Wondering if anyone heard/has info about the gun shots and police chase on bridge street?

2021.12.02 04:18 shadysade Wondering if anyone heard/has info about the gun shots and police chase on bridge street?

About an hour ago. Wondering if anyone has any info at all..4-5 shots fired and within 5 minutes there were at least 10 cop cars chasing whoever
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2021.12.02 04:18 Old_Bed8247 🐶SweetShiba | STEALTH launch very SOON | GREAT team | marketing planned✅ | Elon tweet!!

Great team behind MoonVikings
MoonVikings- and they are going to the moon. With a Sofisticated Dev Team onboard, MoonVikings project is a amazing project with a big potential.
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Join us to the moon! The team is very motivated to make this a succes and THE new big meme coin.
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2021.12.02 04:18 FrenchFryLuver4ever My LDR boyfriend doesn’t make me feel cared enough for

So my (21F) boyfriend (23M) historically never really asked a lot of questions after the honeymoon stage (how my day was, what I did that day etc) but after I addressed it the first time he’d regularly ask which I appreciated even though the fact that it was forced always stayed in the back of my head. A few weeks after the conversation he kind of forgot to show interest every day (we saw each other pretty much every day) but still asked once or twice a week. We’ve been dating for a year now and I just moved states for graduate school but with long distance it’s a lot easier to notice the lack of inquiry since I’m not feeling cared for via physical contact/him doing things for me and it’s really been getting to me. I bought this up twice and he tried to ask regularly but forgot over time both times again. I know he loves and deeply cares for me but I can’t help but feel not cared enough for.
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2021.12.02 04:18 iEatYourKnives Looks like they are proposing 2.84HKD which is sad. Any thoughts? https://doc.irasia.com/listco/hk/razer/announcement/a211202.pdf

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2021.12.02 04:18 Pstonred I really love RoH and Prison School. what to watch next suggestion please?

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2021.12.02 04:18 gw17252009 Wireguard support

I'm running Lubuntu 20.04 on a Dell precision T3500 x5680 Xeon cpu, 24gb ecc ram.
My question is does Lubuntu support wireguard for VPN connections?
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2021.12.02 04:18 netreth96 Austrian S-70A-42 Black Hawk in the air [3000 × 2000]

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2021.12.02 04:18 idkausernameforme 0.001% club

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2021.12.02 04:18 x3ktibbettsco “My mother and grandmother demonstrating safety standards in the 1960s”

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2021.12.02 04:18 Wise_Refrigerator_81 I(18m) can't stop jerking off to my bestfriend (18f)

She is my bestfriend from 2 years. I think it's bad,even I think to masturbate.i just open her pics and jerk to her automatically! I never thought anything sexual even when we meet! Even though she is that sexy or hot, I have more sexy friends but I still love jerking off to her.i think because I'm emotionally connected to her that's why I don't know!can you suggest should I stop? (Any girl reading how would you feel if you get to know your bestfriend jerking on your pics?)
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2021.12.02 04:18 HaXxXoVtotheZ New trending GIF on Giphy

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2021.12.02 04:18 chinesedramaworld Chinese Drama: Who is the Murderer (Zanilia Zhao Liying, Xiao Yang, Dong Zijian)

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2021.12.02 04:18 ILOVeFISh_ 4543 PEAK | BOOSTING TO GM ANY ROLE ANY MODE [PC] [NA]

discord: shine#2000
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2021.12.02 04:18 mohumohudoobedoo After seeing people’s Spotify wrapped, I’d love to hear other ENFP’s top song of the year!

Put your top song below - i want to make a playlist to discover new music!
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2021.12.02 04:18 Guncaster Retribution Engine - Test-fire and Highwaybugs

This story is mainly being published on RoyalRoad.
It's also hundreds of thousands of words and entire arcs ahead on there.
Also, artwork of Zelsys and Zefaris
Upon making her way to the upper floor and into the room from which she heard noticeable noise, Zel was welcomed by Zef’s figure facing away from her. She was standing in a strange stance opposite a full-body mirror that was leaned against the wall between the room’s two curtained windows, her right leg raised as she fiddled with a brand-new leg holster’s stiff straps.
Opposite the room’s single, albeit huge bed, atop an empty writing desk, sat both her Tablet and Pentacle’s lacquered wooden box, its lid sitting open and its contents still untouched beyond the very holster that Zef was trying on.
“The holster fit alright?” she asked offhandedly as she walked over to the desk, reaching into the velvet-lined box to retrieve the only thing her fingers could get any purchase on - a hard-cover book, sitting snugly in a recess just above the cold-iron behemoth. Zef just murmured a vague noise of affirmation, making last adjustments to the straps and moving her belt a little to adjust the loop by which the leg-holster was fastened to it.
It was obvious she wasn’t exactly used to more than a sling or perhaps a simple belt holster, but the markswoman expressed no dislike of this novel alternative either.
The manual was of no interest to Zelsys, and she just put it aside on the desk. She’d just wanted to get a good look at Pentacle in its assembled form, as Collier hadn’t shown them. She just took it into the store’s back room in pieces, then returned with that bulky box.
It was huge, complex, and beautiful. From the glistening cylinder whose surface gleamed like that of a mirror, to the dark hardwood grip and rose gold trigger guard. Beneath the barrel sat a lever attached to the ramrod mechanism, and in its assembled state it was clear to see how it would operate even without having to lay hands on it.
She would’ve happily taken it out of the box and gotten a good look at it, but… It didn’t feel right. This gun wasn’t hers. No, she waited for Zefaris to come over and, by her own words, “Do the honors.”
With a mild chuckle, the markswoman peered into the open box… And froze in place, entranced. She stared at the gun, taking in every detail for a good minute and a half before she snapped out of the trance and reached in, visibly surprised by the distinct lack of bulk as she hefted it up with little effort.
“...It’s light,” she mused, furrowing her brow as she turned it over a few times in her hands before taking hold of the grip. She cocked the hammer and dry-fired, a small puff of sparks escaping the muzzle to the melodious ring. The noise was most familiar, similar in clarity to the way Zel’s cleaver sung when she swung it.
Perhaps this was cold-iron? Some sort of near-universal arcane metal that was ideal for special weapons. Zelsys wasn’t sure, and didn’t feel like disrupting Zef’s moment by asking. She could figure it out later.
The glimmer of fascination in Zef’s eye gave way to purpose. She holstered the revolver and took hold of the manual, flipping through its pages, her eye darting back and forth from line to line. She slowly backed away from the writing desk, sitting down on the edge of the bed as she devoured the manual’s contents with gusto. Zelsys could tell that the markswoman would want to give Pentacle a test-fire, and so she grabbed the Tablet and searched for any ammunition to be found, clearly able to recall a box of paper cartridges having been present among the things the three soldiers stored in the device.
She was right - they were listed in Fog Storage. Hundreds of them. Enough to supply a squad for months, about as much as one would expect to be present in an armored transport vehicle.
x278 Sparklock Rifle Cartridge
X349 Sparklock Pistol Cartridge
The assumption was that it would fire pistol cartridges, but… That cylinder was huge. Zelsys decided to retrieve one of each and see which fit. Snatching them up from the Fog vortex in turn, the pistol cartridge was noticeably smaller and had less powder, even though the ball wasn’t all that much smaller. Before she could even ask, Zef peeked over the top of the manual and remarked, “Says right here it takes standard rifle cartridges for ease of use.”
Her tone sounded half disappointed that it didn’t have some sort of extraordinary proprietary ammunition like Zel’s arm-cannon, and half relieved that she wouldn’t need to deal with such a bother. Zel dropped the pistol cartridge back into the Fog vortex before it could dissipate and selected nineteen more rifle cartridges for retrieval, tipping the Tablet over the desk and allowing the cartridges to pour out of the vortex onto a neat little pile.
“Wanna go give it a whirl right now?” she asked, herself eager to see how the gun would perform.
“I should probably finish reading the manual first, but…” Zef reluctantly agreed, closing shut the book and setting it aside as she rose from her seat. She deftly pulled the revolver from its holster and spun it on her finger, the weapon’s unusual center of mass causing her to almost fumble the well-practiced flourish. “I think I’ve got a good idea of how it works.”
She stepped towards the desk and cautiously took one of the paper cartridges from the pile, inserting it into one of Pentacle’s chambers and rotating it into place. Three quick pulls of the lever under the barrel worked the ramrod and compressed the load. Another cartridge, another rotation of the cylinder, a look into the newly-visible loaded chamber.
“Looks good…” the cyclops murmured before she returned to loading the gun with greater confidence, and in only a few seconds, she was done with all five chambers. Into its holster the gun went, whilst her eye snapped up to meet Zel’s gaze, an unspoken question already glimmering in the emerald of her iris. Before she could ask said question, Zelsys already answered.
“Pretty sure this place has a backyard where we could set up a makeshift shooting range, but…” she trailed off.
“I doubt anyone would be happy about hearing gunshots in the middle of the street, yeah. We could just go out into the fields, maybe? There should be enough things in the tablet that could be used as makeshift targets.”
A nod and a smile, and soon enough, they strode down the pale cobbled road on their way towards the same gate they had entered through. The guardsmen made no effort to stop them, and in a few minutes more, the two women were walking once again in armlock, this time down the very gravel road that brought them here.
Though the sun hung high in the sky and would do so for quite a few hours more, its rays diffused on the edges of the clouds and refracted through the myriad pollen particles that floated above the fields, forming godrays wherever one looked. It only lasted a short time, but for a small portion of their walk, it was truly like they were in a late summer’s dream.
They picked one of the side paths closer to the gate with deeper channels carved into the dirt, following in the footsteps of the farmers in the distance under the assumption that a well-frequented path would be relatively safe. A dozen meters off the main road was deemed to be far enough, and they took to setting up targets on the ground.
A rusted-through canteen, some wartime ration cans, a dented helmet that Zelsys found in the ditch - such were the targets. To start with, Zefaris practiced pulling Pentacle from its holster and putting it back in. She repeated the practiced motion a good half-dozen times, eventually bringing the cold-iron behemoth’s sights to bear on one of the cans, gripping the gun with both hands as she steadied her aim.
Click went the hammer when she cocked it back with her thumb.
The sound of the hammer striking the glyph rung out like a hammer striking an anvil. A lance of smoke and fire burst from the weapon’s muzzle. The back of the can exploded into a splash of brownish stew, yet Zefaris remained steadfast in her stance, barely moved by the recoil at all.
Another cock of the hammer. Another can. The subtle anvil-clang of the hammer striking the ignition glyph, the violent thoom that accompanied the blazing lance of hot lead. A disgusting splurge as the can’s contents splashed over the dry soil.
One more shot, seemingly just for good measure, obliterated the old helmet.
She heard an ecstatic laugh bubbling up from Zef as the blonde turned the gun over in her grip, cocked the hammer to turn the cylinder, and quickly checked for any residue in the fired chamber.
“Tha-ha-hat’s not how rifle cartridges usually fire!” she laughed, equally bewildered and amazed by the revolver’s performance. “There’s way less recoil than usual and no vision-obscuring cloud, this thing must have some sorta kinetic redirection glyphs inside the barrel!”
Zelsys didn’t have the context to understand most of what Zefaris was saying, but she guessed, “You think it makes sure the force goes where it’s most useful like the harness my cannon’s attached to?”
“I-I think so, at least. I’ve only got a rudimentary understanding of glyphs in ballist…” she began to trail off, reloading the three fired chambers as she went.
The gut feeling. It was back. While Zefaris trailed off on a tangent about the application of glyphs in the design of firearms, Zelsys felt the nameless voice in the back of her head screaming about danger from the fields by the left side of the road. She felt a vague hostility from within the corn, unsure how many people, but certain it was more than one. The wind briefly picked up, and amidst the rustling of dry leaves, she could pick out a few words uttered in the unfamiliar tongue spoken by the Pateirian soldiers.
Like clockwork a familiar face stepped out of the corn stalks only moments later, holding a sparklock pistol in either hand. It was one of the soldiers she’d seen hassling the street performer earlier that day, only he wasn’t wearing his military coat. In fact, he wasn’t wearing anything above the waist, and the state of his body perhaps explained part of it - the soldier’s entire upper body up to the neckline was covered in dark-brown chitinous plating, with thick spiky hairs protruding from the plates at regular intervals.
His eyes flitted from Zefaris, to her gun, to Zelsys and her own arm-cannon, confusion and annoyance filling his features. His upper lip twitched just before he barked out in heavily accented Ikesian, “Your money or your lives, both of you! Only the farmers who pay us tolls are permitted to pass this way.”
Zelsys couldn’t help it. She let out a chortling laugh at the farcical situation, at the utter cosmic convenience of it all, that one of her intended targets had come straight to her. Sure, he had them both at gunpoint, but what did she care? His movements were obvious and telegraphed. She was confident that she could end him before he could land a solid hit, and that Zefaris could read his body language just as well as if not better than her.
“Don’t fuck with me, filthy Ike-lover!” he chided her lack of respect, aggressively pointing both his sparklocks at her head. This was a show. She knew it. Zelsys could feel the four other people spreading out through the corn, likely preparing to charge out and kill them both. She could also feel Zef’s killing intent towards the mutant, and in a split-second, she formulated a plan.
“You can’t blame me for a little Lover’s Breath!” she exclaimed, inhaling sharply. A mixture of hyper-awareness and battle-lust flooded the senses, and she shifted out of the way in the moment between when he pulled the triggers and the powder ignited, his guns spitting sparks wildly for a good tenth of a second before they fired. Hot lead whizzing behind her she sprinted towards the corn field, momentarily turning her head as she went to breathe some Fog directly into Zef’s face. She had no way to know this would have a positive impact on the markswoman’s combat capabilities, but as many times before, she just listened to what felt right in the moment.
Leaving the pistol-wielding assailant to her lover Zelsys dove into the cornfield, cleaver in hand and trailing Fog with every step. She couldn’t see who she assumed to be the bandit’s accomplices, but she could feel them by the movement of the corn and their panicked utterances in Pateirian. The cleaver shuddered in her grasp as she neared one of these, and without so much as a second thought, she swung through the corn and uttered, “Heartbreaker!”
The blade’s course shifted ever so slightly as it guided itself towards its target’s heart. She could hear that the second one was charging her from behind, and so followed through the momentum of her swing to stab the push-saw side directly through his neck, severing its head.
It was at this moment that three clanging gunshots rang out from the road, a first one accompanied by what sounded like cracking wood, then two follow ups in rapid succession accompanied by the squelching of an exploding head. Zel was more than ready to slaughter the remaining two, but they had fled too deeply into the cornfield for her to bother following them.
She let out a breath, let go of her battle-trance, and noticed the rancid smell that filled her nostrils. Then, looking about to get her bearings, she saw who - or rather, what - it was that she had killed. The creature that lay eviscerated amidst the corn was barely comparable to the most extreme photos the Governor had shown her, yellowish ichor spilling from its neck as its arms and legs curled inward. It wasn’t even a mutant human, but rather an outright humanoid locust, grasping an old sparklock with a rusty bayonet on the end. The creature didn’t wear clothes as much as it was draped in a cloak made from the tattered remnants of a coat.
After running the cleaver through this one’s heart to ensure it wouldn’t get back up without its head as some insects were able to, Zelsys didn’t bother to look at the other creature, the rancid stench of its spilt hemolymph more than enough to confirm the killing blow. Emerging from the cornfield still gripping her cleaver, she saw Zefaris standing over the motionless corpse of the pistol-wielder, pointing her revolver at his heart and breathing heavily. Her face was flushed pink, Fog pouring from her nostrils with every breath.
She looked… Disturbed. Extremely so. The reason became clear when the soldier’s burst-open head raised from the ground, his mouth curled into a manic grin. Though he had no eyes, he turned his head towards Zelsys, and though the speech center of his brain lay splattered in the dirt, he spoke, wisps of Fog rising from the corners of his mouth with each word.
“Even in dishonor, we serve the Divine Emperor. You stink as all of the pretender-sage’s works do, and by this stench we will always find you…” the dead locust-mutant mocked and accused, his skin visibly clinging to his bones and turning pallid as if he was burning the last shreds of his life to deliver this message of spite.
He drew in a ragged death rattle of a breath, but before he could speak another word, a lance of sparks and flaming lead splattered the remnants of his head. Now truly lifeless, his body slumped to the ground, and Zefaris let out a shaken breath, murmuring, “Fu-fuckin’ locust-men, y’don’t belong here...”
Zef’s eye snapped in the direction of where the dead pistoleer had turned his head, landing upon Zelsys to the sound of a relieved sigh as she cautiously lowered her revolver’s hammer and holstered the weapon. It was at this moment that she stopped exhaling Fog. Surprisingly, the markswoman didn’t at all seem surprised by either the mutations, or the apparently post-mortem speech of the soldier - she had, after all, stood above him with gun in hand, ready to double-tap him the moment he reanimated.
This was too far to not question.
“Was… Was this a normal occurrence in the war?” she asked, holstering her cleaver. “With the… The bug shit and the reanimation?”
With a heavy sigh and a reluctant nod, Zefaris confirmed that, “Yeah, pretty much. Once the head starts changin’, the person inside is probably gone. Even the Grekurians shot those things on sight. What the fuck are they doing here, though? It sounded like they’re...”
“...Extorting farmers with forced tolls,” Zelsys finished. “Explains why the Governor wants them gone, beyond the terrorism.”
“He wants you to play the exterminator, that’s why he wanted to speak with you? Not to chide you for beating the shit outta his son?” Zef questioned, stepping over the corpse and squatting down as she began rifling through its pants pockets. Among the spoils were a couple foreign coins, a single silver Gelt and two coppers, plus a small pouch of powder, some lead balls, cotton wads, and a makeshift ramrod. Money and reloading supplies. Upon closer inspection, his pistols were in too poor a condition even for resale.
She stood up, stowing away the spoils in a pocket as she approached Zelsys to join her in briskly walking back towards the main road and then back to town. Still processing the implication that this was not an uncommon sight during the war, she answered, “...Exactly in those words, yes. How’d you know?”
“Playing exterminator is code-speak for wiping out a hive of out-of-control locust-men. They’re half-insane soldiers at best, and feral animals at worst. A couple times we got through enemy territory under the pretense of playing exterminator, that’s how bad these fuckers get for either side, especially once some poor soul mutates into a hive queen and starts laying eggs.”
They quickly reached the main road, and almost as quickly got back to the town gates, and all along Zelsys questioned her counterpart, all her disgust and worry completely replaced by utter confusion and bewilderment at the nonchalance with which Zefaris regarded these monstrous creatures. It was clear she had completely dehumanized even the least-mutated of these people in her mind, and frankly, Zelsys couldn’t blame her.
“That’s… Bizarre. Pateirian soldiers just kept drinking these elixirs even if they knew that each dose risked mutations? Why?”
“Apparently, they believed that those favored by their Divine Emperor would eventually turn into a sacred orchid mantis, while the unworthy would become plague locusts. The locust-men would turn to banditry or just outright go feral to survive,” Zef explained in a spiteful tone, making no effort to hide her personal hatred for Pateirians.
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2021.12.02 04:18 Youre_Dreaming Shaking near Mayfair/Topaz

Hey everyone! I live near topaz/Mayfair area and ever since moving here I have been experiencing an almost earthquake-like shaking! I happens mostly at night in the early hours and it’s consistent, sometimes for hours! I live in a basement suite and my landlords above me have said they’ve noticed it once or twice, but not excessively, like I have. It makes me quite anxious and I worry about sink holes and earthquakes regularly. I’m wondering if anyone in the area or even elsewhere have had anything like this or may have an idea as to what it may be? There is no HVAC system or noisy laundry machines in the house, and I’m in the basement so I don’t think it’s wind? Plus it’s almost every night and lasts for hours and has for about a year so it doesn’t seem like it would be traffic given the regularity and hours of the night. It’s been keeping me up at night and I’d love some input, thanks in advance! 😇
TL;DR My house shakes at night like a gentle earthquake and I’m concerned!
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2021.12.02 04:18 WonderfulAlps4159 Sugar Mama

Does anyone know if this works and if anyone actually does get sugar mamas on her that don’t scam you and ask for a few or money or your bank info.
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2021.12.02 04:18 Chunky-Bee I just finished watching the Tokyo revenger anime version where can I read Tokyo revenge manga for free online?

Please help
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2021.12.02 04:18 Smoggy_Connection_ hmmm

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2021.12.02 04:18 AuthorMarcel Question For You. Would Love Your Opinions

I'm at a bit of a crossroads, but, just a bit of background about myself so you understand where I'm coming from.
I grew up in the hood, right. Because of this, I was naturally a product of my environment.
I've incorporated a lot of real-life experiences of living in the hood into my fantasy novel. The main characters of my urban fantasy series are black teens with dreadlocks, grew up poor, single parent home, the whole shebang. An unfortunate reality, but they continue to push forward even when dealt a bad hand.
The vernacular of one of my main characters is one of which you might expect. Again, because of their environment, there's a fair amount of usage of the n-word when amongst friends, and I know that's frowned upon AND RIGHTFULLY SO, but to be clear, there's a reason for that. It's usage in my novel is important to the overall theme, so I'm not using it just for using it sake.
There's an important realization that takes place as the series continues and as my characters grow older and wiser and learn more about the history of the word. But for authenticity, I'm keeping it in there 'cause I want my readers to understand and get a feel for what it's like growing up as a young black teen placed into an environment that isn't conducive for success. I'm very big on authenticity, and as unfortunate as it is, it's a word that is heavily used amongst teens & young adults of African American & Afro-Caribbean descent.
Now, here's where my problem lies.
I've had many people tell me that I should continue writing what I feel and what's true to my heart, and that they're needs to be more voices of color and diverse literature published. On the other hand, when it comes time to reading it, some beta-readers have said to me they've quit mid-way through. The language was too strong, too real. It wasn't publishable and no one would read it, etc... I'm okay with those opinions 'cause they were entitled to them. Matter of fact, throughout multiple edits, I've trimmed down. The vernacular's still there to the point where I feel it still captures its authenticity. Not as much though.
My whole thing is this. At what point do I sacrifice authenticity and a genuine experience for a less authentic one? An experience that's kinda real, but not exactly. I'm well aware there needs to be a market for it, and perhaps that's the answer to my own question. But, it sure is awfully confusing as a writer that on one hand people will tell me that they'd love to hear more about my experience, and then when I'm writing about it, they tell me to tone it down 'cause it's a bit too vulgar for their liking.
What are your thoughts, if any?
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2021.12.02 04:17 saiyajin0101 Sums up my luck 😌

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2021.12.02 04:17 FormerQueenOfEngland dumb.fla

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2021.12.02 04:17 djblack555 Router charge shows up out of blue?

Last August, my bill began showing a "home networking" charge of $10.00. This is apparently the charge for the router that I've not had since day one, back in the Frontier days.
I've made several attempts to resolve this with Ziply customer service, to no avail. Anyone else have this trouble?
Is there some secret? I love Ziply, but I'm losing faith in the billing situation.
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2021.12.02 04:17 SolarDrake Checking up again

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2021.12.02 04:17 pork_police Ravioli, ravioli, give me the _____!

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