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Tencent to Give USD270 Million Stock Incentives to Nearly Quarter of Employees

2021.12.02 04:42 InsurViewChina Tencent to Give USD270 Million Stock Incentives to Nearly Quarter of Employees

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2021.12.02 04:42 Lowratermusic New Doom inspired track

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2021.12.02 04:42 thebusiness7 Let’s say there are two phones on a WiFi network (A and B) which don’t have any mutual friends on Instagram or mutual contacts. What are the. chances that person A gets recommended (as a person to add) to friends of B?

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2021.12.02 04:42 bloodforthebloodgodd Best team?

Alright guys so somethings been on my mind There's been alot of doctors join the team and leave over the years sooo here's the idea
To create the ultimate diagnostic team for ppth
The rules are as follows, Any member of the team including any of the bunch from the season 4 group is up for grabs
Like cuddy said you must hire at least 1 female doctor
Let the games begin
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2021.12.02 04:42 stupidcat6969 I feel like this would be higher if I didn’t listen to the $B x Ghostemane mix on YT daily too

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2021.12.02 04:42 le_slore I keep telling you I love you over and over and have been for the last few years...

And you keep saying I'm complicating things when it's just casual. I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm not dumb and have been very direct about parting ways and calling it good because it's okay; life continues. I wanted to part ways with my dignity intact. I was enthusiastic about getting back on track and there you are again.. and I miss you. I always do. When you keep drifting off only to come back and say you missed me... I always have a little hope for when maybe(unlikely) you will mean it. I've always been honest and direct with you and you still don't understand or you won't leave me be. Obviously, there's something wrong with the both of us. If there just so happens to be someone else and you have been choosing them knowing damn well that I would've done everything within my ability to been a worthy partner and help you get through life because I love you... I don't know what I'm going to do.
I knew life sucked already. I keep praying that I get it through my head and can just let this go and be. Because shit life could've been anything else and I met you and you just never let me be. 12 years ago, you should've just stuck with your crowd and pretend I didn't exist. 9 years ago, you shouldn't have began reaching out when still with that girlfriend. 5 years ago, you should've stuck with the girlfriend you were beginning to grow into life with. And I shouldn't have been flattered that you finally were interested. Before that happened, I was just out living and pretty sure of myself regardless of not having a set plan. Life was exciting and spontaneous, I wasn't in any rush because I'd get there. I wanted stuff for myself regardless of having mental health issues. Now all I think about before going to sleep is, I can't believe that we get to experience consciousness and it's temporary; life can absolutely be filled with good stuff and given meaning even though it's going in no particular direction. And the person I wanted to love and be loved by hears these ideas in small conversations...and knows we'll eventually cease to exist. And I'm not good enough to be their human but just enough for them to get aroused by. Great. Just great. Can you just get out of my life please. There's no reason whatsoever to stick around, thank you.
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2021.12.02 04:42 westcoastgrnd99 Update to kaabo wolf gt warranty denial/claim.

Pertaining to my 3 week old wolf warrior gt with several issues, the major ones being both motor cables being cut at the hub...
I originally emailed kaabo over a week ago. I got a response basically downplaying every problem I had. I had a hard time understanding some parts of the email due to language barrier, but when I asked my local retailer they confirmed that kaabo was not going to warranty the motors.
I have since emailed kaabo twice and tried to appeal their descision. It's been close to a week now and no reply. It's obviously they have decided to completely ignore my emails and my issues with the scooter.
So I am left to deal with my local retailer and the tension this has cause between us.
They also do not believe that the cut wires are an serious issue but because I pushed for replacment they are grudgingly willing to do so.
Except I made the mistake of telling them how much I rely on the scooter for commuting. I do not have a car and there is no convenient bus route. In response They have demanded that I cease to ride the scoote for 3 weeks while we wait for parts, despite them originally saying it was a non issue. They have given me an ultimatum that if I do not bring the scooter in by Friday and they will rescind the "offer" to honor the warranty.... They are trying to get out of paying...
My retailer has given me two options bring it not later then Friday and be withought for a few weeks or pay 500 out of pocket not including labour. I am considering the latter, because of how much I rely on the scooter for transport, but I am not happy about its.
As fun as the scooter is it is not worth it. Kaabo will not stand by their products. Even with a local retailer they will make you jump through hoops and It takes forever to get parts.
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2021.12.02 04:42 CaDmus003 Making my Xmas wishlist. Which is better to pair with Endgame Thanos ?

Which figure would go best with Endgame Thanos; Cap, Ironman, or Thor. I would love to have all three for a nice display but can probably only get one on my list and most likely won’t be able to get more before they sell out or prices get crazy in the future. I’m leaning towards Cap, but think Ironman would look amazing as well. I haven’t found any pics but can Endgame Ironman get in his signature landing pose? Would appreciate any feedback on quality of those 3 as well if anyone has them, thanks!
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2021.12.02 04:42 SodiumCloride34 Ho̸͘l̸̒͋ò̴̹͓̣̎̀̓̿x̶̢̨͈͔̫͊̈́̔̽̋̅ć̷̛͓̩̫̩̞̅̽̏̈͒̆̀̎͠h̸̛͑̃́̊ȁ̴̿̃ṁ̶̓̅a

Ho̸͘l̸̒͋ò̴̹͓̣̎̀̓̿x̶̢̨͈͔̫͊̈́̔̽̋̅ć̷̛͓̩̫̩̞̅̽̏̈͒̆̀̎͠h̸̛͑̃́̊ȁ̴̿̃ṁ̶̓̅a submitted by SodiumCloride34 to Hololive [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 04:42 Inner_Satisfaction22 Volume is very low at the moment.

Hi everyone..volume is very low at the moment I don't think we will have much rewards . I hope it will increase very soon.. what are ur thought?.
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2021.12.02 04:42 roooit newCRYPTOlisting: City Coin (CITY) now listed on Hotbit

Processing img 63dccd9y23381...
You heard it first here! City Coin (CITY) is now available for purchase or trade on Hotbit
City Coin (CITY) Price $0.106519
Price change (24 Hrs) -1.8%
24 Hrs Low / 24 Hrs High $0.104841 / $0.111809
Trading Volume 24 hrs $11,177.54
Market Cap
Total Supply ? City Coin (CITY)
City Coin price today is $0.106519 with a 24-hour trading volume of $11,177.54. CITY price is down -1.8% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 0 CITY coins and a total supply of ?. If you are looking to buy or sell City Coin, Txbit is currently the most active exchange. Bitcoin gave us digital money, a means of reliable and secure transfer of money to anyone, anywhere at any time. The next step forward is to expand the usage and the availability of services that build on crypto-currencies and blockchain technology, and applied those to cities, towns and its citizens. We want to make this technology available for everyone to use. And to do just that we are building the City Chain blockchain and the Smart City Platform. Blockchain-technology is not a magic bullet that can be applied to every exisiting computer system. That is why we are building the Smart City Platform on top of the City Chain, ensuring that we are utilizing the most optimal technology for the different services and experiences provided by City Chain and the Smart City Platform. Cities and citizens will be able to use the City Chain to improve how we communicate, socialize, trade and manage our assets (both physical and digital). In addition, it will be possible to reduce costs/overhead, and at the same time empowering us with all the tools we need to take the next step forward!
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2021.12.02 04:42 LettuceGo1 B2B 3rd Age Ring into Tanzanite Fang, 1st Mimic KC

Very nice night for me :D
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2021.12.02 04:42 sgtfleet Going thru my odd box of figurines…..what was Soul Calibur ?

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2021.12.02 04:42 jen36rsantos Lost porn. If I can hold you can too

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2021.12.02 04:42 Relative_Bus8755 colorblind glasses

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2021.12.02 04:42 TrashClear483 You can be a decent human being and not be a pretentious prick about it. It's not hard.

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2021.12.02 04:42 Comic_Book_Reader This is dark comedy at its finest.

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2021.12.02 04:42 Asnora That feeling when you just can't purge no matter how hard you try

Disclaimer: NOT looking for advice on throwing up, just venting.
I've been bulimic for a long time (almost 10 years now), and I've never, ever, had trouble getting the food up previously.
This week however it's been so, so, hard, like, I just can't throw up no matter how full I am or how "easy" the foods I ate are to come up.
Then I just end up in bed, crying, feeling disgusting... I have never had to deal with binging without being able to throw up before, and it's awful, I feel even more shame keeping it in than I do getting it out. I'm like a fat, round, ball, so full I can't even move.
Just really struggling right now :((
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2021.12.02 04:42 CryGecko Is it really staking?

Hey everybody,
I want to get involved in OlympusDAO, but I´m currently learning about it and trying to understand it. So before I invest in something I also think about taxes. On website it states, that it is a staking mechanism, but just because something is named like this, it does not necessarily mean, that it really is staking ( Staking as in locking away a crypto asset for a certain amount of time to validate transactions, secure the network and to reach consensus). I´m asking because staking is treated differently in my country in relation to lending, Yieldfarming, LP etc..... So is this really staking or is it really something else, that is just called staking?
I´m sorry for this newbie question, but I really want to understand Olympus before I get involved with it.
Thanks in advance
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2021.12.02 04:42 Friendlynortherner Can a Jewish person believe Muhammad was a prophet?

I'll start off by saying I am a western gentile atheist; I don't have skin in this game. However, I have been thinking of world religions, and have some questions. It is pretty obvious why Christianity is incapable with Judaism. Christians believe God is somehow three persons but one person at the same time, and that a man two thousand years ago was God who had taken on human flesh. Islam is much more properly monotheistic. Can a Jewish person believe that Muhammad was a prophet? I don't mean a Muslim of Jewish ancestry, but a practicing religious Jew who believes that Muhammad was a prophet sent by God to teach gentiles. Also, if a Jewish person decided to visit a mosque to pray or to visit the Kaaba, would that make them a "bad Jew", religiously speaking? Thank you
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2021.12.02 04:42 phancdp Do I need to put willing to relocate when applying somewhere in the cover letter or resume?

Context is I currently live in NYC and am applying to jobs in the DMV area. My intent is to relocate to DC if offered a job.
Just wondering if necessary to put willing to relocate in my cover letter? If it’s necessary how would I also put in my resume since some (most it seems) jobs don’t require or offer a cover letter attachment option at the end
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2021.12.02 04:42 bowl_oOo Help me. (5.5.5 JavaScript)

Can someone please help me with 5.5.5 (The worm)? I have been stuck on it for hours and I can't figure it out,
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2021.12.02 04:42 AdrieltheLegend THIS IS A JOKE, or is it.....?

THIS IS A JOKE, or is it.....?
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2021.12.02 04:42 1029pm_ the words in parenthesis are where the words were italicized in the original! :) please critique!

He is driving. He is driving far too fast; 20 miles per hour above the measly 50mph limit. there is music- loud music. He reaches for the volume nob, adjusting it as high as it allows him. sound waves punish his ear drums, but he doesn’t care. The music drowns out everything. The low hum of the engine, the whoosh of passing cars. with each (thump) of the kick drum, his tears are pushed farther down his face, eventually dripping down onto his now-stained t-shirt. a glint of regret quickly moves across his face, his eyes lowering. He is drowning in tears. The millisecond of regret diminishes as quickly as it came: he is free. He is finally alive. (alive). That word sweeps through his mind, leaving a path of destruction as it travels. He doesn’t want to be (alive), but he finds himself in love with the feeling of being just that. (Alive). He loves the way the wind wind slaps him across the face, leaving it pink and tingling. He loves the way the music violently vibrates his ear drums, leaving him with ringing in the pauses between tracks. A raindrop slips in through his half-opened window, striking him directly under his left eye. It is quickly swept away by a trickling tear, dissolving into his t-shirt with all the other fallen drops. He rolls the window down the rest of the way, letting the millions of dense raindrops melt into his clothing. he is shivering- so much so that his car jerks back and forth, but he is (alive). That's all that matters to him in this moment. Feeling utterly and wholly alive.
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2021.12.02 04:42 Historian-Final Recovering from severe drug use in adolescence.

Hello everyone, I am currently 18 and from the ages of 14-16 i have had extreme drug use. Psychedelics have done the most damage to me since i have had a few extremely traumatic experiences with them and overall the set my view on reality off kilter. everything feels fake and wrong most the time. I am a completely functional human being without severe mental disorders like psychotic disorders. My brain just got kind of fucked up. Any nootropics or something of that sort somebody could recommend ?
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