. I wanted to be able to have a constant reminder of my two friends in the form of a relatively small tattoo on the inside of our forearm. We had talked about getting these tattoos since the start of high school, so when we were all the right age, we decided to actually get them done.
The design we had settled on was a small birdcage with three small birds inside. This would symbolise that the three of us were always going to be together and that we couldn't 'escape' each other's company. It was something that we all agreed upon and liked the look of.
We have managed to secure a booking with Hood-inked, the most sought after and exclusive tattoo artist in the city. To even get an appointment with this artist, you needed to find a business card that were randomly scattered around the sprawling metropolis where we lived. If you even were able to find a card, you would have to ring the number that was printed on it and tell the person on the other end what tattoo you wanted. Hood-inked would then decide who got tattooed and who didn't.
Somehow, Rebecca managed to find a business card, hidden down a small alleyway on the way to her work. She made the phone call that day, and after waiting for another two weeks, we were told that we had been accepted. Our appointment date was set for a week later.
Excited, with a dash of nervousness thrown in, we headed to the tattoo studio. It was located in an old, brick building that didn't have any windows. We walked through the front door, a small bell ringing as we did. We were greeted by a heavily tattooed man who asked us to fill in some required documents and then we were tasked with sitting in the waiting area.
As we waited for our tattoo's to be done, we decided on who should go first. We decided that my friend Rebecca should go first, as she previously attempted getting a tattoo. Her attempt left her with a small straight line tattooed along her ankle, but I think she wanted to redeem herself and show she was brave enough to get one first this time. We then decided that Lisa would go next, and that I would be last to get inked.
Our appointment was set for midday, and the second that both clock hands were pointing upwards, an older lady around 60, walked out to greet us. The first thing that we noticed about this woman was the tattoo's that were present on her skin. Long, black ink snakes slithered and wrapped down both of her arms and ended on the top of her hands. Strange symbols accompanied the snakes and were spread across both her arms. She also had a large bat tattoo across her neck, which made it look like she was wearing a rather strange bow tie. Her long grey hair was the same length as the snake tattoos on her arms, and she had dark piercing eyes that stared at us. "Good afternoon, ladies", she said sweetly, "Who's ready to get inked by Hood-inked?".
Rebecca nervously raised her hand and replied that she was ready to be tattooed. The lady, who I now presumed to be the one and only Hood-inked, held out her arm and gestured Rebecca towards the small room where she would be tattooed.
Lisa and I waited patiently for Rebecca to finish getting the tattoo on her forearm. I was expecting to hear screams or to see her run out the room crying, but it never happened. Half an hour passed, the suspense building building as my turn grew closer with every passing minute.
Rebecca returned to the waiting room, a large smile on her face. She showed us the beautiful looking tattoo, which helped relax me a bit. Each line was an immaculate stroke of dark black ink that perfectly formed the birdcage. Each bar of the cage was perfectly straight that then curved upwards to form the dome at the top of the birdcage. Seeing the tattoo reduced my nerves and actually got me excited to receive mine.
Lisa went next and was in the room for about half an hour. I could hear the buzzing of the tattoo gun as I sat and waited, which increased my nerves once again. Lisa came back out of the room and showed off her newly tattooed forearm. Once again, it was immaculate, and I was impressed by it, but I couldn't help and worry that I was next. I got up from the chair in the waiting room and walked towards the room. I entered and saw Hood-inked waiting for me. She motioned towards the chair in the room and so I sat in it.
I had to place my arm on a small padded armrest, and then Hood-inked applied a stencil to my arm of the small birdcage. I then heard the buzzing sound of the tattoo gun coming to life. Hood-inked slowly approached my arm with the thin, rapidly moving piece of metal. My stomach was in knots and sweat was building on my forehead. Hood-inked's hand came closer and closer towards my skin and soon the needle pierced into it.
I expected to feel a sharp pain that ran down the entire length of my arm, but instead it was almost a gentle throbbing pain that was localised to where the needle was piercing my skin. I think Good-inked was incredibly skilled, and somehow was able to lessen the pain of the tattoo. I soon got used to the strange feeling and started to relax as I let the master practice her craft on my arm.
Before long, Hood-inked turned off the tattoo gun and told me that I was finished. I proudly stood up, impressed that I had managed to get it done, and walked back out to greet my friends.
That night, we went back to Lisa's house and spent the majority of the night there, just hanging out as friends. I think we spent most of the night all looking down at our forearms, and at the new marking that would reside there for the rest of our lives. We also just enjoyed one another's company and watched movies, just usual friend things. It was around midnight though that we first saw the strange figure inside the house. Rebecca had left to go to the bathroom, so it was just Lisa and I that first saw it. We were both in the lounge room when, out the corner of my eye, I saw something float past the doorway. I turned to ask Lisa if she had noticed anything but, by the look on her face, I already knew that she had. The look on her face was one of genuine fear. I knew she must've seen what I had seen, but maybe she got a clearer look at what it was. She was now frozen and staring at the doorway. She managed to stammer out a few terrified words.
“D-d-did you s-see that?”, she stammered in a soft whisper, “I-in the d-d-doorway. W-w-hat was i-it?”.
I didn’t exactly know what it was, as I had only seen something out of the corner of my eye, but it appeared that Lisa had been looking directly at it. I put my arm around her to try and comfort her and I tried to get her to explain what she had just seen but she sat there, motionless and mute. I then heard footsteps coming from just outside of the lounge room and they were getting closer.
“Rebecca is that you?”, I called out, hoping that it was just her returning from the bathroom.
When she came through the door and responded,
Yeah of course it’s me”,.
I let out a sigh of relief but I was still worried about Lisa. Rebecca must have also noticed Lisa’s scared expression because she instantly asked if everything was okay. I quickly explained to her about the shadowy figure that I had seen in the doorway. We both then tried to comfort Lisa and convince her that it was probably nothing, but nothing seemed to work, she continued to look terrified, and she didn’t speak again.
As all three of us were sitting in the living room, unsure of why Lisa was as scared as she was, I saw it again. The strange shadowy figure. This time though, I didn’t see it out of the corner of my eye, I saw it straight in front of me. It was hovering off the ground maybe an inch or two and it wasn’t human shaped, in fact it wasn’t really any shape at all. It wobbled and contorted in front of us, constantly changing its shape and size, like squid ink floating in water. It had no face and no body; it had no eyes or any features at all. It was just a floating black cloud of what appeared to be ink.
It only appeared in front of me for a few seconds before disappearing again. I now understood why Lisa was looking so scared because I now felt that fear too. I looked over at Rebecca and she still appeared calm and collected, so I assumed that she hadn’t seen the weird ink blob that I had.
As I looked over at Rebecca, I saw it again. Floating just behind her, like a looming shadow, it sat just inches away from her. It began to float closer and closer towards her and before I could yell out to warn her, it struck. It floated over Rebecca and soon she was swallowed into the black cloud, and she was gone; consumed by the blackness.
I didn’t know what to do, but I managed to stand up and run towards whatever was surrounding my friend. I could hear Rebecca screaming in agony as the cloud of ink engulfed her and pulled her into it's cloud-like body. I reached out to try and grab Rebecca and pull her out of whatever this thing was.
As I threw my hand into the black ink cloud, I instantly felt a sharp pain through my palm and fingers. It felt like a thousand needles all stabbing my hand at the same time. I retracted it quickly and instantly noticed that there was something very different about my appendage.
It was completely black with ink. The ink wasn’t covering my hand though, it was inside of it, tattooed into it. The pain I felt must have been this strange ink creature injecting itself into me. It had filled my entire hand with its black liquid. I quickly moved backwards, in fear, away from the wobbling ink blob. As I got further away from it, it suddenly stopped moving and then, suddenly, it disappeared.
I don’t know exactly where it went, but I do know what it left behind. Rebecca’s body was laying on the ground, lifeless. She was covered head to toe in the black ink. It had injected itself into every inch of her skin. She was also bleeding from the millions of tiny holes it had pierced into her skin. Blood dripped from the tiny pinpricks it had made over her whole body. I knew the pain I felt through just my hand so I couldn’t even imagine what Rebecca went through.
Lisa was still motionless, fear still spread across her face. She had just witnessed what I had and now she looked paler than ever and frozen in the one spot. I managed to crawl over to her, and I noticed the small birdcage tattoo on her wrist. That’s when I noticed the small blob of ink that sat inside of the birdcage. I hadn’t noticed it before, but it was there, locked up and sitting within the wire bars.
I then looked down at my own wrist and saw that the blob of ink wasn’t present in my tattoo. I did notice something slightly different about mine though. The door of the birdcage was just so very slightly open. It would be hard to notice without looking closely but it was definitely open just a crack. The cage was open, and the small ink blob was no longer inside. Hood-inked had drawn it so that our tattoo's were very slightly different. She had marked us with her ink. She had then opened the birdcage. Then she set this thing free.
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2022.01.18 14:36 EmotionalCounter8851 Breaking News:Electroboom married with live wires!

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2022.01.18 14:36 EliciaMedlock Hi to the same 4 guys who see me stripping half naked 🥰

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2022.01.18 14:36 Crondul Is PoC bugged?

I was doing some PoC today with Kennen in Gangplank's scenario and when I played the Crimson Disciple stage he played two times death lotus in combat killing me some blocking monsters and every attacker hitted the nexus not having overwhelm.
There are more weird interactions in PoC with all the PoC powers but this one is destroying basic mechanics of the game, which for me, if it's only un PoC idc but if some new player comes to the game and see this it may be so confusing.
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2022.01.18 14:36 TenPetr What is the best place/activity to meet locals from London/England, make new friends or find a girl?

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2022.01.18 14:36 ElitanaDoogs Should the ‘Confederate’ title be removed from the game?

I can’t believe something so insensitive and racist is a title in this game. It would have been a great message to send to remove this disgusting title in MLK day. I know the culture in Japan is different, but majority of their customers are Americans. They should learn and adapt to our culture, not the other way around. I beg you SE, please remove this title from your game. It’s 2022 for fucks sake. Be better, SE.
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2022.01.18 14:36 Minute_Helicopter_97 Would the adjustable wings of the F14 work on a stealth jet or just give away to much radar?

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2022.01.18 14:36 laylaayleen Wouldn't it be easier for companies to educate idols instead of giving them a "good person" persona? Why they are not strict about it?

We know that some K-pop idols have attitude problems and actually bad people. It is very easy to shape trainees' personalities in a good way for the company because almost all trainees are between 13-19 years olds which is a good age to give proper education for being a decent human and they are at the company at least 8 hours every day so companies have lots of opportunities to show trainees how to behave. I don't see why they don't do this because when the scandals blow up the company will be damaged most and lose a lot of money. It seems easier and more profitable than teaching idols how to act like a decent person.
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2022.01.18 14:36 BroMandi Apple Watch Series 7 GPS w/ Aluminum Case (Various Colors): 41mm $339, 45mm $379 & More

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2022.01.18 14:36 socialbest Anders Breivik, il terrorista della strage di Utoya chiede la libertà condizionale. E fa il saluto nazista in tribunale

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2022.01.18 14:36 thequotesguide Men learn while they teach.

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2022.01.18 14:36 boardsofboards 2 Foot Adventures will reopen for the 2022 season on March 2nd in Julian, CA.

Super nice people, check out their store when you're in Julian.
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2022.01.18 14:36 SimplyVanillaSMP Simply-Vanilla SMP [1.18.1] [SMP] [Survival] [Hermitcraft-style] A 1.18.1 take on the classic minecraft multiplayer experience!

Simply-Vanilla SMP
Dynmap -
Discord - https://discord.gg/7z3gGZbMm3
Simply Vanilla is an SMP that tries to break the overdone style of SMP. It seems now that every SMP is using over the top plugins, data packs and rules that completely break the classic vanilla progression. For that reason I decided to create the Simply-Vanilla SMP, we use minimal plugins and data packs and strive for a community-driven experience, similar to that of early hermitcraft/classic Minecraft multiplayer.
Our target community: We are looking to continue growing our community with mature players. We are accepting of anyone and everyone, regardless of who or where you are we are excited for you to join. We already have a well built, friendly community, however, we are very accepting of any new players and are excited to meet anyone interested. Server software and hardware: The server is running on a fork of paper called pufferfish, this helps to provide an incredibly stable and high-performance experience whilst keeping the core gameplay the same. On top of pufferfish we run some minimal plugins to aid administration and dynmap to allow players to see an overview of the map. Additionally, we have the double shulker shells data pack to stop the end from being depleted. Finally, we use coreprotect and a daily backup to google drive to ensure that all your progress is safe. The server runs on a dedicated host in the cloud, allowing 100% uptime and high performance even at higher player counts.
To conclude: If you're interested in our server then feel free to join the discord and apply for the whitelist, I generally get time to go through applications once or twice a day, but feel free to interact with members in the discord, I hope to see you in the server and thanks for your interest.
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