Student loans net worth calculation

2021.10.18 07:16 neurodivergentle Student loans net worth calculation

Hey guys, I'm applying for student loans this year and need my parents to fill out an appendix 1. Question 36 asks to:
" Enter the total net value of all Canadian and foreign assets (do not include RRSPs, principal residence or business).
Include the net value of all Canadian and foreign assets, including term deposits, stocks, bonds, GICs, bank accounts, rental properties, etc. Do not include RRSPs, principal residence, business assets, vehicles or household items"
I'm confused on how to calculate this. They recently bought a house and are ~$700k in debt. Our old apartment is on the market right now but the money we'll get from that will be used to pay back our relatives for personal loans to purchase the house. Since this question asked not to include our personal residence, would the mortgage be included then? And would our apartment be included since it will be used to paid loans? If they're both not included, then would they just count what's in their bank accounts since they have no other investments/rental properties?
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2021.10.18 07:16 galaxyexpressed Neighbors question whether Augusta police needed to shoot, kill man with autism

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2021.10.18 07:16 highnchillin_ This flame looks fake but is real (nitromethane)

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2021.10.18 07:16 enzymes__substrates Lucky me!

I see ghosts
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2021.10.18 07:16 Hyper_BALLE The Middleton Jester (PART 1)

Before I say anything, I just want to say that Middleton is the safest town in the globe. It's run by a stable and fair government, it has a flourishing economy, and it's really safe and secure.
Well, it WAS those things; until the events which unfolded a year ago.
For a bit of a backstory, I'm Troy Drafter. I'm 19 now, and I live in a bungalow, with my younger brother Terry. I live in Middleton (ex. safest town in the globe), but I live in the westside, where it's isolated (only 3 people live here!). I only have one neighbour, and then there's woodland stretching 5km to Central Middleton. I graduated from high school, 2 years ago, and I'm a Senior Investigator for the Middleton Forensic Unit.
My brother Terry is Senior Assistant Investigator (which basically makes him my bitch). I joined the forensic unit straight after high school, and on my first year, it was smooth sailing; No serious cases. In fact, the worst case which happened was just shoplifting, in which the CCTV footage couldn't identify the perpetrator. However, it was in the dawn of my second year, where shit got real.
It was a normal Friday evening, on May 13th; I was watching movies, drinking soda, and doing anything but work. I remembered that I forgot to check the mailbox, when I came back from the Forensic Station; and since I was too comfy on the sofa, with my blanket, I got Terry to check the mail. Terry, being a mostly obedient younger brother, got up and checked the mail. He returned two minutes later with the local newspaper, and a lot of dumb junk catalogues. Obviously, I chucked those in the bin, but saved the coupons that came from the 'Heritage Restaurant's catalogue.
But what I saw on the front page almost gave me a heart-attack; there was a chain of Middleton...and Senior Investigator Troy Drafter failed to address the case. I didn't need to read another word. I straight away grabbed my phone and dialed Warrant Officer Investigator Paul Jerrikin. He didn't pick up the phone though; in fact, he had even blocked my number. Don't ask me why...
I tried calling other investigators, but all of them were either not picking up, or had blocked my number. "Tex, you try calling the others." I said. "Ha! I thought you were gonna say that." Terry chuckles. For the next 5 minutes, Terry tried to contact the others, but he got the same result as me.
"I reckon we should go to the Forensic Station," I said, "We'll just talk to them face to face; it's also more effective that way." "Well, there's no point going to the station," Terry sighed, "It's not like there's gonna be anyone there..."
I arched my eyebrow, "What do you mean no one's gonna be there?" "Don't you remember that they had to go south east, for that bombing incident? And the whole Middleton unit had to go, except us?" Terry asked. "When did that happen?" I questioned, "And how come no one told me?! Well, it's not like anyone tells me anything..."
Terry and I sat in silence for the next 5 minutes. "If you ask me, I reckon we should get on the case, right now." Terry suggested. "Well, no one did ask you, but you're not wrong," I replied, "Well, first things first, we should read the newspaper to accumulate as much intel, as possible about this case."
Terry rolled his eyes, "I agree." Terry reads the newspaper out loud, on the Middleton Homicide. The newspaper stated the following:
- The killer always disemboweled the corpse's chest, and cut their skull in half
- The killer always left his trademark 'Jester mask,' next to, or on the corpse
- The killer's appearance is known, but not the identity
I saw the image below the last line and it's 140p image of a 6 foot guy, wearing a burnt S.W.A.T. uniform, with a hoodie, and sporting the so-called "Jester Mask," along with a shimmering steel sickle in his left hand, dripping with blood. I didn't know what to think after seeing the Jester, and the fact that he disemboweled his kills made me nauseous. "So, where is this guy even killing?" I asked. But the line that followed the last line answered my question, and almost gave me another heart attack.
- The killer first started his rampage in North Middleton, then North West Middleton, and now West Middleton
"Wait, West Middleton?!" Terry exclaimed, "That's where we live!" "Terry, listen to me," I instructed, "Only 3 people live in West Middleton." Terry paused to think, "That'"
"OUR NEIGHBOUR PAXTON!" I yelled. Without a moment to lose, Terry and I got up and immediately sprinted next door to Paxton's house (with a pistol, of course). But when we arrived to the house, the front door was already open...
"I think we're too late." Terry mumbled. "Well, it was already too late, by the time we read the newspaper," I retorted. "So, do we just go in?" Terry asked. "I suppose..." I murmured back. We swiftly walked into the house. "Um, does this count as trespassing?" Terry whispered. I glared at Terry, "Damn Tex, that's all you had to say."
"So, do we stick together to stay safer, or split up to cover more ground?" Terry asked. "Split up, since the newspaper was published yesterday, so the Jester's probably gone now," I responded, "So, you go upstairs and I'll check down here."
Terry walked up the nearby staircase. I checked the kitchen first and I didn't see anything, except for the pantry, which seemed ransacked; 'maybe the Jester is poor or something,' some part of my brain said. I checked the living room, and at first I didn't see anything; but then, I saw something crimson-red drip down from the bottom sofa, like a leaky roof on a rainy day. Blood.
I began to walk around the sofa. I saw a blood-soaked arm come into view. The more I walked around, the more the corpse came into sight. At last, I found Paxton. Not alive, though; his chest disemboweled, with his intestines spilling down, like vomit; and he had the Jester mask on his face. For some reason, my hand automatically grabbed for the mask and pulled it off. But there was no head, in the first place...
I didn't know what to think; adrenaline was racing in my veins, and my blood was pumping so hard, I thought it was gonna burst through my arteries. With my remaining and functioning brain cells, which didn't die of shock, I decided that I had to call Terry to come down. I was about to call for Terry but at that exact moment, I heard a loud ping sound outside. "What the-" I started. And just like, the power went off, and I crouched next to the sofa for a minute, trying to re-adjust my eyes to sudden abyss-like darkness.
30 seconds later, the only thing which was illuminating the room was the moonlight flooding in from the windows. I quickly glanced around at my surroundings, and prepared to call for Terry once again. However, the window in front of me was suddenly smothered by the closing of the blinds. And in a domino effect, I heard more sounds of blinds and awnings slamming shut. The room went extremely dim once again.
But, I noticed from the shadow in front of me, that there was still some light seeping through behind me. I was about to swivel around, but I heard some abrupt and aggressive knocking from behind me. I turned around so fast, that I kind of went dizzy. I refocused my vision, and I saw a man wearing a burnt S.W.A.T. uniform, with the hoodie, and the infamous 'Jester mask.' He held the steel sickle in his left hand, and was grappling to something in his right hand, but it was blocked from my view, by the window frame.
Before I could react or do anything, he slowly lowered his sickle and put it on the ground. Then he stood up straighter and began to aggressively wave at me. I took a step back. What the hell is this clown trying to do? I thought. Then he poked at the thing in his right hand, and began to draw something on the window.
Wait...that's not a drawing. He's trying to write something. I stared at the Jester's face the whole time. Soon, he looked and glared straight at me. I almost jumped in fright. Then he pointed at me, which felt like a dagger being driven into my chest. Then he pointed at his eyes and then he pointed at the window.
He's trying to tell me to read the thing he wrote on the window. I managed to force my eyes to read the words.

'YOU'RE NEXT, TROY...' it read, in a vibrant crimson colour.

I realised, in shock horror, what the thing was, that the Jester was holding in his right hand. Before I could do anything, the window shattered into infinite fractions as something smashed through it. I covered my face, and thankfully, my jacket managed to stop the glass shards from piercing my skin. I straight away looked back at the window, but there was no one there, and in front of me, I saw Paxton's head.
The Jester had murdered Paxton Sanders, and I couldn't do anything about it. I couldn't save Paxton, and more importantly, I couldn't detain the Jester. I felt so worthless; should I just shoot myself in the head with my pistol? I thought. Or should I wait for the Jester to disembowel me and split my skull in half?
I didn't have a clue, but what I did know was this: the Jester was here to wipe out the entirety of Middleton; and now I was number 1 on his hit list...
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2021.10.18 07:16 Trufflebooth Theo Kidd - Believers (Dayzer Remix)

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2021.10.18 07:16 ItsSArCaZm 190212 Fansite: @mintshark0205 // Minju

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2021.10.18 07:16 AshenRathian [DMC5] Vergil's 3 stage charge for Beowulf seems too slow to be useful

Okay, so real talk. I'm no good with Vergil. But he's fun to play. I like how is concentration gauge fits into everything, except for Beowulf.
For Yamato, you get more range with more concentration.
For Mirage (Force) Edge you get multihit.
For Beowulf you just get two extra charge stages on attacks that already charge ridiculously slow for how the gameplay is designed. I seriously wish charging faster would have been a Concentration buff instead because i don't see how you can pull off any stage 2 or 3 charges in general play, let alone one. It just seems ridiculously slow for an otherwise fast and mobile character, and as a buff 3 stages makes little to no sense if you barely get time to charge one.
Am i missing something here? Or is this just a really crappy buff?
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2021.10.18 07:16 notahsoka India: woman disrobed in broad daylight on a public road by islamists

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2021.10.18 07:16 1throw22away333 pinch!

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2021.10.18 07:16 santifont Scott Pilgrim vs. The World [Ramona Flowers Edition LP] está en 630 pesos

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2021.10.18 07:16 KarthikeyanOnline N. Fans, the ultimate integration of DeFi+NFT+Game concept, Ninja Treasure Hunting Alliance is ready to go live AMA live review

Time: October 17, 2021, UTC+8 11:00
Guest: Sara, Head of Global BD, N.Fans
Activity location: HOO community
Moderator: Social Media Operator Sky
The following content is a review of this AMA live broadcast
One. Sky: First of all, I would like to invite the guests to briefly introduce themselves and N.Fans this project
Sara: Hi, everyone! My name is Sara and, I am the head of global business development for N. Fans. My job is to help the team develop the project and focus their work on the GameFi, NFT, and IP elements that the community wants. I have experience in marketing, especially gaming, and I am excited about our projects and platforms and how we can innovate in this field. Thank you for the opportunity to be here; it’s really a treat.
N. Fans is committed to creating a meta-universe world of well-known animation IP+GameFi. The N.Fans platform integrates celebrity film and television, well-known animation, games, and other content, uses smart contract technology to build copyright that integrates IP, products, and digital rights realize non-homogeneous tokenization for popular, entertainment and other subcultures, and serves fans, Help fans’ NFT to circulate, confirm rights and exercise rights, etc., in order to build an aggregated trading platform for global participants.
Two. Sky: NFT collectors are very concerned about the liquidity of NFTs. Many of the popular NFTs in the past will face the problem of insufficient liquidity. You are still looking at this from the perspective of NFTs. What do fans think? Or do you have any strategy to continue market activities?
Sara: N.Fans’ NFT liquidity is good. The Naruto Blind Box released by us also changes hands very quickly. The issue price is about 15 US dollars, and the current price is 232 US dollars. These NFT cards are the keys to the game ‘Road to Ninja’. Cards can be exchanged for characters in Road to Ninja. Each character is a separate NFT, which can be synthetically upgraded. Our cards can also be used in the ecology of other games, so the circulation is quite high.
Three. Sky: In what ways can N.Fans generate profit/revenue to maintain your project, and what is its revenue model? How does it make investors and your project a win-win situation?
Sara: N.Fans itself can make profits by selling blind boxes, and other IP parties can also issue and auction blind boxes, cards, and collectibles through the N.Fans platform, all of which can generate profits. The N.Fans platform includes comprehensive NFT asset trading sections, NFT asset mortgage and lending, NFT INO issuance, and NFT blind box. On the other hand, NFT games have greatly increased the liquidity of NFT and NFS. The entry of chain games needs to consume NFS and NFT, and the deflation mechanism of NFS is increased. NFS will naturally increase.
Four. Sky: What do you think of the current state of GameFi? What kind of development will N.Fans start in the GamFi field?
Sara: At present, the GameFi field is growing rapidly and redefining the game world based on community users. The leading project in this field, Axie Infinity, has a cumulative transaction volume of more than $600 million in July. Its single-day income is three times the income of King Glory. I believe it will follow with the Game+DeFi model, GameFi will gain more people’s attention and participation, and finally, usher in a real explosion.
With the popularity of the meta-universe concept, blockchain games are beginning to emerge. Axie Infinity, ChainRoblox and other games represented by the meta-universe chain game have become the hot focus of the industry. Axie Infinity’s AXS skyrocketing game Fi concept, scene games win success Popularity, set off a “chain travel fever”. Axie Infinity is a virtual square game based on blockchain technology ether asset virtual currency. Its digital AXS began in November last year, 700 times in less than 10 months, and the early investment doubled as much as +70124%. We at N.Fans are committed to creating a meta-universe world of well-known animation IP+GameFi. N.Fans combines the concepts of NFT and blockchain to provide game players and users with a universal ultimate in-game currency solution.
Serving the entire game ecosystem, establishing a globalized, decentralized, cross-platform, high-circulation, unified asset value guaranteed game publishing and pan-gaming community deep integration ecosystem, empowering global game cp, benefiting every player. Create a blockchain ecology for the traditional game industry, and provide basic support for the entire blockchain game industry.
Five. Sky: Most investors focus on token prices and have no actual understanding of the use cases and long-term value of the project. In this case, what are the benefits for investors to hold NFS? Is there a long-term plan to increase the demand for NFS?
Sara: The ecological layout of N.Fans itself is relatively wide, forming a closed loop. As the token of the platform, NFS can be used in a wide range of scenarios. On the self-operated platform, NFS can be used for auctions and transactions. On the N.Fans platform, assets can also be mortgaged and borrowed. NFS will also be required during the period. For example, in the Ninja Treasure Hunting Alliance, drawing NFT cards and other rewards requires NFS, part of the NFS will be destroyed, and some will be used for ecological construction for repurchase. The ninja cards in the road of the chain game ninja require the blind box cards issued by us on other platforms or the cards obtained from the Raid Alliance as the game admission ticket. Card upgrades need to consume card synthesis, CKR (Chakra), and NFS. Each character card is an NFT. Therefore, NFS is not only available on its own platform but is also more widely used in the game ecosystem.
Six. Sky: What is the self-operated platform of N.Fans? Can you tell us about it?
Sara: N.Fans self-operated platform includes blind box function and trading market function. The blind box store has been opened on September 29. You can buy different series of blind boxes of your favorite theme, such as animation blind boxes, designer originals IP, well-known movie stars, games, music, etc. In the trading market, users can freely trade NFTs issued by blind boxes.
Seven. Sky: What stage is N.Fans’ self-operated game? Please tell everyone about the game
Sara: The first game launched by N.Fans: Ninja Treasure Hunting League. It is a treasure hunting game that is quick to learn and easy to get started. You can get NFS in the game and N.Fans Naruto NFT cards. It is one of the entry channels for the Road of Ninja game under development because the Road of Ninja game requires NFT card exchange for characters before it can be used. For example, the Naruto Blind Box cards issued by us on iBox can also be exchanged. Ninja Treasure Alliance uses NFS for the lottery. You can set your own multiples. Different multiples have different winning rates. There is also a chance to enter the hidden secret realm to open the big secret treasure, up to 30,000 + NFS at a time, and there are more 3-star cards. (The game video is uploaded on the N.Fans Twitter and Telegram group) Everyone can take a look. This is the game video of Ninja Raiders Raider League. Interested friends can go to learn about our game. Our next game Ninja Road Chain Tour is also under development.
Telegram English:
Telegram Chinese:
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2021.10.18 07:16 Beenie_Greans schrodinger’s flanker

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2021.10.18 07:16 KaleMunoz Short teaching demo: should I prepare for faculty to participate?

The teaching demonstration is less than 20 minutes. The job teaching focused, so it’s probably the most important chunk of time nonetheless.
In the past, I have been highly encouraged to be participatory, especially with teaching-focused schools.
However, the last time I had a campus visit, I asked the search committee chair about this, and he told me nobody would participate.
I asked again this time around, but did not get a direct answer. Because of the way the last interview went, I feel incredibly awkward about launching the faculty into the position of role-playing as undergraduates.
On the other hand, I feel uncomfortable selling myself as a highly engaged and dynamic teacher, and then coming in and talking at them for 10 or 15 minutes.
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2021.10.18 07:16 andreba Swallowtail Caterpillars look like Cute Mini-Snakes

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2021.10.18 07:16 Terrible-Engineer231 fire_is_good

please follow me on tik tok it's fire_is_good 📷
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2021.10.18 07:16 Girlactus Is back surgery worth it?

My boyfriend (28M) has a 60 degree curve on top, 45 on the bottom. Lives with constant back pain. But he is worried about the recovery time of surgery and whether it will really improve his overall life quality and daily pain levels. For those who got surgery as an adult, what was the recovery like and do you feel it was worth it overall to get done?
Thank you all in advance for your time and advice! <3
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2021.10.18 07:16 Dirty_Rider Thanks for the great fight Wardens

Shard 2 thanks you for the great war.
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2021.10.18 07:16 NewsElfForEnterprise METALS-Shanghai zinc soars as power price hikes hit output

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2021.10.18 07:16 Trufflebooth Theo Kidd - Believers (Dayzer Remix)

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2021.10.18 07:16 riverlimburg Does anyone else feel like they hate all 3 races?

Ever since I started playing the game in beta, I struggled with choosing a race to play. I think I am the type of person who likes to choose one option in a game and stick to it. For example in DotA 2 my favorite hero was juggernaut, and I spammed a lot of games with him.
In starcraft 2, none of the races really call out to me. In WoL I decided to main protoss, but wasn't because of a strong appreciation I had for them.
It comes to mind because I am playing a few games again, after not really having played in HotS or LotV already, and the races have changed enough I feel like I need to pick a new one. The problem is even bigger now than WoL, and only protoss seems to stand out as my least favorite.
Also curious if this is more common in a game like SC2 with 3 races versus a game like WC3 with 4 races.
TL;DR: Hate is a strong word but I at least don't like any of the 3 races and can't make up my mind.
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2021.10.18 07:16 Corbiusk_ Have some spots I have to touch up tomorrow and then hair and shadowing and highlights….. geez.. changed her color too

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2021.10.18 07:16 lavishsuperscript Maybe next time

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2021.10.18 07:16 qualtagh3114 Went back to Gisto tonight to finally use those fireworks...

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