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Finished my build, felt cute

2022.01.17 07:05 quabadaba Finished my build, felt cute

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2022.01.17 07:05 sfoliveranderson Since when was it legal for video games to have such beautiful music

Hollow Knight
Maybe I'm biased toward piano but still
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2022.01.17 07:05 noobatanything If you say "Tim Sweeney" three times in the mirror he'll appear and install the Epic Games launcher on your PC (And no, I'm not an Epic Games fanboy. I can't believe I actually have to say that)

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2022.01.17 07:05 Exotic_Rave96 True and I'm actually jealous

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2022.01.17 07:05 Wrong-Turnover3053 सात घोड़ों की तस्वीर को कहा लगाए | Vastu and Seven Horse | Knowledge Shots

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2022.01.17 07:05 onendedstick95 I did great getting up here.. buuuut now I can't get down

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2022.01.17 07:05 AnonymousConscious I am a artist offering to make your very own NFT, pm me for information.

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2022.01.17 07:05 TheLegend5161 Golden Revolver Glitched/stuck

So I started a new Account, so naturally, I want to get the 250k and the golden revolver. The issue is, I got the email, went to the first location to start the hunt, then logged off. Will I have to wait for the email again to find the next locations, or will they just appear on my map? Any help would be appreciated.
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2022.01.17 07:05 heavyrabbit910 Poor little cat !

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2022.01.17 07:05 j-u-s-t-f-o-r-u Hello New Traders

Use my Referral Code: PHNXCWXT
And we’ll have a 10-10% split on trading commission so you’ll be saving 10% on your trades. If that’s okay with you. Thanks & Happy Trading. 😊
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2022.01.17 07:05 Damzard Help w/ Spell-Storing Item focused artificer

So, this video of XP to level 3 got me thinking...
There are players that want to forge their own magical items. AgryGM has a system that looks pretty good, but the artificer class is usually the choosen option. The thing is, even if the spellcasting is described as the following:

To observers, you don't appear to be casting spells in a conventional way; you appear to produce wonders from mundane items and outlandish inventions
The truth is it works like any other spellcaster. You can add flavor, sure, and you have Infuse Item and Magical Tinkering, but you don't really cast spells through your inventions or other items, except when it comes to Spell-Storing Item at lvl 11.
I would like very much to play an artificer based arround this feature, creating things like a cape of feather fall, a shield of protection from energy, a slingshot of catapult and others.
The thing is that I don't know how to balance it. It wolud be like creating scrolls I guess, but starting from lvl 1
How many uses per object would be right?
How many objects affected at the same time?
Should I get rid of spell slots or expend them to store a spell in an item? If i do so, how do I avoid spell slot hoarding? what I mean is, if today I store a 1st lvl spell, tomorrow I would have my spell slots back + one 1st lvl in the item, so I could keep doing this... maybe the way that warlocks work, with less spell slots but recovering them in short rests would help.
I don't know, what are your thoughts about it?
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2022.01.17 07:05 MarkoOttoYT iTacHi wAs bLiNd

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2022.01.17 07:05 nORbDragon «E7 Vault» as replacement for [OBT]

Link to «E7 Vault» -
This new website is planned as a replacement for the departed

Reasons for abandoning the «e7herder» engine:

But in any case, I am grateful to zklm for the fact that he posted a dump of his «e7herder» for free access.

Current Features:

Planned Features:

«E7 Vault» relies on JavaScript extensively for site functionality and navigation.
If you're blocking JavaScript with a browser extension, you should make an exception for first-party scripts on this site. If you're using an ancient browser, update to a modern one.

«E7 Vault» is currently in open beta testing. For bug reports and suggestions which aren't listed above, please find me on github, (for Russian speakers) or on reddit here. You can also be a proofreader for my English texts.
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2022.01.17 07:05 MegaMasterYoda Sellsword Luet

Am I just imagining it or does this guy seem to really aggro enemies? Also anyone know what ges got equiped to take aggro like that? Might be fun to look into a support class based off him and miracles.
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2022.01.17 07:05 n035 Samsung's success on integrating CPU, RAM, and SSD in on a single chip

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2022.01.17 07:05 abraabc103 Top boy

it’s been years since it came out and filming had been done for a while . Also it was a massive deal in Australia when it came out so I can’t imagine how well it did around the rest of the world . I just wanna know if anyone has any information on the release date
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2022.01.17 07:05 Sav-RS Why can't I plant a 4th spirit tree? 120 arming and Grandmaster Farmer...

"You already have three spirit trees. You can't plant another"
"A fourth tree may be planted at level 114 with Apprentice Farmer rank (4,000 reputation) at the Farming Guild."
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2022.01.17 07:05 BroodyBatman How does one go from being rejected from law school to leading the Third Reich? Why do you think Hitler’s friends didn’t intervene when he started going off the rails?

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2022.01.17 07:05 Mister_simp What happens if you have 100% translucently and 100% transparency on an object?

My teachers said I was going to get this question on my Final's tomorrow, so if anybody knows let me know pls<3
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2022.01.17 07:05 TheEminenceInShadow very chad.

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2022.01.17 07:05 davide_xeon Fusion 360 hangs on splash screen

Hi, it's been some months that my fusion won't start. If I open it (admin or not) the splash screen shows up and then it hangs (the process in task manager is completely frozen) with a chance of opening after like 20/30 minutes. Usually after a clean with the fusion360 cleaner and a reinstallation it works, but now it doesn't also after a clean install... for a while I thought that was microsoft defender fault, so I've excluded the Appdata/local/webdeploy folder both in defender settings and in gpedit but It doesn't work. I'm getting mad because I can't work.
I also use Inventor sometimes (always) when Fusion won't start, but this is not the solution... I really prefer Fusion for a certain types of work.
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2022.01.17 07:05 Edgeog

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2022.01.17 07:05 CalmYourSNES What would it feel like to be strangled to death by legs?

I recall a story posted on here before, it was about a bunch of 'nerds' who were with a friend. The friend did something he shouldn't have so they plotted to kill him in their car. They invite him out to dinner, and the killer and the kid are in the backseat. Then the killer gets him in a chokehold with his legs and deliberately chokes him to death as a means of revenge.
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2022.01.17 07:05 zreallie Interested??

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2022.01.17 07:05 International_Unit61 Günaydın hala hastayım agalar ama covid negatif

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