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How to save photos from reddit onto my pc as JPG?

2021.12.02 03:19 Help_Account2129 How to save photos from reddit onto my pc as JPG?

When i drag a photo from reddit onto my file explorer, then open it, it opens it with microsoft edge, how do i make it automatically convert to jpeg?
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2021.12.02 03:19 shelbon223 I drew Matto

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2021.12.02 03:19 Fit_Painter7397 😈🔥🔥😈

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2021.12.02 03:19 alper Buyers hustle at Art Basel Miami Beach as Covid-19 fears return

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2021.12.02 03:19 Small-Can3519 腾龙国际官网客服电话_视觉网

腾龙国际官网客服电话_视觉网 澳门修改《博彩法》公开咨询即将于本周五(29日)结束,不少持份者已先后在咨询场发表意见,主要关注赌牌数量及期限、本地雇员保障、非博彩元素及社会责任等。曾表示有意竞投赌牌的澳门励骏联席主席周锦辉,虽没出席咨询会,但于受访时表示,反对减少赌牌数目,更认为应增设竞争机制,鼓励新投资者加入;另建议以「一间一照」模式,处埋卫星赌场的问题。 据外媒报导,周锦辉对记者表示,根据澳门基本
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2021.12.02 03:19 Downtown-Trash7079 You over there, simp

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2021.12.02 03:19 alper How China is fighting a financial fraud explosion

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2021.12.02 03:19 Illustrious_Moves Media is corrupt and thinks we are stupid

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2021.12.02 03:19 BotDefense overview for wpresultsxy

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2021.12.02 03:19 DMG567 I Drew Jolyne

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2021.12.02 03:19 alper Gold miners must justify environmental impacts, veteran investor says

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2021.12.02 03:19 Scared-Community4507 Just finished season 2....

So I was rooting for Miku for the entirety of both seasons because I see so much of my younger self in her. It's like "ah, I've been there Miku. But it's okay, it gets better." And all the effort she put into trying to finally confess, man I've been there. I just wanted her to win so badly.
Which is why I'm really upset at what happened right after the confession. I got the whole "hey my sister's are important too and we gotta stick together" thing. What I'm upset at is the real in-your-face "it's not Miku silly, it's Itsuki!" Like, I spent two seasons rooting for this girl, and not only do I not get the confession I was hoping for (which happens. I have bad luck when it comes to romcoms) but you also have to throw it in my face that she most definitely doesn't win, and in fact loses out to (in my opinion) the least fleshed out of the sisters? No offense to Itsuki, but she's just not that interesting due to most of the character development time going to the other sisters.
Okay so rant over. I get it, it's just a rom com, but danggit I have a soft spot for rom coms and just wish, just once, that the girl I root for wins in the end. Anyone else feel the same?
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2021.12.02 03:19 Sad_Jutsu Waking up feeling dreams?

Hey so idk where else to go with this but I often have very vivid nightmares especially around times of stress where (sounds dumb so please don’t judge i’m from native and hispanic descent) i’m harassed by ghosts or paranormal beings but after enough pain in my dreams i wake with them pain from any harassment in the dream is this bad?
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2021.12.02 03:19 anastyrash Antibiotics whilst on cycle

Currently 7 weeks into a LGD cycle and I have a bad sinus infection, docs prescribed antibiotics for a few days, anyone know if taking these along with LGD is going to cause any adverse effect etc ?
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2021.12.02 03:19 Director_Bones00 Still a work in progress but help would be nice. Join today at https://discord.gg/FVrJYpKHWC

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2021.12.02 03:19 alper Master of the Game — Kissinger’s perilous Middle East balancing act

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2021.12.02 03:19 PandasinAtlanta20 Christmas gift help

My sister got married and I need to get something for her husband and his brother. This is the first Christmas together and I don't know them that well yet. What is something useful but not thoughtless? They are both mid 30s. Can be broad ideas, just looking to narrow it down a bit.
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2021.12.02 03:19 alper World Stock Exchange: a pipe dream technology could make a reality

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2021.12.02 03:19 zach598- Should Mein Kampf be allowed in public libraries?

View Poll
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2021.12.02 03:19 alper Jay Powell looks past Omicron threat in hawkish pivot on inflation

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2021.12.02 03:19 CaGrayson Life and Death, My story, My Mission (please read)

This is going to be a long one, and this is the first time I’ve told someone everything. If you honestly read the entire thing, I am indebted and grateful, because if means my world. I was raised in a Mormon family in Arizona, with two unhappily married people. My dad was terrified of having a gay or girly son, which was ironic because no one would ever call him manly, and he had some obvious issues getting along with men. He spent my childhood wondering with my mom if I was gay, because I was sensitive, emotional, and rejected the stereotypical things like legos, cars, sports, and the rest. I was oblivious. My dad was hugely physically abusive, doing things like tying me up, beating me, beating my mom, and then forcing her to stay with him with a host of manipulative tactics. Not to mention what he did to my siblings, which is a whole separate issue. Anyways, fast forward a few years, and my parents finally got divorced. I was overjoyed, and I have always been a “momma’s boy”. Hating my dad so much cultured my fear of all men, and my mostly feminine influences alienated me from boys my age. I was constantly called gay, and it tore me up. I would spend countless nights crying hysterically, completely bewildered that someone could mistake me for gay. This was around age 8-10. At age 10, I started to question along with them. I was nearly raped by a psychotic boy at my school, and I quickly shut out the memory, but it bothered me enough that I would wake up with nightmares, or have sleepwalking episodes that ended with me holding a knife. My mom was heartbroken, and confused. She didn’t know. But neither did I, because my brain literally shut it out, and I eventually forgot. At this age, I was devoutly Mormon. I could have taught a sermon in full confidence, and I was always one to bear my testimony, give lengthy talks, and plan my way to the celestial kingdom. No one could stop me, and adults loved me. I was hugely self critical, and I was smart enough to honestly immerse myself. I never doubted a single word. Then came The experience. Age 12. I was in a tent on a scout outing with some boys. Somehow, one of them threatened to go to sleep in between my legs if I didn’t shut up. I was hugely intrigued, and I intentionally, albeit with some nervous reserves egged him on to do so. It hugely turned me on, and to this day it is with shame that I admit I got off to it. I ran to my Dads car and spent the night in horror there, desperately repenting and crying, knowing nothing of the church’s stances on homosexuality, but feeling deeply remorseful and wrong. Being the smart lil kid I was, I knew I wasn’t going to hell for it, but I was sure it would preclude me from the highest level of blessings (always a perfectionist). I made myself despise the kid who “did this to me” and never saw him again, and I was determined to never slip up again. My parents both remarried, and both of my stepparents were insanely emotionally abusive, and I became more and more damaged. I had grown to despise people, so I pulled back at school. I was the kid who read at recess, who sat alone at lunch, and who did nothing social because I hated them. Eventually, I made friendships, but they always screeched to a halt when I shared some of my abundant abuse from my parents. I scared people. The police came to the school to force me to visit my dad several times, and everyone knew I was from “that freaky family”. I met with CPS and was constantly dragged out of class during school to be interrogated. Someone had to explain the bruises. I was tossed between therapists left and right. And I still had to deal with the boys who called me gay. Never did I falter in the church, in that hellish time. But I began to research the church’s words, and I knew I couldn’t be gay. The church had more than enough assurances for me that it was my lack of male influences, or that divine nature wouldn’t allow for me to be gay. I left the tiny and nagging suspicion alone, and threw myself into the church. Then I discovered the satanic and despicable creation that is The Miracle of Forgiveness, in my mother’s bookshelf, and I knew all my problems were solved. It told me that it was my masturbation, which I was already suicidal over my rare slip up’s, that made me gay. It told me that being gay is a sin, or a choice, and most of all, that it is horrible and wrong. I knew I couldn’t be gay. So I continued firmly denying the rumors, and every time they resurfaced it destroyed me. Eventually, at age 14, I thought I had beaten everything. Both of my parents were divorced, again. My witch of a stepmom, gone, and my twisted stepdad, abandoning me again to be what I considered fatherless. That one truly crushed me. But I became what everyone wanted me to be. What I wanted myself to be. I mastered acting straight, I convinced myself I was in love many times over with girls, I BELIEVED it. I still hadn’t overcome my little “problem” with masturbation, but I knew I would. At some point in my mothers second marriage, my older sister became severely depressed. She was hospitalized many times, and my life revolved around her locking herself in bathrooms with knives. I scoffed. It was all for attention, all an act, or all because she wasn’t willing to pull herself together. We grew distant, and eventually, when she stabilized, she moved in with my dad. I wasn’t visiting him, because I still despised him, and he made my life miserable when I did. The day I was old enough to choose, I stopped visiting, and cut him out for years at a time. My brother got a brain tumor, and again my life collapsed. There was never a break, but I found solace in the church. The church never let me down. I became popular at school. I made hoards of friends, I was charismatic, and funny, and the girls were all over me. It made me sick, and try as I might, I couldn’t like them back. I would chase a girl, wait for her to fall for me, and realize I couldn’t. It was awful. I began to slowly, slowly realize just how gay I was. But now I craved connection with people, and I desperately tried to connect with everyone. My dad remarried again, and I began to see him. I was 16. We are nearly to present date. I again realized I needed to cut him out, and I did. I was at the peak at school, always the smartest and friendliest kid, at a small school, and I was happy. I finally admitted to myself I was gay, something I never imagined happening. I had been attracted to boys for years, but I wasn’t gay then. Then everything plummeted. I became hugely suicidal. I stopped regularly attending church and seminary, under the guise of my political disagreements with them. I was overcome with my anxiety, I lost the lifelong battle I had been fighting to my body dysmorphia, I became bulimic, and I had severe depression. But I pretended I was fine, even as I was plagued with my self hatred, and I continued functioning at 110%. It didn’t work. I slowly dropped out of all my clubs and sports. I became overwhelmed with the summary of my traumatic life events, and I remembered every detail of the attempted rape. My mind betrayed me, my body gave up on me, and my friends could only watch in horror. They tried to help at first, but being the sixteen year olds they are, they quickly realized they couldn’t fix me and they ran. I became so broken I couldn’t wake up, let alone do school, so I dropped out. I said, I’m just taking a break, that’s all. All my life expectations were shattering. It was heartbreaking to me. The church paid for me to attend counseling, and my counselor tried her best, but my confident strides toward suicide terrified her and she gave up on reasoning with me, leaving it to my mom. I finally came out to my mom, after hours of crying and shaking. I vomited. She was phenomenal, completely accepting, not very surprised, and not expecting me to be celibate. I hated me so much, I couldn’t believe her, but she was sincere. Heavens know my dad would have stabbed me, but she was great. She didn’t know what to do with the church’s stance, and their unanswered questions, but she remained unwavering. I tried, but after coming out to my favorite people, I came to feel the rage of all of this Reddit. I dared to question the church, and doubting something I was so rooted in sent me spiraling. But I made it to where I am now, where I wholeheartedly criticize the church, and I reject them. I am angry at them, because they admit that I was born this way, they admit that I can’t help it, but they expect me to isolate myself and subjugate myself to hell. They don’t explain it, they just say and do continually damaging things. Yet the church is still my nurture, so my mental health must suffer while I battle my nature. I desperately long to be in a relationship with one whom I love. I am severely depressed to this day, and I haven’t let go of my youthful dreams yet. I still long to serve a mission, even though I have all but left the church. It is a far too great stigma to not go, and I sincerely love serving people, and heck, I know this doctrine like the back of my hand. I agree with so much. But homosexuality destroys them for me, and it’s infuriating. Should I go? I am nearly 17, and my life is at a standstill, but I feel the pull to go. It feels right. But will it destroy me, being gay? Will I be able to live with the hell I have heard it creates? And will my anger surpass my desire to go? Please share your thoughts with me. I still want to die. I still want to escape my personal hell, and I may do so soon. But I somehow felt like I might as well reach out into the universe here.
TL;DR: I would rather not have your response without knowing all the facets of this. This is something I may yet die over. I beg you to at least read the whole thing.
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2021.12.02 03:19 Dark_Mastermind H E A V E N (@ariariperori)

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