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2021.10.28 04:55 AffiliateLeakz Investing $1000 In Dogecoin Made This 🚀| Dogecoin Created Millionaires From This| Dogecoin DogeQueen

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2021.10.28 04:55 CountMordrek As a new player, rebuilding my old main petroleum hub was kinda satisfying. Tips how to improve is always appreciated <3

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2021.10.28 04:54 Music_Library365 Beau Walker - Joy [No Copyright Music]

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2021.10.28 04:54 No-Manufacturer-8786 Xbox one controller to pc via bluetooth struggle

I have tried many things to fix this issue. I have a tuf z590 motherboard and trying to game wirelessly. I tried updating my controller drivers as well as motherboard drivers. However when I connect my controller to my pc, the controller literally need to be right beside the pc otherwise even just 1 meter away its not responsive or very delayed. Even if I got the controller right next to the pc it still have significant input delay. When I connect my controller to other devices like ROG laptop and phone works fine.
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2021.10.28 04:54 JacovMontvlanc Men, what has been the most terrifying encounter you had with a woman?

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2021.10.28 04:54 webkilla The Long Game: Chapter 29 - Show With Force

Arriving at the television studio, Fred couldn’t help but marvel – this was Hollywood, the real deal… and it looked as fake and as hollow as it was possible. Oh what a glorious display. The amount of human feces on the sidewalks also didn’t help.
Lady Vris didn’t seem to care much, still amazed at what she had seen at the natural history museum. She seemed to be struggling to find words to explain how she was feeling – the revelations of how much humanity had evolved and improved over millions of years… it seemed to be seriously putting the superiority of her own species, a narrative of superiority she had been taught from childhood, to the test.
“You ok?” agent Jensen inquired, having picked up plenty of cues on how upset Fred had become ever since getting unfettered access to the internet on his phone from the museum’s free wifi – the countless hit pieces written about him, as the world’s combined tabloid media had dissected his life and everything he had ever done on the internet and seemingly interpreted it all in the worst possible way. They had not been kind, and Fred was not feeling very happy about it.
“You know why I’m not happy – why wasn’t I briefed on just how much I had been dragged through the mud before we started this? What if the host starts talking shit?”
Agent Jensen put away his sunglasses and showed his credentials to the security guard in the booth, making the utterly awestruck rentacop push the button that opened the gate into the outer studio lot: “We made some very thorough profiles on you. We knew you’d likely respond poorly to seeing what’s been written about you. Plus, we didn’t know if you’d ever return… why waste resources hunting tabloid journalists when we already control what the history book writers will write about you? And we’ve arranged that the host will play nice as a term for your appearance”
Fred’s expression wasn’t pained – it was one of resigned annoyance: “At this point I’m not seeing why I shouldn’t just tell them how fucked Earth is and then fly away, so the silver throne can send its fleet to ash the rest of you”
“Our profiles also told us that you’re a far too nice and upright a person to let that happen without putting up a fight. Do tell me I’m wrong” Agent Jensen shot back, smiling just enough to hammer home how right he was.
Fred wanted to sneer. He wanted to say that agent Jensen was all wrong – but… he wasn’t – and that just made it all the more infuriating. Of course he wanted to save humanity, but the things being said about him? “We’ll address this after the show”
“Certainly. After you”
The studio itself didn’t look like much from the outside – if the signs were switched out, it would all look like a very convincing warehouse. Inside, Fred and Lady Vris were quickly guided to the green room where they were to wait until called to the stage. Enroute they passed a lot of stagehands and gophers, all of which might as well have been human owls from how their heads spun around trying to look at the real-life extra terrestrial going past them in a gallant stride, clad in a gown of impossible jewellery.
Fred’s mood might have been miserable, but Lady Vris seemed quite pleased with all the attention she was getting. The gophers and interns seemed to fighting amongst themselves to see who got to be in the green room in case the VIPs asked for anything specific – and while Lady Vris didn’t understand what they were saying, then she seemed more than able to pick up on their power struggle. The UNETCO agents did their thing securing the building and syncing up with studio security, leaving only agent Jensen and Goldie in the green room with the duo.
A few minutes later while agent Jensen and Lady Vris were stuffing their faces with the rich assortment of sugary pastries and donuts on the snack table, the show host popped into the green room.
“Hi – wow… ok, can I just say how incredible this is? Oh and hi, I’m Charles Johnson, it is such an honor to meet you two” the host said, expending a hand to Fred, who shook it, though Lady Vris didn’t when the hand passed to her, as her attention was focused on the magical marvel that was the glazed donut.
Fred gave the host an appraising look-over. The black man had nicely done hair, his smile revealed perfect looking teeth, and his expression beamed with the exact kind of charisma you’d expect from television show host: “She won’t understand a word you say. I can translate – and I assume you’ve been briefed on the blacklist?”
“Yes – right… of course. Couldn’t dream of wasting this opportunity, trust me. By the way, we figured that with all your alien monster fighting, then at one point we’d like to ‘ambush’ you with some interns in monster costumes – if that’s alright?”
Knowing full well that his foul mood was already clouding his judgement, Fred forced himself to accept the idea and not say anything snarky: “Shouldn’t be an issue”
“Excellent – now, the light up there will turn green sixty seconds before you’re supposed to come on, and there’ll be a buzzer too. The light will start flashing ten seconds before you come in, alright?”
Fred simply nodded. The host disappearing out the door towards the stage.
Similarly, to how the UN headquarters had set up its waiting room, a set of monitors showed camera feeds from the studio as the show started. It took a few minutes, an opening joke and some commentary of current news… that led to talking about Fred and Lady Vris, with one of the green room monitors showing the final feed being broadcast, where Fred could see the graphics added showing a picture from the UN press event.
The host continued on for a bit on that topic, then made a big deal out of how the planned guest of the evening had been cancelled. This made the live audience boo and hiss a bit, as it was apparently some American basketball player that Fred had never heard of, and the host looked quite sad and dejected – but then he spun around, a spotlight coming on to him: “…but you beautiful people are going to love who we got him replaced with. Now, you don’t want to know the kind of hoops that my producers had to jump through to get this to happen, but oh boy you are all in for a treat”
The audience quickly quieted down. From what little Fred had been able to look up about the show, then being an LA-based late-night talk show, it often featured Hollywood celebrities – so the audience probably expected some movie actor to come in and talk about his or her latest movie. The light on the wall in the green room had come on.
“You may have heard about this pair – they just about managed to clear every news frontpage on the planet earlier today. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present, for their first ever talk show appearance: Frederik Anderson, galactic gladiator extraordinaire, and the very first documented extra-terrestrial alien to ever visit Earth…”
The host paused – and the crowd erupted in absolute mad cheers, the cameras panning around to capture their disbelief, shock and surprise.
“…Lady Vris, of the noble house of Xilas” the host said, gesturing towards the other end of the stage.
On cue, Fred and Lady Vris made their entrance. Fred forced on a smile and waved at the cameras, while Lady Vris mainly looked at people with mild curiosity and a pleased smile. Sitting down in the guest couch, the host joined them behind his desk and greeted the two: “On behalf of all of Earth, Mister Anderson and Lady Vris, welcome back to Earth!”
Fred translated, Lady Vris accepting the greeting and remarking that she found this adoration of her person quite pleasing. Fred chose to only pass on the first half of that: “Thank Charles, she likes it here too – and please, call me Fred”
The chit-chat that followed was surprisingly nice, Fred finding Charles’ personality disarming and easy to open up to: “No, it’s not an Italian suit – I had the ship’s AI look at terran suit fashion and make me something like that, but with a hint of shining one style”
“Wow… real alien fashion – but that’s nothing compared to Lady Vris’s dress. I mean, it looks down right magical! How are those gems floating around behind her head?”
“They have some really nice gravity technology – they can make all kinds of things float or move around. Same way their ships work”
The host looked genuinely impressed: “That is incredible – but then again, you look incredible too! I mean, I’ve seen your… uhm ‘before’ pictures. What have they been feeding you? Super space ‘roids?”
“Nah, no onions for me Charles – I got a shot of their nano-technology goop one day, and then I woke three days later completely hulked out” Fred said, flexing a little in his suit.
The host marvelled at Fred’s physique, but seemed to catch on to the implications of what Fred had said pretty quickly: “Wow… but hold on, does that mean that anyone could get a shot of that stuff and turn into a Hercules-looking person?”
“Probably – but that’s a bit beyond what the orbs Lady Vris gifted us with can do” Fred said, not wanting to give any indication that the opposite was actually true, it was merely impossible to talk an orb into doing it because it wasn’t a form of lifesaving medical treatment.
The host marvelled a bit more, talking about how some of his friends and family had gotten things like allergies or need for glasses cured. Fred looked out at the audience: “I believe you – and I suspect that a lot of people here have similar stories to tell. But hey, at l got used to my new body… I mean, it did come with a few downsides”
“Like what? Do you have to eat sixty pounds of lean beef a day?”
“No, it messed with my digestion – made it… better, I think? I haven’t had a bowel movement in almost three months, or any need to pee” Fred said, the audience reacting with a mix of laughs and shocked noises. The host raised an eyebrow and smirked, apparently appreciating the very human commentary.
The conversation continued along the line of how Fred had changed and what he had experienced, culminating in Fred ripping off his sleeves and taking everyone to the gun show: “Thank god for your second amendment or I probably wouldn’t be able to show you these without getting into trouble”
The audience cheered on as Fred tried to imitate the few body-builder poses he’d seen on random YouTube videos, Lady Vris even smiling, admiring her work.
After that the host switched the topic to Lady Vris and how the shining ones were. Fred was quick to note that he had only had a very limited exposure to shining one culture and customs – so he was probably a tad biased, considering what he was put through. The host acknowledged this, suggesting that Fred ask Lady Vris.
Passing on the host’s questions, Fred relayed Lady Vris’s responses in kind – putting some polite diplomatic spin on any mention of ‘primitives’ or ‘barbarians’: “She says that in her opinion the shining ones are the most cultured and perfect species in the galaxy. Mind you, from what I’ve seen, then opinions like that are more a product of their own internal propaganda. They legit believe they’re superior beings”
“Well – around here, most people who’ve claimed to be the perfect anything tend to have a few skeletons in the closet. Do tell”
Fred told the host of what he’d learned of the shining one’s past, how they had grey goo’d their homeworld and almost died in their orbital habitats out if not for the Allstar having saved them by developing nano-replication technology to give them breathable air and food. The host and the audience all listened along, riveted by the story.
“But after that, when the one’s who had gained control of the Allstar started conquering the other habitats to unite them all under a central dictatorship, they ran into issues about long-term exposure to radiation in space”
Fred told his story of how the Allstar had genetically regressed the species to harden them against radiation, and had a Kli orb display a hologram of how the original shining ones had looked based on what the Allstar had shown him. Lady Vris found this somewhat offensive, but recognized that she didn’t really have any control over what Fred said, though she was not quiet about her objection and rejection of his narrative.
“Yes, she said she doesn’t believe me – but then again, if you’ve grown up being told that you’re a superior being all your life, how likely are you to believe that you’re actually a primal version of your own kind with most of your history erased or rewritten?”
The host nodded, looking quite awestruck at all this information on how the shining ones came to be: “Yes that would be a harsh pill to swallow. Like trying to explain a chimp that knows sign language that its stupid”
Fred was about to go into explaining how the devolved minds of the shining ones, while still intelligent, did think differently, when some noise at the far end of the stage drew his attention.
The host quickly put on an exaggerated expression: “Oh my – what’s this? Have some more aliens showed up to fight you?
Fred raised an eyebrow and looked towards the stage exit where the noise had come, wondering exactly what the poor interns in costumes would look like. That was when five men decked out in urban-camo tactical gear and submachine-guns stormed onto the stage.
“Kli, is the champion shield still on? Ok, good, and Lady Vris is close enough for coverage? Perfect” Fred thought.
Turning to the host to ask if these were his, Fred found the host having disappeared under his desk. The gunmen quickly surrounded Fred and Lady Vris, all the while Fred remained calm and just turned to Lady Vris. As Fred was about to say something about Lady Vris staying calm, the gunmen opened fire.
The audience screamed – and the producers would have cut the broadcast if not for the pair of gunmen up in the control booth forcing them to keep the broadcast going.
It only took a few seconds for the gunmen to pick up on the fact that Fred hadn’t keeled over – and then they noticed the bullets floating mid-air in front of their firearms.
Fred got up, craned his neck side to side, then reached into his suit and drew out one his broadsword designs: “Gentlemen, you brought a gun to a knifefight – you’re not going to enjoy what happens next”
Now, bullet-resistant armor was made to cover vital areas like the chest, groin and head to prevent penetration by small metal objects – it didn’t really work that well against a dirty great sword to the arm or legs. The gunmen learned this in roughly the hardest way possible. With his first swing Fred took off a hand from one joker and managed to lodge the sword halfway into another one’s arm just under the shoulder. They didn’t seem very happy about it, but Fred quickly picked up on them screaming and shouting in what sounded Spanish.
Some of the gunmen tried to fire their weapons again – but that had the same useless effect – and the noise from the panicking audience was very distracting. One gunman drew a combat knife and lunged at Fred, but Fred responded by drawing his double-barrelled hand-canon from inside his suit: “And that’s a knife to a gun-fight”
The blast as one of the two barrels unloaded its steel slug round Fred realized that while he was quite used to the extreme noise, then Lady Vris appeared utterly horrified from the sound of the explosion.
The steel slug tore through the moron with the knife, right through the chest, and the gunman-now-knifeman slumped to the ground – and half a second later the sodium submunitions that had torn free from the slug cooked off, popping the man’s chest wetly like a tomato with a firecracker in it.
“I have one more of those in here” Fred said, drawing a second hand-canon with his other hand: “and two more of you in here – who’s first?”
The two remaining gunmen who hadn’t been killed or injured looked at Fred – well, they probably did, but with helmet, balaclava and mirrored sunglasses it was impossible to see their faces. Still, they lingered for a moment… then leapt back to distance themselves from Fred, and pointed their gun at the audience: “Drop it!”
“Kli, can you extend the champion shield so he can’t shoot anyone else? Fuck… ok – now what?”
Four other gunmen rushed out from the backstage area, two of them opening fire on Fred – one with some kind of automatic shotgun that almost made as much noise firing as Fred’s hand-canons – not that any of it had much effect beyond making Lady Vris scream in terror from the noise.
Fred wanted to drop everything and just hold Lady Vris tight – but… people could get hurt – and some people needed to get hurt. The gunmen started shouting at each other in the same probably-Spanish that Fred didn’t understand, the other gunmen equally turning the weapons on the fleeing audience or the camera men trying to hide behind their equipment.
“Ish, we have a situation here – I need translation. Fuck, no there’s not time to give these guys implants!”
It wasn’t fun prioritizing who he should protect. Fred knew he could move around the couch and put himself between the audience and the gunmen – but that would leave Lady Vris open. Where were the UNETCO agents? Where was the local security?
“Deploy the ship! I need close air support!”
The tense stand-off continued for a few more seconds, the gunmen moving towards a couple of stage-hands hiding behind a camera to grab some hostages when suddenly the building shook. Everyone looked around to see what the hell was happening as small trickles of dust came down from the ceiling above the stage lights.
In Fred’s head he heard Ish: “Gravitic lock-on in seven second – a distraction would be useful”
“Hey banana-fuckers – it’s me you’re after, don’t complicate this anymore than it needs to be” Fred shouted, figuring that if these guys spoke Spanish then they were likely some kind of South Americans – maybe Mexican or Columbian drug cartel assassins?
With three of the new gunmen pointing their guns at the audience – several audience members standing very still with their arms up – one of the gunmen lowered his arms and approached Fred, drawing his knife: “No funny business – you die now”
Fred nodded, slowly putting his hand-canon down – indeed, he made sure to draw out the motion as much as possible, so that as he rose up again he heard Ish: “Lock-on confirmed. Gravitic containment ready”
“If they shoot at the audience, can you champion shield them?”
“It will appear as so – just give the command to fire”
Fred rose up, smiling a lot more than the approaching knifeman liked, pointing his right hand at the knifeman with a well-aimed finger-gun: “This is the part where you surrender”
The knifeman looked down at Fred’s hand – Fred could hear the chuckle from inside the balaclava, even make out the outlines of a smirk: “No gringo, you die now and the whole world gets to see it”
The accent was unmistakable to anyone familiar with the various South American regional accents – but Fred knew nothing of this, so all he did was pull the trigger on his fingergun.
Of all the ways Fred had seen people get killed – be it from slicing aliens in half, slicing them open so their guts fell out, lodging a spear in someone’s skull and see them try to yank it out before succumbing to a seizure and bleeding to death – then Fred hadn’t seen someone crushed to dust with gravitic weapons before. It was very quick, and there was a loud snap as the compression was supersonic, air rushing in to fill the gap left behind from the implosion.
The other gunmen all started shouting, opening fire on the mortified audience, but… nothing happened. Two of the gunmen tried to run – Fred fingergunned all of them. This left the two first gunmen, the one Fred had cut the hand off, and the one with a sword stuck in his arm – they had gone down earlier, and in the half or so minute since the violence started had managed to unpack their medkits and were wrapping up the hand-less guy’s stump, trying to stop the bleeding with a certain type of familiar looking orb.
“Kli, transmit my eschaton key override to their orbs – make them go inert”
The two, having pulled away from the shooting, didn’t catch on to Fred approaching them until he was mid-stride. The guy with the blade in the arm tried to pull his sidearm, but Fred shook his head: “Do you honestly think that’ll work?”
For a tense breathless second the gunman looked at Fred – Fred could feel the man’s fear, even with the helmet and kit obscuring his eyes – but the gunman turned his gun on his hand-less peer, but before he could pull the trigger Fred had gotten Ish to pulverize the fool. This left the hand-less one, who seemed to be… praying? Sure, why not.
Looking around, Fred couldn’t see any other gunmen – oh well, a single perp surviving for interrogation would have to do: “Kli, reactivate the guy’s orb – and tell me if anyone else got hurt”
It turned out that the gunmen managed to jam the phones at the studio, so the jammer had to be found and turned off first before it was possible to inform the outside world of what was happening, for despite the gunmen’s attempt to set up for a live broadcast execution, then one of the producers had secretly managed to cut the broadcast when the control booth had been rushed.
With nobody else really hurt other than the gunmen, Fred was able to focus his time consoling Lady Vris, who was quite upset: “Make him talk! I want to know who tried to kill you!”
“I’m sorry – I told you, I don’t speak his language” Fred apologized for the third time.
The gunman with the missing hand, now but a stump covered in some kind of medical nano-goop that kept the wound closed and clean, had been tied up – not that he seemed to resist much, though it also appeared that the poor soul’s mind had been broken by seeing Fred turn his buddies into dust. He wouldn’t stop mumbling prayers.
The host, having emerged from whatever hole in the floor there apparently was under his desk, seemed to flip around between being ecstatic, horrified and utterly shocked. Police and UNETCO reinforcements arrived ten minutes later, finding a lot of dead security guards and UNETCO agents in one of the waiting rooms.
“No! Kli, can we save them?” Fred said, rushing over to the pile of dead agents, pulling out agent Jensen and Goldie’s still warm corpses.
Kli answered quickly: “No actions are required”
“What do mean? Is there nothing we can do?” Fred said, in his mind slipping into a that dark place where murderous retaliation seemed like a perfectly good idea, the place where torturing the surviving assassin until he talked and then going on a global crusade with orbital gravitic artillery to destroy the drug cartels that had sent these killers, seemed like a really sensible thing to do.
It took a few seconds, then Kli said: “Food. The agents will need food”
Fred had no clue what Kli was on about, but it completely derailed his train of thought, bringing him back from that dark place – and suddenly agent Jensen and Goldie stirred, rising from the dead, despite their very obvious bullet-wounds in the head. Horrified, Fred dropped the two and leapt back while making a very shrill scream, one befitting that of a young woman about to murdered in a slasher movie.
“Oww, do you mind?” agent Jensen said groggily a second or two later, as he struggled to get up.
All of the agents ultimately got up, but it was clear that something had changed: Each and every one of them looked like a starved skeleton! They had somehow been reduced to skin and bones, and all of them quickly began to express great hunger. Zombie UNETCO agents?
Interns were quickly dispatched to fetch snacks by the bucket-load. It was thus, in between inhaling donuts and chugging milkshakes, that Goldie explained that following Fred making that one healing orb cooperate with UNETCO for experiments, they were able to replicate a simplified version of Fred’s bio-boosts.
“You say that… but you look like it set in reverse”
It turned out that the only feature the orb had been able to reliably replicate, first with animal test subjects, but then later human test subjects, was a simplified version of the skull and spine reinforcements that Fred had: “We only had time to test it twice on human test subjects before we had to leave to the UN, but it was decided to roll it out globally to all UNETCO agents as quickly as possible. We carried modified orbs with us and boosted the local agents earlier at the park while you were doing autographs and pictures with Lady Vris”
Looking at the still very dead security guards, Fred sighed: “Neat – I guess that means that these guys aren’t so lucky”
“It’s still experimental – we don’t know the limits of this, plus you can see what it does to you. It needs energy to keep your body oxygenated, and matter to rebuild the damaged parts of you… if you’re skinny and try to do this, we’re pretty sure you still die if it starts recycling your organs to heal you” Goldie elaborated, trying to wipe the blood out of her blond hair with a wet-wipe, and failing terribly, in-between stuffing her face with whatever off-brand snack-cakes that were being put before her.
As some FBI agents showed up and took over the investigation, getting statements from everyone and collecting copies of all the recordings that had been made, the UNETCO agents more or less managed to eat themselves back into regular shape, though towards the end they were scavenging protein powder from the studio’s employee gym and sending out interns to raid nearby delis. Between the dozen or UNETCO agents, almost half a ton of food was ingested and used by their internally stored healing orbs to rebuild their bodies, the kli units ‘digesting’ the food as soon as it was in their mouths and using it to restore their depleted bodies.
“I swear… I don’t think I want to eat until next year” one of the agents complained, looking more than a little stuffed – all the while the guy’s leg muscles seemed to be ‘inflating’ back into shape at a speed Fred had only ever seen in old Pop-Eye cartoons.
“Spinach jokes aside, what happens now?” Fred wondered, all the while Lady Vris amused herself watching what appeared to be an exceedingly melodramatic Mexican sit-com on a nearby flat screen TV.
With the show host not wanting to go for a reshoot, and with most of the audience having fled, the show appearance itself was a bust – but the local UNETCO agents had several suggestions for what the duo could do now: Apparently, since the moment Fred and Lady Vris had touched down in the city, invitations to various parties and events had flooded the local UNETCO office, giving the duo a wide range of things to choose between.
Looking at the list on the agent’s smartphone, Fred marvelled at the list of celebrities who wanted him and Lady Vris to come party – so many of them were actors and musicians he had idolized… but what to choose?
“It’s too hot here – even now that its evening. Don’t you people have proper atmo-controls?” Lady Vris complained, looking oddly uncomfortable in the early evening west-coast heat.
Well that made things simpler: “We don’t have outdoors climate control here – this is how this world is, unregulated – but if you want to cool off, then I have an invitation from a local celebrity here to come to his private beach for a party”
Lady Vris looked at Fred with scrutinizing eyes, all the while agent Jensen chuckled at Goldie’s horrified expression. Ultimately Lady Vris said: “This beach, are the waters around it safe?”
“I’ll make sure they are – I’ll park the ship up top, have it on patrol scanning for assassins and sharks”
“What’s a shark?”
It took roughly twenty minutes for the news to spread – not just of the attack at the studio, but of Fred and Lady Vris attending the beach party. Hollywood had not seen buzz like that in decades.
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2021.10.28 04:54 Grimlogic Where to get a good paracord cable for the Viper Mini?

Lethal Gaming no longer sells their old paracords because they're rolling out a newer, thinner cable. Dream Cables, as far as I'm aware, do not have a stress relief for theirs (correct me if I'm wrong).
So, where did ya'll get yours? Are these ones from Amazon any good?
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2021.10.28 04:54 twg-bot Commissioners adopt reproductive rights resolution

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2021.10.28 04:54 yah716 BlueNose x SuperLoc - OOWOO (Rollin 40’s Crips) [Cj Whoopty Remix]

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2021.10.28 04:54 Noeth_sup Am I the only one who has has bio and in last year of high school and still don't know how to use a microscope

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2021.10.28 04:54 okimi1 [for hire] COMISSION $60 for portrait, $100 for knee up, $130 for full body (from $20 for weapon)

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2021.10.28 04:54 POGO_BOY38 This barbershop (Salamèche is the french name of charmander)

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2021.10.28 04:54 luca_xdddd My best Cayo Perico run, improved by 9 seconds

My best Cayo Perico run, improved by 9 seconds
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2021.10.28 04:54 Puru_- IMMEDIATE HELP REQUIRED

My Cockateil chewed Chinese Ant Chalk for a sec and I picked her up and threw water on her mouth so to remove the chalk from mouth. She might have licked the chalk but but have not eaten it. Is she safe ?
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2021.10.28 04:54 fedupconsultantlmfao Why they put the salami/pepperoni above the cheese when they make pizza?

I think it taste much better if they put those toppings first and then they cover it with cheese
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2021.10.28 04:54 AffiliateLeakz Right here's What You Don't Know About Shiba Inu That Would possibly maybe Harm Your Profits

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2021.10.28 04:54 Mr_Mammoth-man I’m looking forward to my workout

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2021.10.28 04:54 layer08 PaymoneyWubby turns that POOP INTO WINE

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2021.10.28 04:54 Majestic_Pro Anyone else noticing the servers getting worse?

Been seeing teammates dc all over the place, walking into walls, being disconnected from matches and it's happened a few times to me. It's getting pretty bad now. Anyone else noticed this?
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2021.10.28 04:54 Western_Mousse7870 Substitute for xingqiu?

Hey yall I'm planning to pull for hu tao and I know the best teammate for her is xingqiu but somehow as an ar51 player I still do not have him. Any tips on who's the next best in slot for vaporize hu tao?
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2021.10.28 04:54 ChocolateChipMelk Native Ancestors calling for me

So I've been having some dreams lately, I just did my first guided meditation as well. I've been trying to learn as much as I can about ancestral veneration and the like to properly set up a connection and put up an altar.
The thing is, I'm getting a strong pull from my Native ancestors to connect. I'm going to speak with my family to find out where they come from and what tribe but my intuition and them together are suggesting north (I identify more with my Afro Dominican side but my mother's side is an Italian/Native mix from the north).
I've been using African spiritualist methods to get in touch with my ancestors. I have no idea what to do to get in touch with my Native ancestors and I don't want to ignore them or their call. Can anyone help? Any advice/suggestions?
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2021.10.28 04:54 atomic420 Miss Cookie Pudding

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2021.10.28 04:54 StiffCrustySock "...a CRASH course..." Well, looks like Santa is gonna get that other 2 mil, even if he does a bad job.

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2021.10.28 04:54 EestiMentioned [/r/Bibox] Bibox's overseas strategy to accelerate internationalization

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