Trying to improve my programs' quality

2021.12.02 02:48 nrwin02 Trying to improve my programs' quality

I believe that I am pretty good at coding but I feel like my code is generally too dirty. How can improve myself please. Btw I am a second year student and I will complete my second work term next winter
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2021.12.02 02:48 Shmurdered Getting launchers gold easier

For anyone that has trouble getting their launchers gold you can melee dogs with your launcher for ground killstreak kills instead of shooting rockets
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2021.12.02 02:48 The_sky_is_bluish Me when the

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2021.12.02 02:48 Disorderly_Chaos TooAfraidToAsk: Limited Time Events

I just don’t get it. Ship and Crew events are simple. Building and Research befuddle me.
Use 10k officer XP to get 10k points in the officer event.
Use 10k ship XP to get 10k points in the ship upgrading event.
Need 8500 points in a building event? I have no idea. Whatever I’m doing is wrong. I’ve upgraded parasteel generators. I’ve upgraded docks. One time I even rushed a speed up to get to the next ops level.
“You got 100 points for that building” 8400 to go.
Same goes with research.
Could someone explain this to me?
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2021.12.02 02:48 andre_shreves new vlog

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2021.12.02 02:48 TheAshtonium Pokemon: Big Diamond

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2021.12.02 02:48 Tooty72006 Hitting a plateau in language learning

Why being at a B1 level is the hardest? The begginer lessons feel too basic and things marked intermediate feel a little advanced?
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2021.12.02 02:48 Ryeo_oeyR Can't find gta portal anymore?

For some reason gta portal won't even come up on walmartone and I wanna check my points :(
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2021.12.02 02:48 redratus Lightweight loose pants for running? (Similar to the Brion or Zion pants?)

Does anyone run in lightweight tech pants? I really like my Prana Brion and Stretch Zion pants, but theyre just a tad too heavyweight for running. Though I think the fit is almost ideal, and I can wear long underwear underneath in the coldest days of the winter.
Can anyone recommend a good lightweight pair of loose pants for running?
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2021.12.02 02:48 zombsbestfriend My PBC with some nurgly terrain

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2021.12.02 02:48 nicholasbloom if photo op purchases online for la comic con are sold out can i still buy them at the event??

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2021.12.02 02:48 joshuafelixlee92 2nd tank?

Hello! Can I get the opinions of anyone here? I should have enough resources to pull for Evan's banner. But if I already have Rudy, is it worth getting Evan as well? Like maybe 8-man raids for a double tank combi? Or should I just wait till the next banner and see what comes out? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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2021.12.02 02:48 IgetAuditAss CFE results - 1 day to go! Anyone else feeling anxious AF

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2021.12.02 02:48 CTRL_S_Before_Render Did Apex Legends Officially Kill Titanfall? + Watching Titanfall's E3 2013 Reveal

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2021.12.02 02:48 UniDestiny Need help finding an Expedition system

I’ve been answering so many questions about the expedition, I figure it’s my turn to ask one:
Does anyone know the names of the systems where the 3rd and 4th rendezvous points are? I saw a blue four-baller I really fancied, and meant to make a mental note to come back to it. Naturally, I forgot all about it and didn’t think of it again until I was a dozen systems down the road. If I can avoid teleporting through a whole list of stations so I can loiter around waiting for a ship that might not even show up, that’d be great.
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2021.12.02 02:48 Master_Detective4545 boobs👍

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2021.12.02 02:48 FalseOrganization255 Is it Cory and Trevor or Trevor and Cory

View Poll
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2021.12.02 02:48 ZoolShop Square Is Changing Its Name to 'Block' In a Meta-Esque Move

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2021.12.02 02:48 FoxLeft7398 Sonic should be a dark and gritty series and here is why.

Before starting this, i just want you to give you the bare basics why ive been thinking this.
You see, sonic has been a series that has been overly safe and kid freindly in the past few years. And i have started to hate that, every game after colors has been a safe, pandering to kids (and somewhat classic fans) as much as possible. Because you know, sonic cant be a dark series anymore after a few bad titles that had a darker tone, and actually tried risks. Sonic is not confident anymore, as they just rely on memes now, because they dont have any confidence anymore. Now i do like memes, as memes. But the memes have been infecting the identity of the newer games too. Like when tails said "True Dat", apart of my soul faded away and i was traumatized. After looking at better games i came to a realization. Damn, sonic SHOULD be a dark and gritty series, and no, i dont give a fuck on what some fuckwit at IGN thinks.

Act 1: Talking about the Best games about Paper.
Before talking about why i think this, its important to talk about my favorite game series of all time: Paper Mario! (Mainly the classic games, the modern games suck dick)
And theres a reason id like to talk about Paper Mario, because i think sonic should take notes from it.
id like to talk about these two games.

(Personally my fav game of all time)

another pretty cool game
These games did what sonic should have done. And they did it perfectly.
Lets talk about their tone.
Both of these games are dark games, but they have very good comedy. Both of these basiclly excel at being "Serious, but silly"
The comedy in these games are actually funny, and not baldy mc. nose hair. And they do meta humor actually well! Theres alot of funny scenarios. This is one of my favorite jokes.

absolutly hiliarous
But these games dont just have jokes, unlike sonic, they actually are confident. And the humor isnt just "lol look how bad we are" and it doesnt spam "we're self aware" a million fuckin times.
And the stories are actually like, good! Not just saturday morning cartoon plots, the story in both Paper Mario TTYD and Super Paper Mario games are good, really good!
They are dark stories with alot of emotion! Espacally Super Paper Mario!
One of my favorite points in TTYD is where this guy,

Awesome design
has to cope with his dead wife. who has passed away, leading him into a deep depression, until he reads a note from his wife. This is the letter in full.
"My love, if you are reading this letter, then I am no longer by your side. Because fate has stepped between us, I have decided to write you this letter. If you're reading this, I must have passed away while you were out to sea... I can only assume that you will blame yourself for it, my sweet Bobbery. Although my life was short, you gave me more than a lifetime's worth of joy. Though you will mourn, I beg that you remember that time, like love, is a tide. You are one with the sea, as you were one with me. Do not lose both your life's loves."
Reading the letter that Scarlette left for Bobbery kills me inside, every single time. It makes me just break down into tears only wondering how long Bobbery had to live with his own guilt over his love's untimely death while he was at sea. All those years he blamed himself, only to read this and finally have his guilt lifted from his shoulders. I'm happy he got the closure he so desperately deserved after so long.
Lets talk about super paper mario, a game about a broken relationship, and the end of all worlds as we know it, a story very grim for a mario game yet it works. Heres a link to the ending of the game, the most epic fucking ending in game history
And i feel, sonic should have went the way of paper mario. because paper mario knew how to do it right.

Act 2: Sonic Forces a total lack of Tone.
So sonic forces, yeah this game fucking sucks.

fuck this
ts literally my 2nd least favorite game of all time (right behind Paper Mario: Sticker Star)
This game has mario maker auto level tier level design. Because when sega made this game, they only hired the highest of mario maker players (all 7 year olds) for their AMAZING levels, named "dont press anything" and "Epic troll level!!11" and the best one, "hfiCNOFIO8289KBDBI".
But this story in the game. It fucking sucks. Unlike Paper Mario, that could have both comedy and seriousness and do it WELL, sonic forces has a BAD story with a INCONSISTENT tone.
The stakes are quite high, but the charicters treat it like its just any OTHER adventure, when its a fucking war. But like, when super paper mario had the whole Sammer Kingdom dimension ceasing to exist with no afterlife, they treated it seriously, with on of the most unnerving songs ive ever heard in a game.
Not only that you have one of the most out of charicter lines in a video game

shut up
I mean cmon, all that development in adventure, and tails is like this? And why is tails trembling against CHAOS 0? When he beat CHAOS 4 in sonic adventure!
Id even say Sonic Lost World did tails better, as tails escaped from the deadly six, BY HIMSELF.
Sure Lost World's story sucks, but tails was atleast tails was done right.
Anyways, remember when sonic was apparently tortured for 6 months??? WELL, that wasnt even in the original japanese version of Forces! Ken Pontac just made that shit up! The problem with this, SONIC LOOKED FINE when was imprisoned!!! And also, why did eggman's dumbass minions let sonic out of his jailcell? Thats fucking stupid!
And the villian, infinte is also fucking stupid! Not only is he an undercooked piece of shit, but his literal motive, is being called W E A K. I could write 1000 motives, and all would have been better! Imagine if Count Bleck created the void because he was called weak in Super Paper Mario? Or Darth Vader being called weak in Star Wars? Infinte is just great value mephiles!
Sonic is also now a douchebag! He never ever takes this war seriously, and he cracks unfunny one liners. Fuck modern sonic's personality.
And classic sonic was only shoved in as a back up plans. Classic sonic was already in SONIC MANIA! STOP TYING A DECENT GAME TO THE A REALLY SHITTY ONE!
And whats REALLY funny is that.
Before Sonic went in this meta direction. We had sonic and the black knight a year before sonic colors. Let me just make a comparasion
In 2009, we had this (best fucking quote ever)
And in 2010, we had this...
fuck this, another one of my 2 favorite franchies turned into a kiddy piece of shit.

Act 3: How Sonic USED to be a dark series.
Sonic actually did have a dark tone. Even in the very beginning, sonic shouldnt be all puppies and rainbows, but that its what it is now.
You see sonic was made as a rival to mario, you see when mario went through happy worlds, with bright cuddly lands, and simple lore, (OUTSIDE OF PAPER MARIO) Sonic, was meant to edgy, and have an attitude, and i ask this, if sonic was meant to have an edge, why cant his be the same way?
And ill argue, even the genesis games wasnt much different. You had distopian enviorments, lush places sure, but the classic sonic games had a bit of gritty realism, and still had those epic moments, like when eggman drops sonic into labyrinth zone act 4, and sonic having to work his way back up to fight eggman, or wing fortress, jumping to the ship while tails' plane crashes, being saved by tails in the very end, and the amount of cool moments in sonic 3... And ill argue, sonic CD was very dark too! think about it, you were saving a planet from become a literal distopia. You can see this in the disturbing Bad Futures. Or Metal Sonic abusing the animals. Sonic CD is very dark (which is also why i prefer having the US ost on)
Sonic Adventure 1+2 also has dark moments, but guess what, they were done well! With shadow's backstory, the sacrifice of Gamma, Eggman pointing a gun to amy's head, the genocide of people in station square, its very intense!
I like how Shadow was trying to age up the series, but like it was SO laughably bad in what it does.
Sonic 06, actually had alot of good moments even with a story that was meh, besides the kiss, Sonic and Elise had a good emotional relation ship, i also like how the story was serious and intense!
Sonic Unleashed was more light hearted, but it still had dark moments, and was very heartfelt!
Sonic and the Black Knight, is a favorite of mine, because of the message, as i am a person with struggles who is scared of death, Black Knight's message really compelled me. But i dont think any of you care about my personal struggles so ill shut up.
But sonic was decent at this stuff!

Act 4: Conclusions and Stuff.
I know what some of you will say, "But fellow redditor!! Sonic is just a cartoony blue hedgehog!"
FUCK that statement.
Thats the REASON, we have been getting shitty safe overly kid friendly shit.
Anyways, i do feel sonic should be a dark series, it was made for that shit.
Infact, i feel having a T rating wouldnt be a bad idea actually, not to be an excuse to have sonic charicters be super edgy and swearing, but to explore more mature dark topics, and actually have a more mature world that appeals to older audience. And i know you will say "That will alienate younger players!" Uh no it wont! Kids play stuff like call of duty, if kids see older people playing cooler older games, they'll want to play that game to be as cool as the cooler kids, so its genius!
And no i hope Sonic having a T Rating will result in another shadow the hedgehog. I just think the idea of a T Rating isnt bad and has potential, but thats not the point here, dont think i came all this way just to say that.
All im saying, sonic should be a dark series. Because i feel thats common sense

Anyways thats....
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2021.12.02 02:48 Revolutionary_Emu134 ^:°The Obstacles, In Love°:^

° Is it . . .
fast ?
What am I . . .?
What !¿¡? °
• I'm ignored.
Unless it feels good,
Oh, I was adored !
I used to be. . .•
` Just to be held.
Protected & safe in arms
That Want to hold me,
That won't Ever let go.
Embracing emmensily, * always*
& Just because ! `
~ Why do I need to ask?
Why can't I ...?
Why don't you ...?
How can we. . . ? ~
♡ Is this Worth it,
For you?
Is it Enough,
For me?
What's the value & at whos cost? ♡
☆ The glass ain't stained,
Strength, through pain .
A remarkable story !
Will it end,
Just to begin again?
Will it start
" A Man in All his Glory ? " ☆
◇ We are All but a Fragment.
Magnetic to this Circular Flow .
Catch Time,
Find A Rhyme,
Don't let This Go ! ◇
= We're Rare, You & Me !
Symmetrical Reflections,
Do You Believe ? =
》Understand, sometimes it's hard to See.
But Baby, we are Lucky !
{ You need only Listen . . . & . . . Don't worry. J.C } ♡°☆
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2021.12.02 02:48 Vanjeni Can’t find the Saint Marks Bistro mission…pls help

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2021.12.02 02:48 consciencecosmic11 B&S Modding question

Hypothetically if i got a anker link cable or oculus link cable, plugged it into a mac and did the uh modding stuff ya know would that work.
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2021.12.02 02:48 NiceTerm I would like $100k to work on the Collatz conjecture for 6 months.

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2021.12.02 02:48 UnattendedParty I gave the word “DMT” to an AI and it created an image based off that keyword

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2021.12.02 02:48 Smorgessblorg Unsailed

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