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BluthPosting: Day 2

2021.12.02 04:01 67678_202020 BluthPosting: Day 2

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2021.12.02 04:01 M_ira1904 Tough shed

Hey everyone, my Gartersnake is having a tough time shedding. She started last night its now the morning after, some pieces came off others are still stuck.
When i tried to pick her up to see if i was able to help last night she bit my hand. Anny tips to help her and to make sure it doesnt happen again?
She's still young, this is her 3rd shed with me
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2021.12.02 04:01 nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Jagwire: are these fake or just repackaged bulk?

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2021.12.02 04:01 CheersDecie Why I don’t gain any stat points zzz pls help

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2021.12.02 04:01 KodakDoge [BDSP] Scizor trade back

[r] can some help me evolve my scizor real quick
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2021.12.02 04:01 Superindian48 Metamine - World's First Green Mining Community Built on DAO Governance

Metamine - World's First Green Mining Community Built on DAO Governance Green mining it’s a truly revolutionary movement, the ecosystem will not suffer any more thanks to the MetaMine. They have a professional mining team, which will be minimize mining costs and mitigate risks. #MetaMine #MINE #greenmining #Ethereum #ETH #BinanceSmartChain #renewableenergy #gogreen #greenenergy #crypto #dao #daogovernance #metaverse #Bitcoin #cryptocurrency #NFT #cryptomining
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2021.12.02 04:01 random_hors M

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2021.12.02 04:01 this-kinda-sucks no surprises here

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2021.12.02 04:01 Waste_Lander_700 Who do you guys think is more powerful at this point? The 99% or the 1%.

Seems like the wealthy/elites/1% call all the shots and every attempt to curb their influence has failed. Is it even possible for the majority to rise up and get their fair share and build a just society anymore? Do people at the bottom/middle of the socio-economic pyramid even have the willpower to change things? I'm not advocating anything, just curious what everyone here thinks.
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2021.12.02 04:01 Yahya_the_moderator I Built This Beauty

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2021.12.02 04:01 rachillian I don’t have Spotify

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2021.12.02 04:01 Jona793 BF2042 very unplayable at times

Am I the only one that plays BF2042 for about 3 games before I close app and go back to a past title. Been playing a lot of BFV lately.
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2021.12.02 04:01 Impliedrumble What the fuck is with the end of Nicole?

Talking about shoving her down the toliet and shit, serial killer shit what the fuck?
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2021.12.02 04:01 Chotakus Chotakus November 2021 Twitch Highlights!

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2021.12.02 04:01 JOLATKO check my music out:))

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2021.12.02 04:01 Icy_Code3986 Saw on AMC page but feel it needs to be heard here too

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2021.12.02 04:01 Boxman212 https://www.yahoo.com/news/trumps-truth-social-missed-projected-035102634.html

Nothing to see here. All is fine. I promise.
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2021.12.02 04:01 Nocturnalshadow Confused and inexperienced retard here, looking for analysis on crayon flavors.

Stock market is overvalued and going to crash because profit and earnings are things that exist.
Crisis coons is overvalued because Elon Musk and moon dogs exist.
Real estate is overvalued because I bought a thing that made soap balloons once when I was a kid. I think they were called bubbles.
Cash is bad because if you say inflation three times in a mirror Davy Jones appears and steals your wife.
So where does a person go when they can't afford Crayola brand crayons? What will I feed my wife's boyfriends children?
Asking for a friend.
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2021.12.02 04:01 Real-Principle1972 Prague P7 Ferry - Holešovice to Karlín

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2021.12.02 04:01 boredbot69 is there any way to add .mp3 files to my Nokia 105 series 30+

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2021.12.02 04:01 sleeptight69 [Help][PS4][DSR][NG+] Four Kings

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2021.12.02 04:01 snoozy_anna Does Encore black Friday Region related ?

I don’t see it in my events
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2021.12.02 04:01 Ms_Ptolemy_VII Does Russia have any allies left in Europe?

Russia currently appears to be in a "no-win" situation and rapidly moving towards a military state. What should the United Russia party do to prevent a such a future military state?
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2021.12.02 04:01 johnrock001 D.Gray-Man Filler - All Filler Episodes Lists D.Gray-Man

D.Gray-Man Filler - All Filler Episodes Lists D.Gray-Man - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/d-gray-man-fille
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2021.12.02 04:01 autotldr Facebook uncovers Chinese network behind fake expert

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 56%. (I'm a bot)

Facebook owner Meta Platforms has removed more than 500 accounts linked to an online disinformation network primarily based in China.
Earlier in July, an account posing as a Swiss biologist called Wilson Edwards had made statements on Facebook and Twitter that the United States was applying pressure on the World Health Organization scientists who were studying the origins of Covid-19 in an attempt to blame the virus on China.
The Swiss embassy said in August that the person likely did not exist, as the Facebook account was opened only two weeks prior to its first post and only had three friends.
Sichuan Silence Information's website describes the company as a network and information security company that provides technical support to China's Ministry of Public Security and CNCERT, the key team that coordinates China's cybersecurity emergency response.
Facebook said it had removed a total of 524 Facebook accounts, 20 pages, four groups and 86 Instagram accounts after reviewing public reports that centred around the fake Swiss biologist.
The persona's original post was initially shared and liked by fake Facebook accounts, and later forwarded by authentic users, most of which belonged to employees of Chinese state infrastructure companies in over 20 countries, Meta said.
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: Facebook#1 account#2 China#3 Swiss#4 state#5
Post found in /worldnews.
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