Was this really wrong? I don't know what to believe anymore.

2021.12.07 02:13 nvwls300 Was this really wrong? I don't know what to believe anymore.

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2021.12.07 02:13 rosy_bay new pepino seeking some context!

This sub has really been eye opening as to what horrible people the Baldwins are -- I went from feeling real pity and sympathy for Alec to finding out everything he's done in a matter of days, and I'm deeply impressed by the creativity and perceptiveness of the people in it.
But I have a couple of questions -- as a new pepino, there are two things I would really appreciate if someone could explain. First, where did the name "pepino" come from? I tried searching back in the sub, but couldn't find it. Second, what is the "Claire penis" that I've seen tossed around? I'd really appreciate if someone could give me context for both of these! ­čÖé­čąĺ Thank you for being such a witty and welcoming community!
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2021.12.07 02:13 Superb_Fail5740 Does fallout have references to atlas shrugged?

I'm specifically talking about hidden valley and the enclave which in atlas shrugged all the tycoons retreat to a hidden valley and abandon the population similar to the brotherhood and enclave
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2021.12.07 02:13 jashepard Is gears 4 active or should I just play 5?

IÔÇÖm somewhat new to gears and am playing the campaign for the first time in gears 4. Is gears 4 worth sticking around for after the campaign or are the servers dead?
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2021.12.07 02:13 EightEyedBat Daily Cass #591: The floor is acid [S2E20 "You're Kidding Me!"]

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2021.12.07 02:13 Sboywild98 Super Automatic that makes brewed coffee?

I have been looking at super automatic espresso machines that can also brew normal coffee for an upcoming Christmas gift. The Mile CM5500 is currently the one I am looking at. Does anyone have experience with this machine or know of any other good machines that I can look at? The budget is around $1000 or less. An automatic machine is not necessarily a must if there is a superb semi-auto that can also make brewed coffee out there, but it is preferred.
Thank you guys for your expertise and opinions.
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2021.12.07 02:13 Clear-Potential-3649 google brok

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2021.12.07 02:13 Current-Rich-6831 Erfahrungsbericht "zu Fu├č gehen" in Nieder├Âsterreich / Neunkirchen / Peisching

Ich (Wahlwiener) bin k├╝rzlich gem├Ą├č ┬ž 3 Abs. 1 Z 5 der 5. COVID-19-Notma├čnahmenverordnung mit meiner Familie in meine "alte Heimat" (Bezirk Neunkirchen) gefahren und m├Âchte daher einen kurzen Reisebericht von der Au├čenwelt abliefern:
Dank Klimaticket mit der ├ľBB nach Wr. N., dort in den REX1 umsteigen, bis Bahnhof Neunkirchen fahren und voller Hoffnung zur Bushaltestelle des Regionalbus 256 gehen.

Aber wie? Wo gibt es denn auf den Freilandstra├čen sichere Gehwege? Soll ich bei der Gemeinde wegen eines Begleitfahrzeuges anfragen? Dann die (vermeintlich) rettende Idee: Einfach einen kleinen Umweg ├╝ber den Schwarzauferweg machen. Teils asphaltiert, teils geschottert an freilaufenden H├╝hnern und einem Reitstall vorbei - echtes Familienprogramm.
Gut, dankbar, dass meine Tochter und ich den Unfalltod nur angedroht bekamen und dieser nicht exekutiert wurde (h├Ątte wahrscheinlich auch am Mercedes spuren hinterlassen...) kamen wir dann nach Peisching DownTown.
Zuletzt bin ich mir dann nicht mehr sicher gewesen, ob mein Aufenthalt am guten, gesunden Land mit den Bestimmungen der 5. COVID-19-Notma├čnahmenverordnung wirklich in Deckung waren...
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2021.12.07 02:13 c2cali Is one hour per 90 minutes or so, normal, in Los Angeles? Or is the boyfriends' account... marked as a lame driver? LOL

So, the boyfriend is a bit (ok, a LOT) OCD, almost lazy but really paralyzed with fear and trying not to be triggered, but he has to make money SOMEHOW. He primarily only drives for GrubHub and took a big break, but he liked GrubHub because it would tell the driver exactly what they would make. Back in the day before unemployment bonanza, he would often cancel or not accept offers because the location was bad (dangerous or no where to park), the restaurant was awful (bad service or the food not ready for an hour), blah blah blah...
Long story short, I am not letting him come home now until he makes $100 a day... but GrubHub has sent him VERY FEW orders. He swears they only mess with your order count based on your acceptance rate for the DAY, not lifetime or monthly or last 30 days. I have an office job, no experience, is this true/still true? I know it is Monday but in the middle of West Hollywood he should be getting more orders and not begging to come home early.
Help me... help him :)
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2021.12.07 02:13 Illustrious-Square20 Bad grades and parents

So I did REALLY bad this semester. I acknowledge I could have done better but I was not doing well mentally or physically. I had too many absences in a few classes and will fail them no matter what.
My problem is that I am completely paying for college on my own, so I feel like this is solely my business. I am positive my parents will ask about my grades and I dont think I can deal with their reaction. How do I convince them they dont need to see ( or really have any right to see) my grades without setting them off?
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2021.12.07 02:13 Jacques_outdoor My girlfriend and I often argue over the frequency of having sex,´╝łthree or four times a week ´╝ë what should I do´╝č

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2021.12.07 02:13 winter3218 December Giveaway

Hi, I will be hosting a giveaway worth up to 1800 diamonds. Through this poll, you may pick between 3 Elite Skins x 599 OR 2 Epic Skins x 899. The choice with more votes will be used to decide the winners.

  1. Be subscribed to MobileLegendsGame
  2. Reddit account must be at least 14 days of age and have at least 50 minimum combined karma
  3. Make a comment on this post. Comments in response to someone else's comment will not count as entries.
Until December 10, 23:59 GMT+9

While you're here, help us make a better community by abiding to the subreddit rules! Thank you.
View Poll
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2021.12.07 02:13 PlebLordColin How do the prophecy stones work?

Say I have 28 eggs of prophecy, each increasing egg value by 0.06 percent compounding, for a total multiplyer of x5.11. If I put a lvl 1 prophecy stone on one of my artifacts, would it increase the total multiplyer (5.11) by 0.05 percent? Or would it increase the individual percentage increase of each egg of prophecy by 0.05 percent? And if it's the latter, would the effect of the stone be multiplicative (0.05% of 0.06, so 0.06+0.003, so 0.063 per egg), or would it be additive (0.05+0.06, so 0.11 per egg)?
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2021.12.07 02:13 CharlieDoesTheExist I came out to like 3 teachers today

One was positive because it felt safer but the other two were through paper and like i dunno its spooky ? and i dont know why i did it
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2021.12.07 02:13 mankosmash4 Eventually all movie protagonists are going to look like this.

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2021.12.07 02:13 Brocktreee Shut up.

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2021.12.07 02:13 kingjamesis The Noble Wild [BUNDLE] , : $9.99 (-56%)

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2021.12.07 02:13 toxicshlock Rancor - Not Funded!!

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2021.12.07 02:13 Strange_Peanut_8448 GEC1013/GEH1045 World Religions thoughts?

Is GEC1013/GEH1045 World Religions a mod you would recommend taking? I am interested in the subject but how is the workload and the bell curve etc?
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2021.12.07 02:13 sburgess86 Immune disease risk variants regulate gene expression dynamics during CD4+ T cell activation

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2021.12.07 02:13 Empty_Ferrets Late Recommendation Letters and Writer's Thoughts

I don't know if this is a common problem. If a professor believes that admissions committees do not mind late letters and has not expressed a commitment to submitting the letters on time, is it best to find a someone else to write one? I am not sure how to navigate the situation. I am considering obtaining a weaker letter from a less active professor in a different field to replace this letter.
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2021.12.07 02:13 autumnandash I had an AI make the ACOTAR courts!

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2021.12.07 02:13 Own_Razzmatazz6856 batman wanted to show his cute life jelly beans

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2021.12.07 02:13 Justcakewastaken The game looks great , just wish the barrier of entry wasn't 120 bucks (USD)

Everything ive seen from this game looks great , it really looks like a modern swat 4 , but the $120 price tag to access it is too steep for me to stomach , and after voids numerous delays the 40/50 dollar standard addition seems more like vaporware than anything else ,If they had a middle option , like a 70 to 80 dollar pack that was just the standard edition with the alpha added on , i and im sure many others would buy that in a heart beat (if they could get enough steam keys). The removal of the NDA seems to me the best time to make a lower barrier of entry edition to take advantage of the new hype wave.
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2021.12.07 02:13 ericthebeige Lunchbreak Gardening!

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