Question on UST peg mechanism to USD

2022.01.18 12:58 SnooCrickets6499 Question on UST peg mechanism to USD

Since crypto regularly can drop 40%, what would happen to UST’s peg if LUNA’s market cap dropped below that of UST.
Besides arbing UST and Luna, is there any other mechanism that is securing the peg?
Any feedback is appreciated, thanks.
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2022.01.18 12:58 RainbowSockMan Man I want some friends like that.

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2022.01.18 12:58 brucue How to practice for a Pen Test practical job interview

I have a Job pen test interview and I was told I will need to do some practical web and network testing. Any suggestions how I can practice it to get ready for the interview/exam.
Since the test is ah hour I do not assume to have complicated questions.
Any recommendation about any platforms to practice with?
Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.18 12:58 imahaker21 Roblox, fix your freaking chat filter
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2022.01.18 12:58 ProTomy Nightmares beyond r26

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2022.01.18 12:58 SesshamoNekodearuzo The Legal Marijuana Industry Is Rigged | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

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2022.01.18 12:58 user927310931 What are u doing to achieve loose coupling as much as possible?

I dont know if this is needed but I write

Game engine : Unity
Language : C#
Paradigm : OOP
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2022.01.18 12:58 toptoyouyoutube Joe Concha rips Jen Psaki over mask hypocrisy: She was selected not elected - YouTube

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2022.01.18 12:58 King-Mugs 🔥 - An Indian Gaur

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2022.01.18 12:58 8spd20 I had a super challenging trip and have lost any desire to trip again, now I’m stuck holding a lot of mushrooms.

Couple months ago I had a really rough trip. Worked through a lot of emotional baggage from my childhood but lost all desire to eat mushrooms again. I’m hoping I’ll want to again one day but in the mean time I’ve got about a half ounce of dried mushrooms sitting in my freezer. How long can they stay in there for.
If you’re here for the trip report, I (m38) basically reverted back to a toddler who was terrified of being alone. My wife, who was guiding me, went to the washroom for a moment and I wrapped myself in a blanket and sat outside the door waiting for her. That’s how scared I was.
Trees, which normally I love when I’m tripping, became dark and ominous but I felt like they had a right to be because of how we treat them. Then I got a guilty feeling for how humans treat trees.
I had the worst stomach pain I’ve ever experienced during this trip and at one point I became concerned I had poisoned myself. I almost never have stomach pains.
Anytime I closed my eyes I would imagine/visualize insects, reptiles, oh and the fucking devil. Normally I see rainbow colours.
In 20 years of psychedelic use I’ve never been through anything like this, it rocked me, guys.
Leading up to this trip I had been using mushrooms weekly to biweekly. It’s what I would do on my days off after my daughter went to bed. They were always fun and laugh-filled. Maybe the mushrooms were telling me to back off. Maybe shit just took a turn for the worse. If anyone wants to give their two cents I would be interested in another interpretation.
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2022.01.18 12:58 Ranel9 3.1ch, arc and pcm question

What happens to the center channel of a 3.1 soundbar(arc, not earc) when source(ps5) is set to pcm? Bypass/ passthrough with dolby/dts is still lagging for me so pcm is a must. Does the center channel still work if pcm is 2.0ch?
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2022.01.18 12:58 mainlyrye What types of batches are you most likely to accept?

It could be proximity, number of items, the cost... What makes you accept these more often than others?
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2022.01.18 12:58 MameladenBrot Reconnecting isn´t working at all

Just tried to enter a match (with an Avtomat) but servers decided no.
Restarted twice always reconnect but that didn't work, spent 15 min in loadscreens.
Internet was fine.
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2022.01.18 12:58 WarBuddah What mods do you all use?

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2022.01.18 12:58 BrightHammering Need this specific bushing. Is for the compressor mounts of the Zoneline PTAC AZ28. If anyone can specify the type of bushing this is and/or a supplier for it, I’d appreciate it a ton.

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2022.01.18 12:58 Substantial_Duty_127 Cart 2-3 years old... still fine to smoke? Oil looks dark

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2022.01.18 12:58 TheFigment Minions Villain-Con Rumors and Epic Universe Permits - ParkStop Podcast

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2022.01.18 12:58 podotash Riding out my two weeks and could use some support

So, I put my two weeks on Friday. I have an emotionally abusive boss. It's the worst relationship I've ever been in. It's been three years at this place and finally he broke the camel's back. I need my vacation paid out so I can be secure money wise, but every moment I'm here is walking on eggshells and it's the worst anxiety that he has a huge hand in my future wellbeing. Any nice words are appreciated. Also- mobile.
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2022.01.18 12:58 Intelligent-Fly-849 How do I get icons in fifa 21 can I get them in regular packs or are they only available from icon pick

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2022.01.18 12:58 Mission_Champion_604 EDD's | Haz 5 | PS5/PS4| Mics Only | 18+

Elite Deep Dives | Mics only | 18+ | Experienced Miners . Please be player level 30 or higher. If are competent and want to complete some EDD's and or Haz 5's. dm me and I'll add you to our private group. Thanks! Rock n Stone⛏👊💰🏆
P.S. if you are not level 30 and still want to play feel free to dm me and I can add you to our daily rock n stone ps group. Thanks!
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2022.01.18 12:58 toptoyouyoutube Budweiser channels Willy Wonka with $1 million golden cans - Fox 13

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2022.01.18 12:58 Large_Trash_676 Good morning famz

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2022.01.18 12:58 foolya555 SQUID magnetometers and Josephson effect

I want to learn about the topics listed in the title. I'm an EE student and have some knowledge in electromagnetics and nanoelectronics. If someone could help me by giving me some literature where i can study about these topics i would greatly appreciate it.
Earth's magnetic field was always interesting to me and when one of my teachers mentioned that they measure its intensity to determine ores in the Earths crust it was fascinating to me. And looking into it i saw that the largest silver deposit was discovered using a SQID magnetometer.
I would really like to learn what phenomenon Josephson effect describes and the math behind it and also how that is used to measure magnetic field with great accuracy.
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2022.01.18 12:58 thenousman What public philosophy is, and why we need it more than ever. Essay by philosopher Lucia Ziglioli

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2022.01.18 12:58 hackadaybot KiCAD 6.0: What Made It and What Didn’t

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