[/r/latvia] Small animal (rabbit, hamster, guinea pig, rat) owners

2022.01.17 07:45 EestiMentioned [/r/latvia] Small animal (rabbit, hamster, guinea pig, rat) owners

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2022.01.17 07:45 BitchySmurf I'd love to know what people think of my handwriting

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2022.01.17 07:45 PoliticalHub24 'Utterly Humiliated Our Nation': Trump Goes Off On Biden At Arizona Rally At his rally last night in Forence, Arizona, former President Donald J. Trump slammed President Joe Biden's record.

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2022.01.17 07:45 Asleep-Wedding5359 Could this be anemia?

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2022.01.17 07:45 planer200 Lord forgive me

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2022.01.17 07:45 Legitimate_Unit_9210 Which is your favourite magical event in the original Teletubbies series?

Mine is the Lion and the Bear.
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2022.01.17 07:45 Jarviscodinghub ECE 6143 Homework 3 solved

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2022.01.17 07:45 CozmicKrunch79 is there a companion app for android?

Like a messaging app though eve to message your friends/Corp or being able just to do basic things/check training etc?
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2022.01.17 07:45 jackthesnake20 Solo Trip to Everest Base Camp

Hello Everyone, I’m planning to do solo hiking till everest base camp in the first week of February. I would like to get your view points on the following things:
A) Difficulty level of the trek
B) can i rent out the cold clothes from there itself. I dont want to buy -10 c clothes which i wont be able to use afterwords.
C) will i be able to get emergency medicines related to mountain sickness etc during the trek itself
D) How much money should i keep aside in cash for the fooding, and lodging purpose.
E) Additionally do you guys think a sherpa/guide is required , if yes can you guys recommend someone please ? I have done my research relates to acclimatisation, i can carry my own stuff, but have limited knowledge related to navigation. Can we use offline google maps to reach till the trek point ?
I have a past experience of doing treks, but not alone. Thanks for your help !
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2022.01.17 07:45 MarshallBrain Chinese dialects in decline as government enforces Mandarin

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2022.01.17 07:45 Complex_Ambition8721 Insane seed

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2022.01.17 07:45 Jarviscodinghub ECE 6143 Homework 2 solved

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2022.01.17 07:45 lasagneking007 Man City Edge A Close Match At The Etihad | Unseen Extra

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2022.01.17 07:45 paigama Nagai Manami's WA DA DA - Kep1er cover premiere

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2022.01.17 07:45 Cryptoluck8 I need karma help

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2022.01.17 07:45 GeneralEdmba ISB MBA Webinars and Seminars for FREE- MBA Workshop and Application Strategy

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2022.01.17 07:45 IMALDRON1 Child labour, slavery - Third world countries; WOC, genocides - fvk big government; Worst famines - random buzzword, no real example; The last time I checked the whole world was not capitalist, but yeah assign all the deaths in the world to capitalism, braindead logic.

Child labour, slavery - Third world countries; WOC, genocides - fvk big government; Worst famines - random buzzword, no real example; The last time I checked the whole world was not capitalist, but yeah assign all the deaths in the world to capitalism, braindead logic. submitted by IMALDRON1 to Anarcho_Capitalism [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 07:45 kadreg Les cirques bloquent la N10 dans les Yvelines et promettent «d’autres actions» en Ile-de-France

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2022.01.17 07:45 Cunnch Is Walmart gearing up to enter the metaverse?

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2022.01.17 07:45 Carboxyion I am so confused about the museum

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2022.01.17 07:45 Jarviscodinghub ECE-6143 HOMEWORK 1 SOLVED

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2022.01.17 07:45 ArnoDeG Disagreement over a stuffed animal

Me and my gf are arguing whether a stuffed animal is a giraffe or a zebra and we really need this settled, anyone knows where I can post a picture of the animal and ask whether it’s a zebra or giraffe ?
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2022.01.17 07:45 C0ver9ty9 Greta Menchi

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2022.01.17 07:45 Much-Skin-4710 My current opinions on Dark Deception levels best to worst

This is a followup to my previous question for some feedback on what people think are the least to best Dark Deception levels. Heads up, this might be a bit controversial, though it is still subject to change. Keep in mind, this list is very much influenced by story mode, so keeping in mind the amount of powers you would have at the time in-story. Opinions are welcome, please share your opinions.

  1. Deadly Decadence - the level that notoriously made Markiplier quit before shard counts stopped resetting after game overs. It has a perfect scare factor with red light green light statues, oftentimes forcing you to run through traps which are cleverly set, gorgeous scenery, and interesting/horrifying story behind the watchers in which those doomed to become them "burn" in their greed. Teleportation is an absolute necessity in this level. It can get very hard and frustrating, but at least to me never in the sense that I hated the level. The boss is fairly easy and makes sense, you get the titan watcher to accidentally break open the caged off door. Forgivable as the previous zones likely had new players pulling their hair out. Overall this level requires top notch skill to S rank at least if you're doing it in a story mode sense (with speed boost and teleportation only GOOD LUCK LOL). When I think of Dark Deception, this is the first level that comes to mind. It embodies everything that got me to love the game in the first place.
  2. Crazy Carnival - An overall fun experience, one of the most fun and replayable levels in the entire game and, currently, has the most fun level in Monsters and Mortals (not that it counts for Dark Deception, but I'm just saying). Coulrophobia seems to run deep in people in general, so these little skeleton headed clowns with big mouths lined with sharp teeth and small beady eyes, which also look horrifying in blacklight, take the cake. Though admittedly their creep factor is debatable as their appearance and sounds could also be considered cute to some (and possibly annoying). Avoiding clown cars and jack in the box clown heads is a blast, as well as the creative traps in zone 2. Primal Fear is a necessity with the swarming mechanic of the clowns, and a huge help in the Goliath Clowns boss battle. S ranking was a pain for me, but mainly due to a glitch that unfairly ruined my S rank. It never was a bore playing this level.
  3. Monkey Business - it may be the first level, which likely won't make it on too many people's favorite list, but assuming it's the first, and you're playing without powers, it has a fantastic creep factor being powerless and at the mercy of vicious mindless killing machine monkeys. The map is very well designed and the monkey AI is smart enough to not only know your location at all times, but will also actively try and cut you off which is often horrifying and quite tricky to learn how to avoid. Not too much story on these guys, they're still a bit of a mystery besides the reference to "monkey business" in Doug's flashback cheating on his wife. Chef Monkeys now guard the ring piece which takes a bit of trial and error, but once you figure it out, it's an intense and fun boss battle!
  4. Torment Therapy - an overall solid level which perfectly accounts for the new OP yet very fun shard magnet with the greatest shard count in the game. Reaper Nurses will keep you on your toes at all times and the traps are unique and you will have to be skilled to S rank it. Each map is also very well designed and fun to play. Only problem is its janky as hell boss fight which is cool in theory, currently broken in execution. I might have put this at the number 2 spot if not for the Matron. The theme of the hospital also perfectly accounts for Doug's questionable decisions in life. This level is also not all that scary imo, but it does get very intense which makes up for it. The introduction to this level was very fun and intense!
  5. Stranger Sewers - An overall solid level. The introduction of telepathy is one of the most uniquely used new powers with finding the "real" Dread Duckies. Dread Duckies are a bit spoopy with their duck sound effects, yet they are mysterious and creepy in conception. What exactly they are, submerged animatronic, abandoned theme park ride, remains a mystery. And knowing there are "fakes" while "real" ones reside in the shells brings up the creepy mystery of what exactly is in those shells. The slowed down water hazard and slow doors contributes to difficulty and may get newcomers panicked when awakening a duck. The boss was the best of the two back when chapter 3 was the latest chapter and it still remains the best boss in the game in my opinion. It takes just a bit of skill to beat and is pretty fair in length. It also continues into the escape sequence chasing you down in a bloodthirsty rage which would horrify any newcomers, even going for one last strike at the very end. Any downsides is that it can get a bit lengthy. Also Glowstick made the choice to buff this level by adding wandering ducks. I'm a bit torn because I was of the opinion that this was the easiest level before it, yet it does take a bit away from the creep factor that any duck could be the real duck because you'll likely be making many blind treads amongst ducks running from these wanderers (though getting jumpscared is still very likely).
  6. Bearly Buried - A very risky level on Glowstick's part as it changes up the formula completely, removing your previously earned powers and having you slowly regain them as well as incorporating two boss battles. The level has the best story in regards to the level itself. It proves to be the creepiest level in the entire game, slowly building up Mama Bear to be more and more malicious and supernatural as you proceed until you find yourself in a literal hellscape within this cave with a purple hue (is it made of soul shards!?). She also is said to be an amalgamation of abusive mother souls, and the level also touches on Doug's own abusive mother. So it's clear she is a monster that would hit closest to home for Doug, which is fantastically creepy. As far as actual gameplay... The zones lack a variety of traps with only speed boost barriers and bear traps unfortunately, but this is mostly made up for with atmosphere and Mama's infinitely spawning teddies, vision blurring and speed. Still, some other form of traps, such as gaping pits, would have been fantastic. The first zone when reaching the attic is a bit of a pain with the wandering teddy at the end being borderline unfair and luck-based. Zone 3 was fun and very well made. The boss fights are hit or miss depending on the person. Neither are unfair or boring, but they're just ok for the most part. The order in which you receive your powers back could have been better imo, but it does feel satisfying to get them back. Getting back Vanish first was perfect as it went with the theme of sneaking about the home. Being able to explode a massive hoard of trigger teddies with primal fear is also very satisfying. Ideally I think getting telepathy back and then primal fear would have helped because telepathy is kind of useless in zone 3. The chase sequence was also ok. It is my personal favorite level conceptually speaking, Mama is a character straight from my nightmares.
  7. Mascot Mayhem - A level I feel is very overrated. Not necessarily bad per se, but much could have been done better. Each zone is incredibly short and pretty easy once you get the hang of things. Laser avoidance established by the camera never comes into play in the actual level, missed opportunity as the cameras are the only real traps in this entire level except for the first zone with the interesting bomb mechanic. Cameras also aren't all that threatening with your arsenal of powers. You will likely end up being chased by the gang regardless, so a theme of sneakiness is little to non-existent in this level. The Joy Joy Gang also aren't scary at all. Admittedly they have a charm to them enough to make them the most beloved characters in the franchise, but their expressive faces and vibrant personalities take away any sort of creep factor for me. Even their "withered" versions, though a bit creepier, are still not that scary knowing their personalities. JoyKill was pretty intense up until Lucky said "I'm Lucky the fricking rabbit." The boss battle was pretty fun and challenging and was the best part of this level imo. Each character has a different ability which isn't all that exciting. Penny can throw an egg and stun you despite Reaper Nurses having the same ability of projectile and stun. Lucky can use speed boost as well, but we've also already had monsters previous that were faster than us. Hangry seems to be the only new mechanic which can be a bit jump-scary with how he busts through walls and hilariously gets tired and has to stop running. This level also has the worst escape sequence in the game btw. All the time spent waiting on this epic escape sequence theme only for it to be used on an extended boss battle, being convolutedly locked in this space for 2 minutes. Also the self-destruct is never acknowledged after you escape, not even an explosion from the castle after you are beaten to a pulp. Though the sequence of not quite escaping and getting jumped was pretty badass. This level is very replayable though with its short zones, and can be very fun, it is not at all boring. I mostly put this very low due to its lacking potential. Also many parts feel convoluted, like with the crusher function, Bierce never explains that, oh, yes, let's find a way to crush the mascots. We just do that on the spot because it was convenient. And shocking the gang earlier was a convenience. Zone 3 was a huge disappointment too. Incredibly short shard count made even shorter with the free shards in the boss room (it may have the same count as the other zones, but the rooms are so tightly nit together you could easily beat this in under a minute with shard magnet). No traps whatsoever other than a couple of cameras in a few rooms, and it doesn't even feel like a "production factory." We get the clones coming on cranes when we enter the zone, but that's it. It's never utilized as a trap in zone 3 which would have been great. Not even, like, any machinery shown through glass, it's just not aesthetically convincing.
  8. Elementary Evil - I never really enjoyed this level much... at all... I guess it suffers from Agatha being the only monster. Shutting doors can be a bit of a pain, though it is an interesting mechanic. It just doesn't make sense as to... why Agatha can't open doors? The shard count is fair, though it isn't the most interesting map. There's also an area in zone 1 with a dead end, or at least is a dead end if you haven't collected all shards previous, which is a definite no no for this kind of level where Agatha is faster than you and has Baldi door hearing powers. The second zone can be cheesed knowing Agatha will try and teleport in front of you as well, which isn't all that fun. Her design is very creepy, yet her Dee Dee voice and annoying child personality takes away from that creepiness a lot. Her boss battle is incredibly boring and probably the worst in the game, mostly because it goes on a bit too long. The best part of this level to me was the escape sequence, one of the best escape sequences in the game, as the portals will throw you off, and her shutting the door saying "no shortcuts!" can send new players into a blind panic.
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