SafePizza Charity YouTube Channel, like & Subscribe it 🍕

2021.10.18 06:49 mk_safepizza SafePizza Charity YouTube Channel, like & Subscribe it 🍕

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2021.10.18 06:49 MysteriousGuy111 For those who are reading the novel.. The awaited volume 14 is out boiz. Check it out.

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2021.10.18 06:49 bongdaso247 Tin thể thao 18/10: Solskjaer chấn chỉnh Ronaldo

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2021.10.18 06:49 MrDoctor175 hmmm

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2021.10.18 06:49 godly__comment My first actually good sniper clip

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2021.10.18 06:49 The_Kreeper I got featured. Glad I made 'Hunter Pog?'

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2021.10.18 06:49 DeepSpaceWanderer GGG, while you are making a super cool in-game tree planner from Chris' dreams, could we please get a basic one so that we wouldnt need to alt-tab into PoB when lvling up?

Nothing fancy, just a thing that lets us import some sort of a tree plan file (probably generated by our tree-planning tool of choice) and highlights whatever tree we've planned out. If you feel like this will be to basic, idk, hide it in the options somewhere and/or remember, that we currently have no in-game tree planner, which is worse than having a basic one.
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2021.10.18 06:49 SiddTheBest Pls TinTin.

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2021.10.18 06:49 tavogus55 Has anyone here attended an illustration school while working?

I have a regular 9-5 job and currently I’m thinking of joining an illustration course here in the Kanto area on my free time. Japanese is not a problem to me.
So far I have tried two places. First one one was Manga Daichi in Shinjuku. It was fun, the professor was very cool and patient, and got to make cool friends over there. The only bad thing was that it was too beginner for me.
Second school was Egaco. From what I experienced in the online trial lesson, it’s 1to1 with a very experienced illustrator. But you have to know how to prepare and what questions to ask. It’s a bit lonely for me in a way because I think it’s great you get to know and work with other people. This probably would work better when you have a solid foundation and way more experienced.
So far, the only school I found that has both aspects I like is Human Academy but it’s expensive for me for now. About 350,000 for 6 months course. But I get why. Very professional and they can help you building a career.
Anyways, I would like to know if there are any other people like me that has tried doing the same here and hear their stories
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2021.10.18 06:49 luckwus 26 [F4A] Looking for study groups

I am hoping to join a study group chat on tele or discord. I recently wen back on studying and it would help a lot to connect with people who are currently studying as well.
Thank you
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2021.10.18 06:49 smolrose- Going on my very first real date on Saturday.

19 F going on her first date with 19M. I met this guy online and we vibe pretty well. We laugh at the stupidest things and say the weirdest things to each other time to time and also have matching energies buuut I’m still nervous. Also this guy is kinda cute and is hilarious af and I don’t wanna come off as trying too hard or being too nervous. My best friend is coming along for safety but she’s staying sorta lowkey to make my interaction with him less awkward. Like she’ll leave us alone to do the talking but not too far away. Any tips or advice for a first date would be super helpful. In case you’re wondering this date is at the mall lol.
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2021.10.18 06:49 JacKol_ Any DX11 and DX12 games freeze

As the Title states any games that use DX11 and DX12 end up freezing, I have tried DDU and fresh drivers. If a game gives me the option to use dx10 the crashing stops. If someone could point me in the right direction with troubleshooting or even fix my issue I would greatly appreciate it.
MB: MSI MEG unify z490
CPU: 10th gen i7 10700k
GPU: asus rog strix 3080
PSU: EVGA 1000w 80 plus gold
Ram: ripjaws V series 16GB (2 x 8GB)
SSD: 1 western digital black 500GB (os)
2 western digital black 1TB
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2021.10.18 06:49 TurtleAndCatReddit [Bedrock] First Survival World

So with help from some amazing people in the community, ive decided to do my first survival world and was hoping i could get tips!
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2021.10.18 06:49 Epicritical Starting to get the hang of this

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2021.10.18 06:49 Aquareon Looking to buy a used Horizon Minipak and the home refilling device

I remember these being on sale for a while starting around 2010, but they were burdensomely expensive. Especially the home electrolysis device you'd refill the cartridges with. Surely now there are used units floating around, and they should cost much less. Yet I'm struggling to find any on EBay, Craigslist or any of the other usual places.
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2021.10.18 06:49 Bobby_sherman Help?

old font I used and cant remember the name of. I think I found it on a site called \"1001 free fonts\" but I don't know if that's exactly right
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2021.10.18 06:49 69username69 Takt op.Destiny is final fantasy XV the musical and I'm here for it.

First off I loved FFXV second I love music third I love road trips. This show is going to be special. I can't wait for more.
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2021.10.18 06:49 JudeMiiFnafster Kris murder spree

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2021.10.18 06:49 potatofacejames World's Only Desert Chameleon

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2021.10.18 06:49 supersanting LPT: Always search yourself on the internet. You never know what information about you is out there.

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2021.10.18 06:49 Standard_Plum3418 [Should we be worried??} Stocks, U.S. Futures Fall as Inflation Fears Mount: Markets Wrap

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2021.10.18 06:49 Naturallyjifted I’ve been seeing a number of ravens lately. Is this an omen?

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2021.10.18 06:49 absolutemess123456 Colored one of the new characters :)

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2021.10.18 06:49 AbyssRael_ cursed_rapestopper

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2021.10.18 06:49 King0286 good ways to get photos of your chracter on console?

Any tricks or anything? I know with some emotes you can get the front of your character, but anything else?
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