Is he lying

2021.12.07 02:59 starcrossed92 Is he lying

So this guy I haven’t met yet kept talking about sex sex sex and that he was possibly looking for fwb . I told him I wasn’t looking for that , that I don’t want just sex . He keeps talking to me and telling me now that’s not what he meant and that he doesn’t just want sex . Is he lying or did he really change his mind ?
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2021.12.07 02:59 Irn_chf_cmn Merry Christmas! From Beast

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2021.12.07 02:59 knockouts_divison Maria Kanellis got such a hot cake

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2021.12.07 02:59 ElliEFKa Do y'all think that Reinhardt mains tend to be the most toxic?

This is just a fun little meme discussion about which hero mains tended to be the most toxic in your matches. Getting toxic players don't happen often in Overwatch for me (maybe 1 in every 15 on a good day) but it tended to be Reinhardt when there was one. What about for y'all? (P.S. I'm mainly talking about quickplay. I only play the game here and there.)
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2021.12.07 02:59 BlursedAnnex So poo devourer has friends…

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2021.12.07 02:59 Klendagort Good news everyone

I stole the Dark angles and Blood Ravens codexes and stolen some interesting items. Anyone want to buy the auction will start at 40,000 crowns.
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2021.12.07 02:59 Admirable-Push-8721 🐶ARASHI INU🐶 Biggest BSC Project of 2021 | Launching Now | 7% DOGE Rewards| Dev Doxx | KYC Done | X1000 Gem

ARASHI INU's aim is not only to get arashi inu to the x1000 moon! Also to protect investors in this cryptoworld with its upcoming ARASHISCAN APP where you will be able to scan any token!!
When it comes to crypto and investing its all about the trust!
With Arashiscan app you will be able to scan tokens and check: ruggable, honeypot, lplock or unlocked, ownership renounce, distribution, mint, buyback, taxes and more functions coming soon!
✴️ Reddit Hotposts
✴️ Coinsniper, Coinmooner etc..
✴️ Poocoin Ads
✴️ Twitter influencers
✴️ Dev Doxx
✴️ Launch
✴️ Coinmarketcap Quick listing
✴️ Coingecko Quick listing
✴️ Exchange listing
✴️ Arashiscan app
( Full Roadmap in the Website )
TAX: 10%
Contract: 0x40eb34ecad99503a37b6ab8ab81b8a22845944c8
Buy Now:
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.12.07 02:59 SixteenTimesTheTodd Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.12.07 02:59 PointMane No F*kn Way All Of That Should Land?

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2021.12.07 02:59 erythseas Summer courses?

Hi I’m in animation school currently wrapping up my first semester. I know I want to keep my skills sharp during our summer break, so I was wondering if you guys have any online courses you recommend or taken? I’m aware of schoolism, and have tried it and learned a lot, but I preferably would like synchronous online classes. I’m primarily looking into layout/bg design, bg paint, or storyboarding. I don’t have a fixed budget, but mentioning the price of the course vs what you get for your money would be great
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2021.12.07 02:59 NetherRegionalMgr 👀

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2021.12.07 02:59 Shoo88 Time of vulgarity🌶

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2021.12.07 02:59 Ru5ty_bakou9 [2 Supernatual Fan Theory]

Haven't been really disapointed by the series ending (which I won't spoil) my brain went on a hunting trail for a better one and here's the best two I came up with...
- previsou seasons spoil when Dean was possessed by Michael in season 14, I though this was building up for an massive showdown with Sam possessed by Lucifer and the brothers having the ultimate battle between good VS evil
- A little wacky this one... I had the idea the last episode was like a 60 minutes episodes about two brothers from Kansas who roamed the US for 16 years (there's two 1 year gap during the series) and killing hundreds of people, becoming one of the most famous serial killers in US history. The documentary would go on saying the brothers were completly insane, believing the people the killed were supernatural creatures... I didn't went as far as thinking wether Sam & Dean would have been arrested and sent to a mental institue awaiting their trial or simply gunned down by the law...

What do you think...?
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2021.12.07 02:59 Budokai4When Gamepress tierlist maker suspended from twitter. The LF SS4 Goku and LF Rosé stans got to him lmao

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2021.12.07 02:59 dscharlie Shush, me, collage, 2016

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2021.12.07 02:59 Busy-Improvement6239 Do we think John is already recording another ALBUM album?

Like a proper one.
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2021.12.07 02:59 korsurr Capitol CPTL coin. New BSC Coin Now Listed in Hundreds of News Articles

Any thoughts on this coin? Seems like this could pan out to be pioneering something new in the crypto landscape, and maybe a ironically relatively safe investment in the iffy waters of BSC coins.
You can find some of the news articles they are listed in from this search result: "TheHunger.Games is a Brand New DeFi Blockchain Gaming Platform That Seeks to Make DeFi Completely Accessible" - Google Search
Eg: TheHunger.Games is a Brand New DeFi Blockchain Gaming Platform That Seeks to Make DeFi Completely Accessible (
Sites to find CPTL:
" DeFi feels too complicated for the average crypto enthusiast. It is foreign to many in the crypto community, and most people do not understand the concept behind it talk more of its usage.
To make DeFi accessible to the crypto world, TheHunger.Games ($CPTL), a DeFi blockchain gaming platform, was created. Reckoned to be one of the most ambitious projects on the Blockchain network, TheHunger.Games ($CPTL) is an ever-expanding Blockchain gaming project that offers an entirely decentralized (DeFi) ecosystem.
It focuses on making DeFi accessible to members of the crypto community and the uninitiated alike to establish an easily navigable pathway across all 13 district systems. TheHunger.Games is a combination of the two most dominant industries within the tech and virtual space. It combines the fast-rising cryptocurrency blockchain and the ever-present gaming or e-sport technology to create a platform for users.
These users may not necessarily be gamers to have fun doing what they enjoy and accumulate wealth during the process via their ownership and continued holding of $CPTL. Built around the Capitol Token, the first distinct feature of The Hunger Game will be a non-fungible token (NFT) mint/auction house that will reflect BUSD royalties of up to 2% on every transaction made carried out by CPTL holders. In addition to a thriving ecosystem being built around it, experts say this will be one of the most standout "foundational block[s] for future Dapps."
Interestingly, the ecosystem is consistently paying reflections back to faithful holders. Holders of CPTL enjoy discounted and even free services within the ecosystem, including numerous opportunities. Therefore, TheHunger.Games is an asset and an opportunity for growth which is more beneficial in the short- and long-term than any blockchain project.
According to the developer's statement published on a website dedicated to the project, “TheHunger.Games comes at a significant period in human history—the age of information. Unlike previous generations, many of us have a hunger for advancing our species that has never been seen in Human Society. In addition, we have a global economy now, and the institutions have pointed to hinder any development of that economy outside of their tidy little box.”
As an incentive-driven project, The Hunger Games is as interesting as it gets and is indeed a project for the future because it places the long-term benefits of its investors ahead of everything else. Users nonetheless have a steady stream of passive income for as long as they hold CPTL. Thus, CPTL does not only pay rewards, but every aspect of The Hunger Games ecosystem operates a reward-based system for CPTL holders. For more information, please visit or send an email to []( "
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2021.12.07 02:59 ZoolShop Fresh questions raised about Dominic Raab’s role in Afghan rescue debacle | Dominic Raab

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2021.12.07 02:59 navguy72 Lego skyline

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2021.12.07 02:59 2018InANutshell Top 3 reasons why I can't learn to play like any instrument:

Number 1: my hands don't work well out of sync
Number 2: I don't have the motivation to match the desire
Number 3: I'm too unconfident in my abilities to learn new things
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2021.12.07 02:59 MGreenMN Less than 1% of the U.S. population is Orthodox. I’m not sure how this person thinks his idea has even the slightest chance of happening.

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2021.12.07 02:59 Obvious-Dependent-69 Byron second gadget idea.

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2021.12.07 02:59 quackersss_ sadiesimp

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2021.12.07 02:59 Kfear1135 My sweet Ferret Prince; passed WAY too young due to a Bladder Blockage (with no s/s) this weekend💔; DIP MY SWEET HUNTER. 6/13/21-12/3/21. 🌈🐾🌲

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2021.12.07 02:59 Novel_Building5337 What exactly is Last Fm? I’m confused about what the site exactly is. I saw my moniker on there but there’s inaccurate information on my release titles and where to find my music

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