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I've had my account for less than two days Billy what the hell

2021.12.02 03:04 maldestrogg I've had my account for less than two days Billy what the hell

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2021.12.02 03:04 ggml two underwater robot crews

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2021.12.02 03:04 aaronds_ is there a wicked whims type mod that only has the visible shrecks and not all the other stuff like stds and creeps lmaoo

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2021.12.02 03:04 V_Hugo_Lover I wrote a book about a girl I’m in love with and it annoys me that she doesn’t appreciate it more

This is going to be a long one, folks.
There is this girl I absolutely adore. Her and I met in fifth grade and I’m not joking when I say that the feelings I developed for her then have never diminished, they have only grown stronger. I could never pinpoint why I love her because she really does defy all of the things I traditionally want in a woman.
I have never been up to her standards. I do not say this to insult her, but she just does not like me that way, and I respect that point of view entirely. She knows about my love for her, I have told her only once about it seriously, but I am always joking about it and hitting on her (again, jokingly) and she plays along; she quite literally has just accepted it as part of her life. Like “oh yeah, u/V_Hugo_Lover is in love with me.” She is also one of my best friends, if not my best friend period.
She, unlike any other woman on Earth, excites emotions in me with a distinctive veracity and rapidity. Just looking at a picture of her makes me over the moon happy and hearing her talk about how attractive a guy is fills me with jealous rage. No kidding on this. Today I looked at a picture of her and a friend of me asked what was making me so happy. Another time, she had told me about this guy she thought was attractive (a guy I knew to be a piece of shit), I had been driving at the time, and I practically murdered my passenger seat from hitting it so much, and screamed my jealousy out to my dad when I got home. The only time I visited her at her college campus, I saw how far she had come in life (and to me it seemed like she didn’t want me there), making me feel forgotten. When I got hoke from that little trip, I cried the hardest I have in recent memory.
That leads into the main thrust of this post. The week before I started college (at a commuter campus so I was staying home), I saw most of my friends, including her, move on to other places and to better things. Her and I were talking less and less and I could not help but feel a massive desolation at that time. I was lonely and lovesick. It got to the point where I was contemplating and planning suicide. I figured it was worth it because I figured she wouldn’t even cry or notice if i died, that’s how worthless I was feeling . I got over actually killing myself by manifesting my love into a book, a novella about a boy who commits suicide over a girl subsequently meeting God and the two watch from heaven as the girl self-destructs over the boy’s death.
She knows all this story by the way and even after that still wanted to read it, so I gave her a copy. I was hoping to hear her true feelings about it, I was hoping that it would move her. Not necessarily to fall in love with me, but to see me differently. However, when I ask her, all I get is “it’s good,” and nothing else. It annoys me that she isn’t looking at it with that deep lens I want her too. I want to her to see and feel my pain so she can finally understand how much she means to me but I fear that maybe she doesn’t care.
I hope she knows just how much I love her, I hope my written words can express better than my spoken ones.
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2021.12.02 03:04 seanwebs Request - Lingo S02E16

Hi, I am looking for Lingo S02E16. Thanks
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2021.12.02 03:04 supyalls1 How do you feel about people staying with their cheating SO?

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2021.12.02 03:04 elfsmirk Detector to get pansy nectar

Yesterday I used my detector near a bloomed pansy (did not bloom it myself) and found a fruit for pansy nectar.
Has this happened to anyone else? Or is it just random?
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2021.12.02 03:04 KreatureClothingCo KREATURE CLOTHING CO.

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2021.12.02 03:04 J_is_for_jail A visual of the courthouse layout. Josh and Anna take this same path every time they come. Hope this helps.

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2021.12.02 03:04 Alone_In-Kyoto Disney elects woman as chairman for first time in 98-year history

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2021.12.02 03:04 abjinternational Digital Marketing Course for Fitness Professionals

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2021.12.02 03:04 confoosedandlost [Handloom on Paper Series: Ikat] 8 days in the making. Almost done with this first layer using dots. About to begin the second layer. Working with dots is always time consuming but equally rewarding.

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2021.12.02 03:04 RyanSeaChris I really like a concept for a script but it’s already been done before

I really like the concept of a story that’s already been made into a TV show a few years ago. I know I could write it spec, for sure, and not have to deal with anything but this is something I’d really wanna submit into comps or something similar.
The show wasn’t super popular which is why I’d want to do something like it, to give the idea another shot, but I don’t want to come off as derivative or plagiaristic.
I’m not married to the idea so if the general consensus says bail I will without second thought. I just wanted to ask the council before I actually started working on anything concrete.
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2021.12.02 03:04 Nowaker How a Thanksgiving weekend trip to Dallas ended to my 2019 Chevy

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2021.12.02 03:04 Aazora i have a RK87 keyboard and after i came back from dinner my left shift key and left alt key randomly stopped working. The left alt key still works on geforce experience with Alt+f1. no idea why they arent working for Alt Tab etc. Left shift still works for letters but not for the tilde button

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2021.12.02 03:04 Nickelguy19 Spent my final moments of SHB with an old friend.

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2021.12.02 03:04 vansajer This is my first post so far and i thought it will be nice to start with a Kakashi fanart. hope you guys like it! (credits for [sneaky.elf] on ig about the first one.)

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2021.12.02 03:04 DauHoangNguyen1999 Imagine being the same level as Sub Saharan Africa, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan. American healthcare seriously must get out of this absurd third world mess.

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2021.12.02 03:04 LeggyAnna Do you like them tall? 😘

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2021.12.02 03:04 Nontricyclic is the cool grey bundle a cop or drop?

this question is for people who bought the bundle and possibly did the challenges
is the bundle worth the money in your opinion
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2021.12.02 03:04 JG-at-Prime Kennith Griffin on Clubhouse.

Ken Griffin on Clubhouse
Auto generated transcript:
one is how do you think about the you
know why if you could be so great at
asset management why do this other thing
as well and the other is i mean what has
been the secret to to success and i know
it's technology but if you can go into a
little bit more that would be great
so first of all i think it's important
to be clear that our that our asset
management business
is driven mostly by our
our performance fees which are our
profit sharing with our investors
when our investors make money we make
money and when our investors don't make
money we get paid very little
and this alignment with our clients
puts us in a position to be laser-like
on both identifying opportunities and
managing the risks of the portfolio
so unlike
most of your traditional asset managers
we're in a very different business in
terms of having to be just continually
on how do you have in the marketplace
a competitive advantage in identifying
mispriced assets and opportunities
around the world
so that brings us back to the core of
our market making business which is
around predictive analytics
in the hedge fund we spend an incredible
amount of time forecasting
where we think for example the price of
natural gas will be in the united states
where the 10-year bond yield will be a
month forward think about that mindset
of forecasting
future prices
and bring it into a very short-term
horizon say the next
and then apply those forecasts
and thinking about how you manage the
risk inherent
in a portfolio that is given to you in
your capacity of providing liquidity to
the marketplace
so at 100 000 feet we're in the
forecasting business
and in the hedge fund our forecasts tend
to be
forecast that are measured over weeks or
and in the market making business those
forecasts are thought of as being
measured in the course of of minutes
hours or days
but at the core of both of these
businesses is very much a focus on
predicting what the future will be
so for example in the market making
business you'll see technologies like
machine learning being used
to build your forecasts of future stock
got it
good so let's dive let's dive right into
it let's start right into the game stuff
so ken if i'm gonna start just by um
because gamestop was a little while ago
so i'm gonna just do a quick i got
there's a little blurb here on wikipedia
and i just start by saying i don't
represent by no means do i represent
what's on wikipedia as the truth but
rather just sort of as an expression of
kind of the gestalt of the commentary
you know especially around that time and
just to kind of refresh people who
haven't have kind of fuzzed out of the
details so
um january 25th it was announced that
griffin citadel would invest 2 billion
into melvin capital um which was the
hedge fund that had suffered losses more
than 30 percent on the short positions
particularly on gamestop
um on january 28th robin hood an
electronic trading platform favored by
many traders involved in buying game
stock stock stocks and options which by
the way you know my firm's involved in
abruptly announced that it would halt
all purchases of gamestop securities
except to cover shorts and would only
allow those securities to be sold if
already held but not sold short so in
other words uh you know robin hood cut
off basically the ability for the retail
traders who were who were shrinking stop
it and melvin capital of the time from
being able to trade
um the price of gamestop stock declines
deeply shortly thereafter
because robinhood receives a substantial
portion of its revenue through a payment
for order flow relationship with citadel
securities llc
uh many commentators criticized the
potential for a conflict of interest
where the same entity plays the role of
market maker and also participates in
the market uh that it makes and of
course in this case also was a a major
investor in the in the in the hedge fund
on the other side of the gamestop
uh situation so um i wanted to start and
you know obviously please critique any
of that that's false um but um you know
just more generally i would love to hear
and i know everybody would you know kind
of from your perspective basically like
from your perspective like what happened
like what is the true story of what
happened during that period
so you know in broad strokes
melvin capital was short a variety of
stocks that became
of interest to rather savvy and
sophisticated retail investors
who realized that the amount of stocks
short was just disproportionately large
relative to average daily trading
and these retail investors realizing
that there were these unduly sized short
positions in the marketplace
started to buy these stocks
that caused the hedge funds that were
short these stocks to start to incur
you know when firms are losing money
they almost reflexively start to cut
their own risk
so in this case they start to cover
their shorts and you end up in this
reflexive pattern
that has retails by the stock pushing it
the hedge funds that are short are
covering their shorts pushing the same
stock price higher
and this this
virtuous circle
becomes incredibly painful for the hedge
fund managers that are short the
securities of interest
and we saw this virtuous circle
playing out in the marketplace
and on the day that we invested in
in melvin
we thought that this had run its course
in fact it was very clear in the morning
of the day that we made the investment
that this short squeeze
was was apparently dying down
and we invested money into into melvin
to take advantage of the fact that a
number of their shorts had become very
inflated in price and we expected those
prices to revert in due course and we'd
have made a successful investment
at that moment
the world changed we had the social
landscape with some very important
influencers really lit up on the story
of gamestop
as being a stock to get long and and to
ride to the moon
continued to cover their short
very aggressively over probably the next
48 hours give or take i can't remember
the exact timing of this
i'm almost certain that melvin had
covered their entire short before the
in fact they put out a press release the
press release would give the exact
timing of it
i i don't recall that off the back of my
hand but i'm pretty certain that by the
time that robin hood stopped trading on
the 28th melvin had already covered
their short and moved on
and basically just taking the taking the
losses would be the way to think about
that right yeah they take in their loss
and they they moved on yeah
i mean part of what good risk managers
do is is when they're when they're wrong
and they can't understand what's taking
place in the marketplace
they they
take it on the chin
they take their loss and they move on
now robin hood had a distinctly
different problem than
melvin had they had a problem of too
much success
robin hood had opened accounts with
millions of retail investors
who seen
this price dynamic plane out in game
seeing some of the really important
influencers and financial markets
advocating to purchase a game stop
we saw an absolute deluge of retail
buyers of gamestop unlike anything
i think the markets have ever seen
the problem that's created for robin
is this very concentrated
position of buying
required them to post
good faith
with the clearing house that everybody
on wall street uses
and i believe that that good faith
collateral requirement was order of
magnitude three billion dollars
yeah that's right
of cash
and robin hood simply didn't have three
billion dollars of shareholders equity
to draw on
to post that margin
and so because of their incredible
they needed to restrict trading at that
very moment in time where i'm certain
they would have wanted to continue to
to gather the revenues associated with
trading but they couldn't because they
to let some of those purchases work
their way through the settlement cycle
to release the demands for cash
and of course as you know robin hood was
out trying to raise capital at that
moment in time to generate more cash to
give them the flexibility to make the
margin calls that they had to make
yeah and in fact you may know our firm
participated in that in that round in
that in that sort of in that sort of
and i'm certain that was a successful
investment for your firm yeah yeah that
was good um
you know there's a couple of kind of
claims that have you know kind of went
viral around that time that i think you
know probably are still you know kind of
still circulated around so yeah one one
is this kind of idea
you know so this idea that on the one
hand you've got this relationship with
melvin capital where you're now big
investor you know on the other hand
you've got this relationship with robin
hood you know where they get a lot of
their revenue from you know from uh for
payment for order flow through you know
through your through your market maker
um and so there there's this perception
developed that you're kind of sitting in
the middle of this web and kind of
pulling strings and then there's this
kind of you know shadowy consortium or
whatever they call it in the background
and they're issuing this this overnight
demand for for money and that's you know
presumably like somehow rigged up by
wall street so like how do how do you
kind of process through
like you know yeah what's your what was
your reaction to kind of finding
yourself in the spotlight on that kind
of thing and how do you kind of process
through trying to explain to people what
what the reality of the situation was
well i have to say that that processing
conspiracy theories is not one of our
core competencies
so we were a bit slow out of the gate to
dispute this this ridiculous set of
claims just given like
we don't find ourselves the middle
conspiracy theories very often
so as a large market maker in fact the
largest market maker in the market
in late january in gamestop in a-m-c in
the other meme stocks you know we were
very interested in seeing the
continuation of trading both buys and
one-way flow is a really difficult
proposition for a market maker
all you do is you've got one-way flow so
people keep selling you stock you keep
accumulating inventory what are you
going to do
you make your money as a market maker
from the bid ask spread of buying and
selling getting into and out of a
security over the course of a day
we as a as a market maker
we're the largest market maker in this
in this period in late january because
of our operational capacity to take on
the operational risk and capital demands
that were inherent in this incredible
increase in participation by retail
so in contrast to robinhood we had the
financial strength
to meet our collateral calls
we had the operational bandwidth to meet
the demands of the marketplace on our
and then with respect to to melvin you
know as i spoke about it earlier
they're short and game stop was the best
of my knowledge like already gone or
virtually gone it wasn't even in our
minds on the day of the 28th like didn't
even think about it
and so the fact that people made that
connection x post was certainly not a
connection that i had made a prior
got it right see we're sitting there
thinking we have to optimize the value
of this investment we just made it in
okay and then there's two just
absolutely and then we'll let alex have
to ask more detailed questions but
there's just two things that are just i
that i actually learned i i knew kind of
intellectually but there was something i
i knew intellectually but didn't realize
kind of emotionally or viscerally until
i saw it happen which is
you can't if if you are short a stock
you know if you're a fund and you're
short of stock
you cannot and and can't correct me if
this is wrong you can't close out that
short without delivering that stock
right which is which is to say like i
can't if i'm short whatever and it's
whatever i'm i you know i i and i offer
you a hundred dollars to close out the
position 500 suppose the position a
thousand dollars close at the position
ten thousand dollars close that's
position i can't close out the position
without the actual share of stock
because the the the because basically
you know there's in theory potentially a
limited downside if the stock keeps
um is that technically true so
99.99 of situations
of which this was one of that 99.99 you
had to buy the actual shares back if you
were short and trying to cover your
so for all intents and purposes one
should view if somebody's short of stock
they're gonna have to one day buy those
shares back
in the marketplace as a regular way
what's by the way just like you're
asking what's the 0.01 percent exception
you know i sometimes professionals over
the years i've seen people willing to
settle short for cash in lieu
but that's almost always the context of
things like tender offers for a company
okay right so if companies are being
bought for stock or sorry for cash let's
call it you know
general electric's gonna buy a company
they're gonna pay 24 a share
once the tender closes if you were short
that stock
since the tender's closed the company's
been bought
you can under those circumstances settle
your liability for cash
but yeah but and what you're describing
is a particular kind of bounded
situation with presumably minimal risk
in contrast
the shares are gone the company's been
bought and how do you how do you wrap up
that contractual situation amongst the
right but if there's unlimited if
there's unlimited if there's a limited
potential future downside you can't get
a counterparty uh who won't settle who
will who will trade who will settle you
out for uh for anything short of the
actual stock
if if one of the challenges you have as
a short seller is your risk is unbounded
and so that's that's why when people are
constructing portfolios of longs and
shorts their short positions tend to be
much smaller than their long positions
on a relative basis
because the risk on the short sides
unbounded in comparison to the risk on
the long side positions
and then that leads to the second thing
which i'm just you know i'm just called
up the game stock the game stops stock
i guess i get the terms game stop stocks
and stonk confused in my head all the
time now
um but um the game stop stock price
uh you know we're sitting here now what
almost a year later and it's still um
the market cap the stock price is still
dollars a share
um uh which is up you know it's up a
thousand percent uh from uh from a year
ago um and the the market cap of the
company is almost 14 billion dollars and
if you just look if you look at the
chart it's not quite you know it's not
at the all-time high that it got during
the the truly crazy period but like it's
not that far off it kind of peaked out
at over 300 and it's still at 179. it
certainly hasn't fallen back to where it
um are you surprised that and i guess
you know but i guess the logical
implication of that is there are still
you know the suggestion i think that
that price might be telling us is there
are still funds out there that are short
that haven't been able to buy back and
the reddit the reddit horde is still
torturing them or is that is there some
other explanation for or maybe maybe the
company's by the way much better right
is the other possibility but like are
you surprised that that stock is held up
because i think a lot of you know the
commentary at the time was obviously
this thing is going back to you know
near zero
well i you know i think it's it's
incredibly complicated situation first
of all the management team of the
company did a great job of buying back
its own stock
you know ballpark two years ago at much
much lower prices
so the company the company bet on its
own future and bought back a fair number
of shares
i think was the single dollars per share
back you know roughly two years ago and
that's that's in rough strokes i'm not
i'm not a game stop expert per se
but my member serves me right that's
what they did about two years ago
and then there's been a you know the
rise of a significant new investor the
founder of chewie
and he has an incredible reputation as
being an entrepreneur
and really understanding how to connect
with the consumer
in a profound way in an e-commerce
and if somebody's going to figure out
how to how to turn gamestop into a
successful ecommerce-based platform he
behind the list of people to do it yeah
and that's that's the question can they
pivot from several from from a huge
footprint of stores around the world
with a relatively high cost of
to an e-commerce led company with a
broader mandate that's able to engage
the consumer in a profoundly different
and the market price today reflects
people's views on that very same
the the current short position in the
is is actually quite trivial compared to
what it was just a year and change ago
virtually all the
short players are long since gone from
this name they've given up trying to
how to price gamestop with with
with uh the founder of chewie at the
yeah if you look at by the way if you
look at the five year chart it it looks
like a partner part in the metaphor it
literally looks like a corpse that
suddenly came back to life
it it's just this flat sag for like four
years and then there's this crazy spike
you know during the during the reddit
drama and then there's this kind of
choppy but like fundamentally as you
said kind of you know this is kind of
new this kind of new normal at least for
the last like whatever nine months
um you know
yeah the question here is
and and you know i
i play my xbox
yeah i just got called dude advantage
i downloaded it
i didn't walk into a store
yep well i mean that was that that was
the presumption right prior to the
reddit prior to the reddit the reddit
guys figuring out the you know the the
short situation right that was the
presumption right that was the
presumption the presumption was the
world was going to go to digital
downloads so fast
that gamestop would not be able to
change its cost structure quickly enough
to adapt to that brave new world and
they were going to meet the same fate as
yep right
right and blockbuster actually dates you
and i once again like videotapes to a
lot of people are just uh like they see
them in movies they don't actually know
that we actually went to blockbuster and
used to rent them
well there's actually again there's a
new netflix movie coming out to just to
pour salt in the wound i think netflix
is just is making a movie i think it
might just have come out called the
the last blockbuster
and it's literally a movie about the
last video rental store so um at long
last they've uh
i think they're spiking the uh the ball
in the touch in the in the end zone so
that's pretty funny and so my first
question is as well you know will the
management team at gamestop
find ways to connect the consumer
that are different than what they were
doing three or four years ago
that create value for consumers for
which they get paid to do
yeah and then
good well the well the reason i brought
this up the five year charter is it goes
to the point you made i just want to
explore one more one one more level
which is um
you know this is a situation like you
can tell a very different story here the
story basically is they had this you
know they they were in trouble then they
had this exogenous event caused by you
know the mechanics of the of the stock
market and then to your point like
they have seized in the best case
scenario they've seized on the exogenous
event to now construct a better future
for themselves
no doubt no doubt
they raised a tremendous amount of
capital right
to create a war chest
that gives them the flexibility to
a variety of different business
yeah and so it's like this it's like
this unusual reverse move though where
it's like it's and by the way we see
this in our business and
it's it's speculation creating reality
right like potentially in a really
positive way
so that will that the markets will judge
that in retrospect right were the people
that bought gamestop stock from the
company over the course of the last year
brilliant or not and we'll find out
based upon the success the the failures
or success the merits of where gamestop
takes their business
yep good okay by the way that's what
makes america's capital markets work
differences of opinion
drive our capital markets i just
remember a few months ago hertz was left
for dead in the middle of the pandemic
they were in bankruptcy
and they went to raise money in the
stock market and the sec said you can't
do it an offer you're you're bankrupt
yep right and now hurts is this
incredible success story
so i think we all have some level of um
humility about our ability to forecast
how any given company is going to
prosper or fail
well i think i think that's one of the
great things here is that it turns out
retail is very smart sometimes called
retail dumb money but actually
and i mean smart on tesla
smart paradoxically on something like
hurts which was bankrupt and potentially
smart on many of these others one of my
favorite things is if you google apple
ipo massachusetts there's an article in
the wall street journal about how the
state of massachusetts to protect the
general public banned their
participation in the apple ipo which is
of course now the biggest company in the
entire world
so it turns out sometimes retail
investors are smart and uh you know i i
would argue that right now it's a better
time to be a retail investor than ever
uh you know i think it's always
important to remember that that a number
of your retail investors are they're
intrinsically optimists
and when they see a great product
run and a company run by an inspired ceo
they're willing to put their money on
they're willing to believe the future of
america they're willing to believe in
the tesla story
yep and get rewarded get rewarded
appropriately and and motivate and
motivate more entrepreneurs to build
more companies like that
yep good okay look i would love to keep
going we have you know we could go for
hours on this but uh we're coming close
ken to the end of your time so i wanted
to also i want to ask you about the
other thing you've been in the headlines
for recently in our world as well as
more generally which is uh your purchase
of the us constitution and your
competition and your uh your uh you're
just very narrow i think trouncing but
you're trouncing of the uh of the
constitution dao uh web 3 project that
that got a lot of attention like you
know consortium of three crypto people
that were trying to buy the same uh the
same uh constitution so maybe tell us
tell us a little bit about that how how
did that go down from your perspective
so first of all it didn't go down
the constitution
is one of the most sacred documents in
the history of our country
and as many of you are aware i have a
great passion in governance in public
in how to make sure that america stays
the land of opportunity it's incredibly
important to me it's it's a huge focus
of my my charitable activities
is to broaden the safety net in america
to create opportunities for people to go
to our finest schools
to ensure that america continues to be
really that that shining light on top of
the hill
and so when that constitution came up
for sale i i actually saw it several
weeks before the auction
and it's one of those moments i i walked
out of sotheby's and told the friend i'm
like i'm going to buy that
because to own such an important part of
the history of america and really the
just the profound wisdom of the words
transcribed on that paper by the thought
leaders of our nation
that that was truly important to me
and then nothing like seeing the
constitution dao raise just a
mind-blowing amount of money
in in a few days in front of the auction
and what a statement about community
i mean i am blown away by the passion
of the community
to come together to
share this document with our country
and just as i will share this document
with our country i was really impressed
to see so many americans willing to put
up money to make that happen as a
and so the the night of the auction you
know what i've learned over the years in
auctions simply the person willing to
pay the most wins
there's no grand jury being the winner
at the auction you're just willing to
pay more
in fact you might be saying you're the
person willing to pay more than anybody
else in the world at that moment in time
that's not always where you want to be
in life
but i was fortunate enough to to have
the financial resources to acquire the
and as you're well aware i've already
committed to lending it to crystal
where it will be shared with hopefully
over the next few years millions of
americans and crystal bridges is a
really special place it touches touches
the midwest in a profound way it touches
the south in a profound way a huge
number of the people that go to crystal
bridges have never set foot into an art
or history museum before in their lives
and to really share the american vision
with so many people i hope is an
inspiration to our youth about the
greatness of our country
about the greatness of our founding
fathers and we didn't get everything
right but we changed the world
and will inspire
people to pursue both
public service and to pursue how can
they make america better
when do you think uh well where exactly
is that and when do you think people
will be able to go see that
so it's going to crystal bridges i don't
have their opening date yet but it will
be early in 2022.
got it
that's fantastic that's great hopefully
a lot hopefully a lot of people uh go i
would love to i would love to go see
good so i can't think of a better way to
end the conversation and we're right at
six so ken wanted to thank you for your
time and and for uh for uh getting into
these uh these exciting topics with us
and and we really enjoyed having you
what a pleasure great to be with both of
you tonight thank you so much for having
had made the time good awesome fantastic
thank you everybody in the audience for
joining us and we will be back we'll be
back soon
okay thanks so much thanks ken
great thanks ken
great good night everybody thanks ken
thanks everyone
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