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Meta(l) Monday - Are you a wizard?

2022.01.17 07:45 ryanmercer Meta(l) Monday - Are you a wizard?

It's Monday again and that means we can post about anything outside of the topic of precious metals and still have all the Silverbugs we know and love be involved in the discussion. So far there are no rules and nothing is off-limits...except of course standard reddiquette. Have fun everyone.
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2022.01.17 07:45 Teutonic_Farms Beautiful Idaho

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2022.01.17 07:45 Minddoesntstop Little black box

My mind’s eye burns with horrors as I listen to the cicadas sing their tune. My eyes dart again to the window as if I failed to hear the question. I take a long gulp of the cold brown liquid that’s in my cup. It burns my chest, but it feels good. Reminds me of home.
They ask me again who I am and again my tongue feels as thick as lead. Men have called my people by many names—serpent, demon, monster—but does a label matter so much? Do words matter at all? I go by Gabriel Abrham, I tell them.
They ask me what my purpose is here. Again, why does that matter. What is all of your purpose here, dressed up in Hermes or Chanel dresses, and Tom Ford suit and ties, prancing around with your pinkies up as if you mean something to this world? As if you did something significant and have something to be proud of?
I’m a late cousin of the Queen’s uncle, I lie.
Gaping mouths, and wide smiles all around. Lucky to be me, apparently. Now questions I can not answer. I didn’t prepare for this but I should have presumed I was destined to stand out in a crowd of yuppies with a posture like mine, as well as slacks and a button down. They were gaining in on me, too many questions, too much noise. Distraction.
Did they know my plan? Were they now in desperate attempt to unravel it before it has even started? Humans are funny. To think that you could outsmart me would be your biggest mistake. I wish to tell them.
But I stay quiet and take the praise from the people telling me how brave I must have been as a boy when the Queen’s whole family was uprooted from East Hugdon to Edingson. Terrible, terrible times for everyone.
I fake the sorrow. They buy it. Too easy in this place. I must begin my plan before the speeches start. I excuse myself as I wipe off my fake tears and head to the Library. This is where the plan will take place.
On my way there I stop to grab my backpack that I hid in a closet in the rear hall earlier that day.
I lock the double doors of the library behind me and sit down on the floor, leaning against the wooden doors. I take off my backpack and pull out my prized possession. My box. The one mom used to use when she was just a girl. The nightmare box she called it. She held all her demons in it and gave it to me to hold mine.
Demons we call them but mom and I, and them are one in the same. Names and labels don’t mean anything. But these creatures were teeming with evil. They were the manifestation of the nights we stayed awake with bad habits and dark thoughts. The times we did our brother or friend wrong. The times we betrayed a lover. Or killed the spirit of someone because of our selfish acts.
They were made of all the hateful thoughts, anguish and anger locked inside our head. All the blame, the excuses, the torment and everything we dread.
Mom said this box would keep them sealed, they couldn’t torment me from there, she said maybe one day I could be healed. Now I see that the box is insignificant. They follow me wherever I go.
I can’t take the torment anymore and I suspect if I can share it with the leeches of this fallen land maybe I will be doing them some harm and me, for once, some good. Because damn well do I deserve it.
The feeling of elation I’ll feel when releasing my demons, and not only for the sake of ridding of them but in the knowing of the torment it will cause the others, will be a grander feeling than I have ever experienced. As I go to sleep peacefully, knowing they will be wracking their brains, wanting to be anywhere but where they are, will bring me the greatest pleasure I have ever felt.
They never deserved this majestic looking world they were given. All they did was destroy it, as well as destroy themselves and each other with it. They are failures of this universe. Should have been wiped out years ago because all they are doing is slowing down the evolutionary process we have been working so hard to uphold.
They’re too fragile, their minds too weak. They’re will power too powerless, and emotions too heightened. It’s time.
It’s been time for a long time but nobody in my world seems to understand. So I’ve taken it upon myself to end this once and for all.
I unlocked my little black box with the key mom has worn around her neck since I can remember, and I got ready to watch the end. The show has begun.
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2022.01.17 07:45 fortyonabranch [19F] How do you like me with this hair color?

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2022.01.17 07:45 Important_Coat_9501 7 Days DONE!

Super happy about this. Cravings are dying out too, just weird strong ones occasionally that hit you out of nowhere. Usually triggered by place so I think they are habitual at this point rather than chemical.
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2022.01.17 07:45 Vedant_Tailor Top 11 Latest Features of iOS 15

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2022.01.17 07:45 Jarviscodinghub EECS-4415MvProject #3 solved

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2022.01.17 07:45 Boddup Prefecton

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2022.01.17 07:45 Far_Desk_6015 At that speed, will you be able to pull out in time?

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2022.01.17 07:45 FixForce [PC] [PRICECHECK] Purple Sovereign A/T from Select Favorites

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2022.01.17 07:45 Jarviscodinghub EECS-4415M Assignment #2 solved

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2022.01.17 07:45 Tip_Head I cant find a match in Cold War for 3 days!

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2022.01.17 07:45 gyanire I am working on my Twitch channel. Here I share some decorations I am drawing.

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2022.01.17 07:45 Asad361 Raspberry Pi Based Marker Following Robot

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2022.01.17 07:45 canadahuntsYOU [Lore] Wickenden happenings and Wendell's plots

5th-12th Months, 135 AC
On a night marked by intermittent showers and an approaching fog from the south, the elderly Knight of Wickenden was laid to rest. It was not a particularly large ceremony, even by the normally insular standards of the Waxleys, but by no means was it because the Knight had been loathed. Many in the town who had known the man sent condolences to the Candelabra, while those who worked under him said prayers out of respect taking time to remember the man they had served for so many decades, and who in turn had provided an unshakeable foundation for the town to cling to even through the chaos that was the Dance. But though the reception was small and quiet, none were displeased. Knight-Captain Wendell Waxley had always been a small and quiet man, and none doubted that he'd have approved of the lack of fanfare that his family had chosen to commit his body to the grave with.
The transition of rule from Wendell Waxley to his son, Godfrey, had likewise been accomplished without much fanfare and celebration associated with it. While perhaps a bit more of an active man than his father, choosing to sail and trade elsewhere over remaining at home at times in the past, Godfrey benefitted from his father's nature in having setup a reliable system of command which smoothly passed on to the new Knight of Wax. Where Godfrey had previously acted as head of trade and commander of ships, his brother Osgood officially took that position (Though true to his own nature, soon had his younger cousin take most of the responsibilities over for him, which seemed to suit everyone fine. Godfrey's son was introduced into the family business with surprising smoothness for a boy his age, while his daughter volunteered to carry duties of prayer on behalf of the house for the soul of their departed Grandfather, a role which Godfrey approved of. In Wickenden, the succession went as smoothly as it could have.
With the exception of the Bastard of Wickenden, that is.
Wendell Stone, son of Osgood and a merchant's daughter, had previously enjoyed the favour of his namesake grandfather perhaps more than even his own sons had enjoyed. His grandfather was a kind man to the bastard, often sitting with the boy in the candlehalls and showing him how to shape the wax into different shapes and sizes. His grandfather had given him an education, a place within the halls of the Candelabra, and most importantly, the legitimacy of the Waxley name, or about as close to it as he could get short of royal legitimization. Even when he had clashed with the sons of the elderly Knight, Wendell Waxley had been sure to be light in the repercussions to his favoured lad. But now he was gone, and Wendell Stone remained. His upbringing as part of the Waxley household made it impossible to force him to leave- Ser Wendell Waxley had made sure that he was a part of it- But in the new Wickenden it was increasingly hard for the young boy to find the respect he'd been shown while his grandfather had lived. He was not quite a part of any of the Waxley's business plans, but he had to find something to do.
Melee training with his older half-brother Walder was one option of Wendells, and since Walder was one of the few that fully accepted him as a family member, the bastard would try to be there as often as he could. But Walder had other duties, and was 6 years his elder in any case. He couldn't keep up with the older man even if he'd wanted to, and when Walder was gone to serve under the Knight-Captain of Wickenden directly, Wendell could not follow. Teora Waxley, his cousin and the elder child of Godfrey Waxley was the closest in age to him of any of the nobles in Wickenden, but she'd never liked Wendell much, and they'd increasingly started to clash on manners relating to the Seven- Not that they'd any real knowledge of what they were arguing about, but they argued regardless. The servants were nice enough, but Wendell had been raised as a member of the Waxley household itself, and thus had been divorced from relating entirely to the servants and their children. In short, Wendell was a child with little to do, and no real role to play.
But idle hands are the demon's favourite playthings, and as time went on and the boredom and separation of Wendell from his supposed family increased, he began to increasingly spend his time with mischievous ideas in mind. It started with swiping extra treats from the cooks, and scaring the children of the household with sounds and shadows at night. Then it was stealing a pretty bauble, or a trinket from the market. Even when he was caught, he was able to leverage his name to his advantage, up until his antics caught the eye of the Knight-Captain himself. After a prank which involved the usage of stolen figures of the Seven which belonged to Teora, and which Wendell had never really liked, the puritanical Godfrey had stormed into his room and personally disciplined Wendell harshly, culminating with the boy being thrown into a cell for a night.
From then, Wendell and Godfrey had stayed at harsh odds with each other, with Godfrey forcing the boy to work in the candle shops on his spare time to avoid the chance of Wendell being caught up in mischievous behaviour. So it had gone on for months, with Wendell becoming more and more discontent with what he viewed as the tyrannical behaviour of Godfrey. He plotted his revenge against his uncle with each candle shaped and each wick attached, biding his time until the perfect opportunity. And so it was that when Godfrey announced his intentions to head to the feast at Hearts Home, Wendell's heart bounded, knowing he had the best chance he'd get to preform the greatest prank of his life in front of so many people. Day by day he waited, and as the caravan departed Wickenden for Hearts Home, he got ready to make the ultimate prank a reality.
[To be continued at the feast of Hearts Home]
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2022.01.17 07:45 Jarviscodinghub EECS-4415M Assignment #1 solved

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2022.01.17 07:45 luka9072 Narucivanje sa Menart

Da li je neko naruciva iz knjizare Menart i da li je bilo nekih problema sa dostavom?
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2022.01.17 07:45 Bonus1Fact Saudi-led coalition says a number of explosives-laden drones were launched from Yemen's Sana'a Airport of Yemen – Al Arabiya TV

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2022.01.17 07:45 im_useless_ my cat pooped outside of the litter box for the first time… and he pooped a lot. What’s the reason?? his litter box is clean. Keep in mind we just discovered this.

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2022.01.17 07:45 _Hhz Pontifex shadow ring, is it overcharged or not?

Anyway I can check if I did overcharge or not? I can't remember if I did or not..
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2022.01.17 07:45 SourabhShekharChavan What do these two lines mean in Java? 1)The new operator returns a reference to the object is created. 2)The new operator instantiates a class by allocating memory for a new object and returning a reference to that memory.

I am learning classes and objects in Java. I am currently learning about the creation of objects. However, in the Instantiation step what do these two lines mean?

  1. The new operator instantiates a class by allocating memory for a new object and returning a reference to that memory.
  2. The new operator returns a reference to the object is created.
What does returning a reference to that memory mean in statement 1?
What does reference in statement 2 mean? Is it the memory address of the object that is stored in heap memory?
Please check the below link
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2022.01.17 07:45 neoxinx Im Hier und Jetzt leben?

Hi liebe Redditer,
ich habe seit einiger Zeit, bzw. schon länger eine permanente Übelkeit. Also wirklich dauerhaft. Mal mehr mal weniger. Dazu kommt noch meine Emetophobie, was natürlich in dem Fall kontraproduktiv. Aber das soll nicht das Thema im generellen sein.
Ich habe in letzter Zeit immer mehr das Gefühl, dass mein Kopf nicht mehr "leer" wird. Ich bin in der Arbeit, komme von der Arbeit nach Hause und habe eigentlich immer das gleiche Ritual. Arbeit -> Toilettengang -> Duschen -> PC Allerdings mache ich mir hier Stress, obwohl ich mich ja eigentlich auf den PC freue. Sprich: Ich red mir immer ein, dass ich schnell schnell machen muss, damit ich an den PC kann, weil sonst wieder nicht mehr so viel Zeit vom Tag übrig ist. Das gilt generell mit vielen anderen Dingen auch. Ich versuche immer alles jetzt zu machen um später Zeit für meine Dinge zu haben, habe aber damit das Gefühl, dass mir der Kopf platzt. Ich kann irgendwie nicht im Hier und Jetzt leben. Ich denke immer daran, was wird sein, was bringt die Zukunft, versuche zu planen und und und, vergesse dabei aber meinen generellen Tag. Ich weiß nicht wie ich das erklären soll. Ich habe einfach das Gefühl, dass ich nie richtig abschalten kann und das schlägt mir umso mehr auf mein Psyche habe ich das Gefühl.
Kennt ihr sowas? Wie macht ihr das am besten?
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2022.01.17 07:45 UInt86 Lets be tough on Criminal especially those that take bribe, misuse public office and flout Covid rules.

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2022.01.17 07:45 nikasp10 [product review] which one is better for body acne and hyperpigmentation (back, chest)? I cant choose

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2022.01.17 07:45 nevertoomuchthought Insight into a character death and big tease

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