Washer Standpipe Drain Height Question:

2021.10.25 11:48 scatrie Washer Standpipe Drain Height Question:

I just brought home a compact washer and dryer (Bosch 500 series) to a rental house and discovered that the 2" standpipe drain is taller than the washer manual specifies. It reads "Height of drain point- Height difference between the floor and drainage point: max. 39 in. (100 cm)." Frustrating to learn, since apparently most washing machines require a MINIMUM of 39 in. The dryer is ventless, and it's condenser drain hose also drains into the standpipe.
Washer manual MAX drain height = 39"
Top of existing standpipe = 42"
Top of drain hose U before looping back down into standpipe = 45"
From what I gather, back flow is the concern. My question is, how much does 3-6" difference make? Are we just talking slightly soggy clothes, or water damage to my landlady's wood floor? Would propping the washer on a pedestal solve the problem even though that doesn't actually change the height difference between the floor and drainage point? The official pedestal is rather expensive, but I think I could build something out of scrap wood. I'd rather not bother though if the 3-6" actually isn't a big deal. Or would arranging the drain hoses a particular way help alleviate the problem? I'm afraid to run a cycle and find out the hard way that the current setup won't work.
I'd appreciate any advice from someone who knows what they're doing here!
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2021.10.25 11:48 filmfotografie Invasive flatworm?

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2021.10.25 11:48 nothingBetterToSay El óxido de etileno, el compuesto cancerígeno desapercibido en México

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2021.10.25 11:48 frikative Best way to start my Monday!

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2021.10.25 11:48 SadlyHappyRedditor When a new friend talks to u about her past toxic relationships and u realized that she's she's toxic one…

Umm I-
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2021.10.25 11:48 caps3981 Will SAIT provide online options if you’re willing to continue paying tuition for those unwilling to get the vaccine or will you be forced to drop out?

I am vaccinated, but just curious as it says on their website those who can’t get vaccinated will either have to go online or go on a form of academic probation until they’re allowed back at campus, but doesn’t say will have to withdrawal from their course. How does that work?
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2021.10.25 11:48 CowHerdd Less xp?

When I'm top at damage and kills, I'm not top at xp, how? I play tier III cuz I want an other tank.
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2021.10.25 11:48 tulips-n-roses Cute little Nigma Walckenaeri💚

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2021.10.25 11:48 jobsinanywhere Nuno Espirito Santo facing the axe with reputation in tatters and Tottenham squad divided

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2021.10.25 11:48 Chelseathecat Surse: Liberalii lui Cîțu vor să-l saboteze cât mai mult pe Ciucă la formarea Guvernului

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2021.10.25 11:48 lakshusaini Eternal place satlok

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2021.10.25 11:48 WienerSchnitzel01 Okay idk if this is allowed but hear me out

Don’t start smoking until your at least 18. I was 15 when I started and it tore my relationship with my parents apart. I love smoking and getting high but please wait.
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2021.10.25 11:48 Pare2 GO!!! GO!!! FROGENITY.

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2021.10.25 11:48 Hyoudou Weird stuff on the custom game lobby

Weird stuff on the custom game lobby
For some reason this strange person has multiple botted lobbies open that are password locked.
Does anyone know what the person is trying to achieve with opening so many lobbies?
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2021.10.25 11:48 matt98147 Moved it from one pot to another yesterday, anything I can do to help it? Will it recover?

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2021.10.25 11:48 SW3910 Morning Gym EDC

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2021.10.25 11:48 Lumpy-Ad7529 Advice Needed

Hi All, I have an issue and am very confused/stressed about it. My bf and I have been dating for last 10 months. He is a very nice man, an amazing listener and really comforts me a lot whenever am stressed. However, his goodness is mostly only till the time his schedule/lifestyle is not affected. For example, if I tell him to do something for me out of his usual schedule/comfort zone, he wouldn't even consider the demand and straight away dismiss it. He is not ready to give me a gift that he doesn't like, even if its something that I would love to have (this is irrespective of price. I have never asked any expensive thing from him). In last one year, its always been me who has taken out time from my schedule and met him. It was always me who managed my work and comfort just to meet him or talk to him. Also, he is very stubborn when it comes to changing his opinions about something. Its very difficult to make him understand that we both are different individuals and I might have a different perspective from him. He would understand different views and perspectives till the time its not concerned with him. But the moment I ask him to improve any of his behavioral patterns, he becomes defensive. Not that he is aggressive but he will simply keeps giving reasons for his behavior and try to prove me that he is right. Also, he has a habit of pointing out negative aspects too much. For ex. he agrees I have 90% good qualities, but he mostly points out only the 10% bad things. I am taking efforts to improve these as well. But honestly, I am so frustrated by these actions of his, that I am always annoyed and anxious these days. Its putting too much pressure on me. I really love him a lot and I try helping him going out of my way and out of my comfort zone. After every fight, I try to make it up to him, always. He didn't even take much efforts on my birthday. He certainly has some good qualities like he ensures I eat well, he genuinely cares about my health, showers affection with lots of hugs/kisses/holing hands, etc. But I am too frustrated by the other aspects of his behavior and hence we have been fighting a lot recently. I too have some drawbacks. I started giving an emotional reaction to everything and I have anxiety. So I am taking therapy and actions for that. But out of frustration, 2 days back I told him that we both need to work on our relationship, or else it will fail. I told him clearly that he has added more negativity to my life than before. I also told him that I understand I am at fault too and hence I am taking efforts from my end too to make this work. Now am confused if I did the right thing by giving him such an ultimatum to change his behavior or not?
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2021.10.25 11:48 HermionesBook Fall themed meal prep. 🍂 apple cinnamon baked oatmeal, pork chops and applesauce with roasted baby red potatoes and green beans, and roasted acorn squash stuffed with chicken sausage, a diced honey crisp apple, pecans, and stuffing.

Fall themed meal prep. 🍂 apple cinnamon baked oatmeal, pork chops and applesauce with roasted baby red potatoes and green beans, and roasted acorn squash stuffed with chicken sausage, a diced honey crisp apple, pecans, and stuffing. submitted by HermionesBook to MealPrepSunday [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 11:48 darthvader666uk Valheim Mistland News And Other Future Updates

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2021.10.25 11:48 4myL0l what do you like best about yourself?

there‘s always something!!
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2021.10.25 11:48 Dogs4life225209 Some tier lists I made

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2021.10.25 11:48 szevlin Which filament is better suited for car parts?

I have PLA+ on hand right now, Will it endure the heat enough to not melt, and endure the UV in a car if I anneal the parts? Or do I need to buy ASA or some other type of filament?
New to 3d printing, I have a Ender 3 V2.
View Poll
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2021.10.25 11:48 alkaline-batteries Could I legally start a business whose entire purpose is just to employ people who have the same name as me?

Suppose my name was Craig. I start a business named Craig, inc, whose purpose is to spread Craig awareness and sell Craig merchandise. To this end my company employs only people whose first name is Craig.
Ordinarily this could be seen as a form of implied discrimination because the demographics of people named Craig could be reliably assumed to be one gender, one ethnicity, one of a handful of nationalities, and probably not of a wide variety of religions too.
But could the extremely Craig-focused nature of my business qualify the name as a bona fide occupational requirement that would make the supposed discrimination legal?
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2021.10.25 11:48 Either_Distance1440 Job told me I was hired prematurely

Have to vent about this. Had a tryout for a really solid job relative to my skills and resume, it paid far better than average and was also really close by (I live in a city where it sucks to commute). I did fine, the manager told me they loved my attitude and that they wanted to hire me. I agree and celebrate the next day, including telling a bunch of people I know and buying a few things for myself. For perspective this job would have been the most I had ever made.
The next morning I get an email that there was actually another candidate and that I shouldn’t come in. They said they would let me know but I’m almost positive that this other per was someone with a direct connection to the owner or manager so they got the job. To make matters worse I shoot myself in the foot and respond somewhat unprofessionally, although I’m pretty sure the decision had already been made and it didn’t really matter.
I’m extremely used to getting to the final round of a job application and not getting it, even after everything seemed great and I think they want to hire me. I’m not at all used to being told I’ve got the job and then had that yanked away from me about 36 hours later. It’s so, so much worse than the first scenario. It’s an emotional experience I really wouldn’t wish upon anyone and it’s one of the worst moments in my life so far that doesn’t have to do with someone dying. I can try and keep things in perspective and understand that I can still find another good job at some point hopefully. But holy fuck am I beyond disappointed.
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