Key points:

Darktrace PLC (LON: DARK) shares have surged then ebbed back since the flotation in April last year. With a high at 1003p and a low at 250p, the current price of 417p could be thought to go either way.
As we’ve said before about Darktrace the basic idea seems sound. We all know that in our ever more interconnected world cybersecurity becomes more important. Hardly a day goes by without someone’s system being penetrated. AI is excellent at pattern recognition – that, to a useful level of accuracy, is what AI does – and if a network is mapped out then monitored for changes then that should be a good guide to whether someone’s trying or able to get in.
The base idea is logical. The analyst at Piper Sandler thinks this story works and the share price at Darktrace should be 50% up from where it is.
OK, that’s one view. But clearly, there are those with different views on Darktrace otherwise the share price would already be 50% up. That difference being certain of London’s short sellers. ShadowFall is very bearish on Darktrace. They’ve had a short position since October although it’s not large enough that they’ve had to declare it.
The problem is the reputational hangover from Autonomy. Mike Lynch has been heavily involved in both companies. Autonomy didn’t work out well for HP when it bought it and the court cases are still reverberating around the system. There is much argument about what actually happened, from nothing, just normal business that was misunderstood by HP, through the very much more significant allegations.
A fair middle path is to say that Autonomy’s revenue recognition was at the aggressive end of the allowable spectrum. Much of the ShadowFall case is that much the same is happening here at Darktrace. As they say “ShadowFall highlighted dozens of Autonomy staff who have since worked at Darktrace and said it had “cultural concerns” after a review of employee feedback on the website Glassdoor.”
There’s absolutely nothing that can be pointed at other than this vague unease over the corporate culture idea. If – if – Autonomy was aggressive in sales and revenue recognition then perhaps Darktrace is too? Further, recent interest in the Darktrace share price is a result of forecasts about sales and revenues and… is all a bit wishy washy as a series of accusations but it is ShadowFall’s money to spend as they wish.
The question for us as traders is, well, who is right here? Have we a good and sensible idea doing well but overshadowed by incorrect beliefs concerning Autonomy? Or is there good reason to be a little worried about revenue projections? A possible solution is that the production of more audited results – something that will happen with time – will resolve the question one way or the other. We could then expect a breakout of the Darktrace share price – but in which direction?
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2022.01.17 06:43 Esperaux Libertarian Self-Marginalization

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2022.01.17 06:43 EloHellBronze Touch trades to fill dex

I’m only looking to fill my national dex. If you could touch trade me all of those stone ones would be incredible room code being 12369874
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2022.01.17 06:43 rae77777 Daddy issues Dixie style...

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2022.01.17 06:43 sailororgana Did more picrews! They're not perfect but they're so fun to do lol. theme is spending a night together 🤭

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2022.01.17 06:43 Captain_Zombie-94 (Question) My dead grandfather was a Turkish citizen, can I apply for Turkish citizenship?

Hello everyone
so me and mother were wondering if there is a possibility for us to become turkish citizen because before of her parents were turkish but lef the country befor their she was born and now both of them are dead. so can my mother still apply for a turkish citizenship?
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2022.01.17 06:43 GhostRider-TNT A cultura envolta da falta de consumo de álcool deixa-me desconfortável

Olá, quero esclarecer uma coisa antes de desabafar, aquilo que refiro é à falta de consumo de álcool e não o consumo moderado de álcool.
Tenho 49 anos. E o único álcool que não me passou pelas minhas mãos é o desinfetante. Sim, sempre bebi álcool e não quero imaginar a minha vida sem ele. Isto derivado do meu pai apanhar uma rica bebedeira todos os dias quando era criança que de aí (sei qual é a melhor palavra, mas prefiro esta) fiquei fã do comportamento dele para a minha mãe e para mim. Nisto, adoro ver piadas, comportamento e música associada a apanhar à tal "bebedeira" (Toy como referência para as 3 opções).
Não influencio ninguém a deixar de beber álcool moderadamente. Mas mesmo eu não influenciar, eu ainda acho um exagero eu sentir-me desconfortável. Mas depois fico à mesma porque acho que sou o único neste país, com esta idade, que adora beber. As reações que recebo quando não recuso "beber um copo" são como se eu fosse um extraterrestre. Ou quando digo que só bebo álcool dizerem-me, "mas que raio de indivíduo de classe média alta és tu?". Ou até mesmo não acreditarem em mim.
Queria saber se alguém acha que exagero a situação, que não devia sentir assim por algo do passado que não tive culpa. Ou se realmente esta cultura em Portugal é assim? E que na verdade estou a ser razoável.
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2022.01.17 06:43 Leonidas_lll i love reading old dirty sex messages. Care to Share screenshots of dirty talk and conversations?💌💦🔥

Sometimes I'll search for key words in old messages and texts to find kinky conversations and dirty chats, The freak in most of these chats loves it when I send her a screenshot of what got me excited re reading! Sometimes she lets her girl friend who is also a mutual friend, read our dirty texts, but lies and says she finds them randomly online. Mainly because she wants honest feedback from her friend without holding back, She also doesn't tell our friend how horny it's makes her listening to her gf express her thoughts, and opinions about such nasty messages. Out of respect and I guess girl code, I'm not told many details about their little chats, other then she enjoys and gets aroused reading them. We get so turned on knowing another girl gets wet from reading our dirty sex talk!
I'd love to let other ladies read some of our old conversations, possibly give some feedback that might turn her on!
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2022.01.17 06:43 StazCherryBlood Komi-san by (🈚知)

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2022.01.17 06:43 Pleasant_Pair_1179 How do I overcome the guilt of pursuing medicine?

Sorry, this is a long one. But, essentially, I'm a final year medical student who has realised that life as a doctor may not be for me. And I don't really know how to live with the guilt.
I made the decision to become a doctor when I was 18. There were several reasons for doing so: it seemed like a stable career pathway/safe option, it seemed to incorporate science, writing and teaching (which I enjoy), I genuinely love people, I have a love for learning and I know how to be disciplined. There was a fair bit of ego in there too - I did want to "look" smart and better than my peers by getting into medical school. Unfortunately, one of the reasons I went in was also because I just wanted to make my parents happy (I'm from an Indian background): they didn't force me into medical school, but they did very much encourage it and I was worried that if I chose something else (like psychology or the liberal arts), I'd always wonder about medicine and feel very stupid (how ironic). My late adolescence was pretty tumultuous, with a whole heap of trauma, mild emotional abuse and a move to boarding school. This came with a very dramatic personality change (I didn't really know who I was anymore), and I think at that point I'd decided that it didn't matter what I wanted, the best I could do was to just serve the people around me. Despite receiving a scholarship to go to University in my home country, I moved overseas to go to medical school (for several other reasons, such as being afraid to confront the trauma back home, and several logistics reasons - I can elaborate if required). My parents were happy to fund my very long degree, and I figured that it was probably the best option.
I've been depressed on and off since adolescence, but during my 4th year and decided to go to therapy. During this process, I learned a whole lot about myself. I am finally not depressed anymore (I'm actually pretty happy, go me!), but also realised that I have wants and desires, and I can actually listen to what they are and potentially act on them... imagine my shock and horror when I realised that I don't actually want to be doing medicine. I never realised that I actually have agency over my life, and it's terrifying.
So now, I can't stop beating myself up. I know, at the end of the day, it was my decision to pursue this career path. I'm angry at myself for not taking the time to think about it further, I'm frustrated that I declined the scholarship in NZ and I'm angry at myself for accepting my parents' support, I'm guilty for not wanting to do medicine despite their financial sacrifices. I should have shadowed doctors prior to making this decision. I just feel so stupid, and trapped in something that I don't really want to do.
Medicine scares me for so many reasons - there's no creativity involved, it's very technical and hierarchical, it requires huge sacrifices of time, and it involves a lot of admin - certainly things some people could enjoy, but I feel like it's just not for me. I've always enjoyed English and the arts, and being outside, and why the did it take me 6 years to finally listen to myself? Also, why can't I be happy - at least I actually have a guaranteed job! The only reason I am still sticking it out is that I do like psychiatry (I hope I'm right about this), but it feels like I'm already getting to the end of my tether, and another 3 years of training at least before applying for psychiatry training feels like a long long way away. And part of me is terrified that I'll get there, and realise that it's not for me.
Thanks for making it this far, whoever is reading this! I know it's maybe sunk cost fallacy, but I just don't know how to come to peace with the way things have gone. My heart wants to quit, my brain's telling me to just stick it out at least until the end of internship, my ego is telling me I'm a piece of shit, and my compassionate side is trying to forgive myself for being 18 years old and clueless
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2022.01.17 06:43 No-Improvement4265 Wrote a song about my breakup
A little back-story. My ex contacted me out of the blue before charismas, 3 months after the breakup, to tell me she missed me and wants to be with me but "not yet". She then went on to elaborate that there were days where she felt she did not need anyone, but other days where she misses having me there. In my book that meant she wanted to explore other options without commitment, but to still have me on the side. I thought about reaching out to her, but ultimately decided to confide in my friends and family and go back to NC (have not contacted her since). This song was my way of venting my frustration as well as honouring the people who supported me at my lowest. The audio at the end is taken from my new years eve celebration with my friends/family around me.
The song was released shortly after NYE. A week after it came out, my ex deleted my number and changed her whatsapp status to "bye" - guessing she wasn't too happy. I hurt me to think I'd "blown it" or that she wouldn't contact me again. But all I have lost out on is being someone's option. True love awaits. To any of you trying to let go, please rely on your close friends and family, they are an infinite pool of love and support. Hope you enjoy the song! :)
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2022.01.17 06:43 WordsWithWings Possible to use Google Assistant news source in Siri shortcut?

So I live in a territory where News app is unavailable. I'm trying to build my own morning briefing, but struggle with the news section. I don't want a synthetic (and hopeless in my language) reading of rss feeds.
I've scoured the various Shortcut options for Internet or Media, but none of them are able to play content from a source such as this: , which I think is one of the sources Google Assistant lets me select from for running their standard "good morning" routine.
If it is at all possible, I suspect it has to be done with a Procedure? But I haven't written a line of code since '84, so I'm fairly clueless on this bit. Any tip would be appreciated.
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2022.01.17 06:43 QuietTHINGno1KNOWS What you mean your tired…the kids are at grandmas….

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2022.01.17 06:43 cutiepiedaily a

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2022.01.17 06:43 Irate-Insect Fibrus install cost in project stratum area.

Do you have to pay installation in a project stratum area?
Nothing clear on their website. From the sign up email I got it's a few £100 if you don't have a DCMS Voucher and it looks like I'm not eligible for that because of project stratum.
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2022.01.17 06:43 DudleysReddit New & Old Mini build. Getting ready for paint (SD/HD/4K)

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2022.01.17 06:43 Steve-the-kid This sub before and after the finale

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2022.01.17 06:43 somerando9996 Yo shout out to all the burnt out "gifted" kids

Was anyone else always called really smart and gifted as a kid but eventually your mental health took a toll on you and your school work so you became a disappointment to the only people who's approval and validation ever actually mattered to you? Yeah... how are things going?
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2022.01.17 06:43 Bryht_flow Just finished the True Final Millennium Tower again after I promised on my last post

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2022.01.17 06:43 xavbabs The beast titan is Kermit the frog confirmed.

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2022.01.17 06:43 diPBDeNVzxtYuDqw Add a title

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2022.01.17 06:43 izzystn Everyone meet Admiral Gryphon. He's 8 weeks old

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2022.01.17 06:43 _WETLOOK_ Wetlook girl in legging sin shower - Video

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2022.01.17 06:43 psychotic_habitation Princess Helayna

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2022.01.17 06:43 Adhambr Fried nano ble 33 sense

hey everyone. I connected my arduino nano ble 33 sense to 4.2v instead of 3.3 without cutting the 3.3v jumper accidentally and it ended up getting fried. how do I know if the whole thing is gone or was it just the voltage regulator.
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