Thought it was a shitposting sub at first

2021.10.18 06:01 thegaypepperoni Thought it was a shitposting sub at first

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2021.10.18 06:01 VioletPeacock People who were allowed to keep a souvenir from a past surgery (think an appendix from an appendectomy), what did you keep?

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2021.10.18 06:01 c0ry_N Simon Rich, episode #148 of Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend on Earwolf

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2021.10.18 06:01 bobIsCools Is good night one word or two? Can you say both goodnight and good night?

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2021.10.18 06:01 Watch_Exchanger [Sinn 358] Anyone know where I can find this in Toronto?

Looking for a local option where I can feel out this watch and eventually purchase. Wondering if anyone is aware of any places in Toronto that might carry this. I couldn't find an authorized dealer page on their site.
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2021.10.18 06:01 BoBuck25 [merchandise]

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2021.10.18 06:01 DoMoreWithLess What would Reddit look like on Mon, Oct-18-2021 at 00:01 without mods? (50/50 removed)

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2021.10.18 06:01 ReplacementsStink The Daily Check-In for Monday, October 18th: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

*We may be anonymous strangers on the internet, but we have one thing in common. We may be a world apart, but we're here together!*

**Welcome to the 24 hour pledge!**

I'm pledging myself to not drinking today, and invite you to do the same.

Maybe you're new to /stopdrinking and have a hard time deciding what to do next. Maybe you're like me and feel you need a daily commitment or maybe you've been sober for a long time and want to inspire others.

It doesn't matter if you're still hung over from a three day bender or been sober for years, if you just woke up or have already completed a sober day. For the next 24 hours, lets not drink alcohol!


**This pledge is a statement of intent.** Today we don't set out *trying* not to drink, we make a conscious decision *not to drink*. It sounds simple, but all of us know it can be hard and sometimes impossible. The group can support and inspire us, yet only one person can decide if we drink today. Give that person the right mindset!

What happens if we can't keep to our pledge? We give up or try again. And since we're here in /stopdrinking, we're not ready to give up.

**What this is:** A simple thread where we commit to not drinking alcohol for the next 24 hours, posting to show others that they're not alone and making a pledge to ourselves. Anybody can join and participate at any time, you do not have to be a regular at /stopdrinking or have followed the pledges from the beginning.

**What this isn't:** A good place for a detailed introduction of yourself, directly seek advice or share lengthy stories. You'll get a more personal response in your own thread.


This post goes up at:

- US - Night/Early Morning
- Europe - Morning
- Asia and Australia - Evening/Night

A link to the current Daily Check-In post can always be found near the top of the sidebar.


Good Monday morning, friends!
So when I was *considering* quitting drinking (read: too chicken-shit to actually stop) I was **frightened** about what other people were going to think of me. Why? Because I didn't want to be the center of attention because I *wasn't* drinking. Although, I was always happy being the center of attention *while* drinking. (Read: making an ass out of myself one way or another). But, I thought being **sober** might create red flags???? What the hell.
I saw this recently, and reminded me of the phenomenon of me giving a shit what friends and strangers alike cared about my lack of alcohol consumption....
**Buy the red car**- People will still say you should've got blue. **Start a business**- People will say you should've got a job. **Get married**- People will say you picked the wrong partner. **Learn a trade**- People will say you should've gone to college.
Everyone has **an opinion** about everything. You'll go crazy trying to please everyone, **don't even try.**
Listen, smile, agree and then **do whatever the fuck** you were gonna go anyway.
Hell yeah... now we're talkin'!!!! Over the past year-and-a-half I've read SO MANY OF US commenting about how we were *so worried* about what everyone was GOING TO think about us quitting drinking. One: why do we care??? What does it matter what Mary in accounting thinks about what you are or are not drinking at some lame happy hour or holiday party?!?! Two: (come in close here... this is important) NOBODY GIVES A FUCK WHAT WE AREN'T DRINKING!!! Nobody cares. I was petrified what some lame friend three-times removed, was going to think at Jimmy's famous summer barbeque. Screw off pal.
Let's worry about ourselves. I'm doing this for me FIRST... everyone else second. If I'm gonna drink a Bubly, or Arnold Palmer, or coffee, or Coke Zero, I'm gonna be happy doing so. Join me.
Discuss amongst yourselves. Sorry for the vulgar language. (I'm really not... it's me, it's who I am)
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2021.10.18 06:01 Comfortable-Sun243 weird phases of happy and sad

So at first, I posted about this on a bipolar sub because I was seeing if maybe people with diagnosed bipolar would be able to relate. The thing is, I can’t go to a doctor until I turn 18 so all I can really do now is gather the opinions from those who are diagnosed. Obviously I’m not going to use it as a real diagnosis and I’m not going to claim I have anything. This is more out of curiosity I suppose.
Basically, I go through massive mood swings where one week I will be extremely happy and another week i’ll be extremely sad. These periods usually last for a few weeks. I’ve struggled with feelings of depression for years now but it’s never quite been like this.
When i’m depressed, i’ll think i’m the worst person alive. I’ll hate my appearance, my personality, my friends, my family. I have no motivation to do anything. I’ll often hardly eat although this isn’t always the case, same with basic hygiene. I’ve noticed that this depressive state is often triggered by a minor event like a stressful test but recently it is usually because of my friends (i’m not saying it’s their fault or anything). For example, if I ask someone to hangout and they say no. Or if they don’t text me back. Little things like that. I’ll turn into a spiral of self hatred and i’ll think that I have no friends left and no one who values or cares about me. I haven’t self harmed in a while but I always get suicidal thoughts.
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2021.10.18 06:01 fishmode24 Seattle Area Event 10/30/21: Rivals Format, Beginner Friendly!

Games Workshop in Lynnwood, WA USA will be hosting a ‘Back to the Underworlds’ event on Saturday, October 30th. This is a beginner friendly, covid conscious event, so please come by and enjoy GW’s best (and spookiest!) game on Halloween Weekend!
Rules for this event: 1) Decks must be constructed ONLY from faction specific cards. This will allow new players to get in for the cost of a single box, and not worry about any ‘pay to win’ business. I’ll also be bringing a couple of premade decks and prebuilt warbands, so feel free to come by even if you don’t own anything! Boards dice tokens etc will be provided. (This also means you’ll need to use warbands from beastgrave onwards to have a complete deck)
2) Masks will be mandatory. I’ll have a card table and camping chairs if people would feel safer playing just outside the store as well (hopefully the weather allows!).
3) We will be playing best of three games, with three rounds of games (unless we have tons of players and need to modify this). We will be using championship format rules, though you can ignore the deck construction rules in the latest forsaken and restricted list, since we’re just using faction cards only.
4) We'll keep to Direchasm rules, as people may not have had time to learn/play with Harrowdeep yet.
5) If we have 6 or more players, GW will also provide prizes (anybody trying to win some glass?) I’m also personally going to be buying a warband for best painted and/or best sportsman if we have enough attendance. I would love to see you people there! Tell a friend!
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2021.10.18 06:01 Fun_Cockroach_5284 All my love bass line

I was listening to All my Love and I noticed that Jonesy’s bass line is incredible in this song. Before I didn’t really recognize it, but he’s so active in this song, especially during the chorus and keyboard solo. Just had to point this out as I never really thought of this song as a song with a solid bass line
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2021.10.18 06:01 No-Watercress-3347 47 [M4F] UK but I am total night howler for flirty and cheeky chat

I just love meeting new people, finding out what makes them tick and so on. Id prefer chat on here via email. I'm a happy, positive, guy with no issues in my life. I won't be crying on your shoulder but you're welcome to use mine.
I'm an opinionated guy, always say what I think and Don't really do BS. Conversation is a two way thing so if you are that girl who has no view on life or opinion probably won't get on.
Anyway, just looking for harmless fun, if this sounds like your bag let's at least start something up
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2021.10.18 06:01 Fragrant-Paint-1572 First I put the pussy on a flight..

Then I fuck the pussy all night.
If she white, imma give her what she like.
If she white, imma give her what she like, what she like.
What she like.
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2021.10.18 06:01 ImaginaryAfternoon25 I’m 24 haven’t worked since the start of covid still living with parents am I a failure

I graduated college this year but idk what to do I feel like I’m at a loss in life and that I’m so far behind. I have no money at the moment just feels like such a low point I’ve had my trouble with depression and anxiety recently as well trying to get through that has been tough but I’m managing anyone have a slow start in life?
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2021.10.18 06:01 Venomshoc Black Screen Flickering Issue With RX 580

I got my card probably around a year ago and I've been using it without any problems on all my hardware but now I've just started getting an issue where my screen turns black for a few seconds but then turns back on. It happens randomly but seems to be more frequent when I'm playing games but that could just be me. I've tried disabling HDCP support but that didn't help so I actually went and made a log through the amd software until my screen flickered so hopefully there's some clue as to what is happening in there. Any advice is appreciated!!
Here's my system's specs:
- RX 580 8 gb
- i7 4770
- 16 gb ddr3 ram
- Older 1 tb hdd
- evga 600w bronze psu
- 75 hz gaming monitor with any freesync or vsync type stuff disabled
also I uploaded the log to pastebin here:
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2021.10.18 06:01 Beyoncesasshole_ Why does he stare?! Should I continue investing time?

I met this guy on a dating app after finally getting the courage to get back out there after the ending of my 6 year relationship.
I had met other guys that were essentially one night stands before him but this one stuck. When we first spoke, I asked him what he was looking for. Because I was initially just looking for NSA and he said “let’s just see where it goes”.
It’s been just under a month now and he comes over every Saturday, spends the night and then Sunday we’re doing our own things and he has come over on some Sunday nights too to spend the night. I enjoy sleeping next to him (and sleeping with him). His smell brings me so much comfort. He has actually bought me dinner without a second thought and no one has ever done that for me. He cooked me dinner last night that was one of the things he learned to cook from his mom while he was young. We have become very comfortable with each other in this short time, but, I am seeing some insecurities such as him asking if my ex will come back. (Ofc he won’t. He is gay). He asks me this almost every time I see him. We enjoy smoking and drinking socially together.
He doesn’t care what we watch, he always tells me to choose, so I watch my favorite shows. He gets into it but then VERY often, his changes his focus from the tv to me. Quietly, he will look at me and just stare. It takes me a couple seconds to notice when I am into the show but he does this a lot.
In some instances, he will be in the kitchen and I will be in the living room. He will be quietly staring at me. I confront him almost every time with a simple, “what?!” And a smile because I can’t help but smile and feel like somethings wrong. He will always say, “what? I can’t look at you? I’m just looking at you.”
WHY is he doing that? It’s driving me crazy that he only says that.
Also, I’m getting feelings for him and he doesn’t seem to be ready for any official titles…maybe I am not either. But there’s a huge difference in the way he treats me. He’s very good to me…other than thinking my ex is coming back. He is sort of an overthinker. I am too so I understand what kind of answer he is looking for when he asks personal questions. But I did ask him over a week ago where he saw this going because I liked him. He said “just go with the flow.” I’m like okay…. I guess.
I don’t know. It’s been so long since I ever thought about having serious feelings for someone again. I never thought I would.
But Jesus the way he looks at me with what is defines as “just looking at me” drives me crazy. Like what’s going on in your head?!
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2021.10.18 06:01 ElkEquivalent2305 Risenomics | BUSD Rewarding Rebase Token 📈 | Launching Now 🚀 Let's Rise Together!

Risenomics is a new-gen auto liquidity generating Rebase token with high BUSD Rewards!!!
🚀 Get ready for the launch! 🚀
Liquidity will be locked in team finance so your investment is 100% Safu.
Big marketing planned after launch such as promotions on Twitter, Poocoin banners followed by CG and CMC listings.
What is Rebase:
A Rebase token is an elastic supply token which means the supply changes in accordance to price movement, helping to keep the chart looking healthy. The amount of tokens and the price of the token isn't important, the market cap is the main indicator of growth.
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
7%: BUSD Rewards - A percentage of each tax collected to distribute BUSD to all holders!
2% : Marketing -To ensure the non-stop marketing right after launch
1% : Liquidity - Goes directly into the LP pool the increase the price level
Total Tax: 10%
📝Contract address: 0x6aa4626332c99e0a65b6674924c51dfa49143563
Buy Here:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.18 06:01 DARK-VALEN Well this is...

Well this is...
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2021.10.18 06:01 pinoygamerph Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.24 Advance Server Highlights - Five Heroes are nerfed!

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2021.10.18 06:01 Outrageous_Shelter59 how do I start my hot chocolate

so I have these fuckin, nestle packets for hot chocolate, and it says to eather put hot water or milk in there, and I was wondering if anyone knew which is better
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2021.10.18 06:01 Gaymer-Dick My Daisy 🥰

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2021.10.18 06:01 No-Beat5196 [WTB] VFC M4 GBB MAGS

like the title said im currently looking to buy some vfc m4 gbb mags since there are no stock in the U.S. Hmu if you got some.
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2021.10.18 06:01 Hot-Ad9298 So I noticed a lot of Irish people/people of Irish descent get a lot of British regions. I got all Irish regions and I think it may have something to do with the fact that my ancestors come from the fairly secluded islands of Inishmore. Am I onto something?

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2021.10.18 06:01 barrymccockner76 Who is the idiot? I think it’s pretty clear.

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2021.10.18 06:01 plaoh123 Blursed_Drawing

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