It isn't this thing all the different things that they try and put out there about religion and everything

2021.10.28 06:08 LusipherStarLine778 It isn't this thing all the different things that they try and put out there about religion and everything

I mean all the crap and all the different thing that's all meaningless
I mean knowing no human could actually understand what. Lusphur was they couldn't understand anything about me
I need for the interesting trying to stop Lusphur Existince witch is impossible
is not something that they could even comprehend or understand
The can t Actually be me or do anything like me can I retrieve that level
They don't understand it and being 99.7 trillion isn't like being from 1944 or some dumb year
Like I said it's not something I have to do or even care about
I mean like I said many people don't understand what's going on or how it's going on or why
I,mean like I said bunch of young children think that they can just be like me nope they will be punished in 28 more years
Or sooner as they fail
I said of course they didn't understand what Paradox was they are too young
So I know it can't end badly now for me
Whether they're actually trying to say that can end badly for Starline so
I don't understand why I can't end badly. They don't understand the Galaxy and Paradox and existence
So well what will happen
Like I said the problem of course is that I don't like them and I know their problem and I don't particularly care about doing it and they can't do what I have to do or need to do
They can't be Lusphur Star Line
So yes love is going to die and many other things like I said this cuz there's a lot of serious problems
I'm not normal I'm Lusphur Star Line so
They can't be Lucifer they can be me and I'm angry
So like I said they'd try over and over again and it's never going to work and there out of time 28 more years
Look at the problem with the bluffing is that have to break at some point
They try and take it to the last breath that doesn't really work
I mean there is no solution really
And i am too old past when it was supposed too happen so
I mean there are massive problems
Why they're saying that Rodney was going to go there when he was 44 this is that I do this and of course all of it fell through but now they're really serious problem trying to pretend like you're getting somewhere
I'm,fine just being my self though I'm always going to be me Lusphur Star Line
So no rising up nothing
They broke Existince
There was a serious problem they thought that they could LIVE MY LIFE LIVE my existence and now that's not possible
Lusphur life just love sex right um no it's not about that
So well what are they going to do I don't care I don't have to do it for my self
They can't exist
Well they can kind of exist something different though I mean it causes a massive problem treason or whatever I forget exactly what the deal is like I said find out about 28 years
It isn't A problem for me or other life it's a problem for males and females
So well
I don't know or care though I'm the one that has too do it though they can't get any where with out me
Feel like has to do with like the basis of love and lust basically
Piece of a bunch of teenage horny guys want to live my life or have women like I can have them but of course that cost the Paradox and problem
And now they have real massive problems and just acting like it's not A problem
So well there is no replacement they're trying to say that Brian was a replacement or something but they're trying to get like Brian Bush of course I would cause the problem
Like I said the thing about the Lord or whatever or meet realistically what Rick Bush want to do is like killing me and then like take my place and then like become whatever I was supposed to be or something I got something there's something weird idea they had that was never going to work the paradox you couldn't become what I was
My Existince and his Existince don't match
So well nope
Like I say I mean a lot of young stupid children the door they know what they're doing
And I,don't care about sex they where just having fun feeling good and direct something that they can't fix so course hey I like I said I'm stubborn and they don't want they want to find a way of making it work without me anyway like I said I don't know I don't care I'd rather just let them eat payment think I said they are really serious problem there's no way of making it work the way they want to
And I think once Rick Bush and Rodney Dyer sent that to the main problem once they die then something changes I don't know I don't really care like I said I have other things to worry about that's why they wanted to kill me so bad
I mean they thought they could just do something to start something is one thing to actually do it is another
So,it didn't work couldn't work and made A mess
So they don't have A lot of time
I guess it's always been funny because they're out of time and they're like under serious amounts of insane pressure kind of pressure that you don't even sound like they act like it's no problem like it's nothing as like that's really stupid and basically and I'm the one that's not under any pressure
Like I said it's not my existence it's about to get wrecked I said what I am is electric that is the foundation of humans and basically said other life forms and stuff. They could do things to get away from me or to get other independents they're more advanced and though since humans were going to try and kill me
And there Existince sucks so with out me I'm the one that has to be Lusphur star Line so,there Existince is missing A peace
Me so well they can't do anything with out me and bush and Rodney are A problem they wanted me gone thinking they could be me and nope couldn't work
So well funny I'm Laughing
I like I said lives in Spain's whole 40 years trying to figure out a way of doing something that can't be done
And every young guy has tried
So i can't die I have to exist as that
So well
Like I said the real problem also goes well is that my mood in my feelings fluctuate and I don't really care about it like that I mean they have to I'm there really stupid out there
They don't get 99.7 trillion. It's not a bluff it's not an act it's a truth that's all there is to it it's like is or isn't is there gravity or is or not are you female are you male mean it is a yes or no and so basically like whether I like to whether I want to no matter what it's like. I'm Lusphur I,invinted and is LS Existince so no,one can be that,
You know only a dumb stupid idiot would actually think oh well you know any guy can just do that has like no
I like they tried to kill people as if they're me and do all kinds of stuff like I said they did a paradox a severe did something really bad and anyway I don't know and I'll get to it when I get to it which I mean that's the thing about paradoxes and things like being that one
I'm very unique one-of-a-kind one person that's supposed to be someone that is someone
So well at some point rick bush and Rodney and others will be dead
I feel like I say I don't know a I mean I have to be something I don't even know if I can still be that person
No,one else or other can is not just cool us sex dude it's actually something real and tangible and basically like I said I mean only some idiot would actually think it was about sex and this and that
So something that has to happen I'm basically Rick Bush and Rodney and other people have been trying to do something their whole entire lives that's never going to work and no matter which way they try to do whatever is never going to happen for them
Funny really
I don't want to believe it man whatever ends like I don't know like I said I'm the only one who can actually like Transport drivers in the US and order things around tapping the us because I am Star Line die on the country so a bunch of other idiots trying to basically do a hostile takeover trying to do things and like they're not me they can't do those things it's immoral and wrong and cause a paradox duh is Starline has to be a person that is an existence doing something in a country for you my time that's just the way it is
So well everyone agrees and knows so
Of course they don't understand why they can't kill me
So well at some point they will fail and die in the mean time I relax
The whole point about understanding things
So it is very unfortunate quite unfortunate
And well they can't be Lusphur
Psychosis serious depression man effect in the lots of love and lust and females eventually and pretty much if I ride request and Rodney died in a certain point because existence will allow them to do anything past a certain point because it is real as it doesn't think about real existence in real everything is that now it's like a tire on a car Eric Bush and Rodney are out there going I'll be the tire on the tire put a trash bag there and it's like that doesn't work does that mean you got your trucker and you try and put like a piece of wood instead of his tire I mean I wouldn't be surprised if you took gun the shot you but that's not going to work on that can waste my time on that shit
So well I don't care about lust and sex though there like Lusphur and stuff and well there is only me they knew and it will never change i invinted
They tried all kinds of combinations were like I invented and like they did this and they did that and they trying to do all these combinations to try and do lose of her existence so they can go like try and kill me or something and nothing works because it's not supposed to work I can't work
It's like shooting your wife and baby and then trying to pretend like I don't feel bad about it there's nothing wrong with that like I mean it's like with one goes another that's just the way it is I mean you can't I mean it's like your wife and child are still alive and you feel like bad because you actually shot them and kill them or were thinking about it or something and it's like well you know I mean you don't have one without the other
Eric Bush would probably try and say well you don't have one without the other like there's two to make the one and it's like no there's only just me
So people trying to do something that everyone knows will not work and cannot work and was not going to work until they die
They get upset and made about this and well star Line is star Line
So like I said they can't really order the troops or the military to do anything they can't have the government do anything they can do laws they can't put people inside the White House that you can't really do anything they try lots of ways of kind of doing it and it fails
It's kind of like saying you're going to step off a ledge and fall 77 feet and not touch the ground or you live it doesn't work
No amount technology can change that there's nothing that they can do a person who actually has to be that person has to be that person that's all there is to it
No one other can be that person
Play try and get people who know who I am or know how I am to try and act like me or be like me or do all this stuff like I said they try every single possible way to find a way where they can do something that I cannot be done and it's like X face like it's locked also because on the Lored
They try using Rodney they tried doing this result actually got the closest
So close is not actually doing it and like I said they to do all kinds of stuff trying to change my personality trying to do this trying to do that trying to become more like me trying to descend like that's the problem is that they can't impossible
It is sacred forbidon right and stuff
So I want to be powerful like me they want to do this they want to do that they want to have it like I have it and they can't they want to kill me and basically be near do all this stuff and like they can't the baby like trying to f*** around with the existence and stuff like that I trying to use Lucifer celebration with liver and or something anyway like I said it's really stupid and they think they're actually getting somewhere but realistically they was having a good time or just f****** up everything and I had the problem is that I walk away and I lose interest and basically is over
So now there stuck
They try and say that I'm stuck in this and that but I'm not stuck I'm fine I die and I leave and they lose everything
The thing is all the boys and guys are jealous they wanted to be me and wanted to steal candy from a baby
And it's impossible
So I don't have to do anything I'm,not just going to stand and wait
So they try and tell me that I have to be Brian or something but I don't have to be Brian Define all these dude all these Mind Tricks it gets stoped and I feel upset Becuse it is bad
I said it causes massive depression they try and be happy for a little bit but it doesn't really work out I said it ends badly every single time there is no cause for happiness basically there is no Lucifer there's no America there's no star line there's no future
I mean they want to do all the fun stuff they want to like silver girls and have sex with young girls and have wild sex and have them like screaming are lame and saying Lord and this and that these young guys just want to have it like I could have it or like I'm supposed to have you don't like who I am the actual inventor of life and particle matter and trying to say that I'm a loser Brian whatever Riley and it's like a Mauser and I'm a really good person and it's not going anywhere that's my existence that's my life that's my self and that's who I really am I who I was always will be even as I guess I'm still Starline
I mean it's impossible to change who and what a person is they tried changing my voice they try to do this to TransUnion that I actually I'm protected and I don't like seemed to bounce back
So I'm the one that can become like the meth drug King and do all these things of course I know how to keep it in Balance so it's not like crazy psycho whatever stupid I mean I can do things but I mean I do things with advanced technology and other entities that love me and care about me and want me to have fun and enjoy my existence in life that's the difference because I'm a good wonderful amazing person that basically created their existence and I helped them like I said basically I have the positions where I own the White House I own America I am the swastika Germany on this real person I'm the only person that can beat us first so play I said that's thing is that there's no other person that can validate as that person so they like they realize that they need the name
It's not just the name it's not just the way of acting that's why Rick Bush becomes like this weird psycho half person because he's a paradox basically he's not a whole person he can't really exist or he does all this stuff and like you're using technology and things and I'm trying to force his way and it doesn't work
So so and like I say I mean to 20 year old kid or someone you know it may seem awesome amazing to be like sex and have girls love you or worship you and whatever will it's also because I invented them I rented the particles of their bodies as well and the country so like I said it's a real thing and the problem is that if it's not me it's not the real person that is actually the person then there's no reality there it's like well maybe she doesn't know others are going to know and I think existence knows
And like I said a person from 1944 is not going to act like a life-form in Ventura particle inventor or person that I am you're not going to have the level of Authority or anything that I have so they try and like change personalities and do this and do that and it's like yeah that's like taking a skill saw to the back of your truck and like pulling the thing off and putting some some tool racks in there and some pipe holders I mean it was a nice truck so I mean humans don't really think about things or try and put it in the real world it's like that's what this is and that's what you're trying to do so how's that going to look going down the road you have some skill saw marks and basically looks like you just cut the back off of a SUV
I mean now that people actually do things and live and exist I mean the little bit easier to kind of put things into perspective because like now that you have children you have a girlfriend or wife or whatever a little guys I know I mean like I said I don't discount the fact that there's a clash between me and other men
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2021.10.28 06:08 Massive_Dinner 🌎Mini Decentraland - Gem X100 🌎 | Stealth Launched 10 Minutes 🌎 | LP Locked 🔒 | 🔥 Small MC 🔥 | Marketing More Later Today! | Coinsniper First Page! | 10+ Hodlers

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2021.10.28 06:08 Pretty-Ad-8860 Magánkórház?

Egyik rokonom kórházba kerülése kapcsán merült fel bennem, hogy a háziorvoshoz és szakorvosi ellátáshoz, műtétekhez hasonlóan megoldható, hogy egy esetleges vészhelyzetben ne valamelyik államilag finanszírozott mészárszékre vigyenek hanem egy általam választott kórházba? Természetesen ennek anyagi vonzatát vállalnám.
Van ilyen szolgáltatás? Akár esetileg, akár biztosítás vagy havidíjas megoldás formájában?
Az jutott eszembe, hogy az utcánkban lakó Bentley-s öregúr ha rosszul lesz tuti nem a váci kórházba viszik, de mégsem inteném le, hogy megkérdezzem... :)
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2021.10.28 06:08 jiminuatron First glimpse of Hopper. Notice Aram's position in the corner.

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2021.10.28 06:08 heyhowsitgoing312 Chapter 1 of my new fan part is out! I’d like to introduce JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: New World!

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2021.10.28 06:08 Ok-Hornet-3433 Any thoughts on this article on K2 and CFS?
If you’re going to comment please read the whole thing. I’m curious if this is something someone has tried. My new endo doctor is suggesting this could really help me and knows all about CFS, I didn’t even have to explain it to him. This is one path for it. He has other things to try but he wants me to start with this.
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2021.10.28 06:08 Alex_watio Indians trying Taco Bell Big Bell Box for the first time

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2021.10.28 06:08 RayneDam What worries me about becoming middle-aged with ailments is not the ailments themselves (although they're certainly not helping)

I've recently had an ankle injury so I'm now resting at home and applying ice compressors whenever it hurts.
I generally keep fit but it's things like that that make me think. If my ankle injury becomes chronic and swells when the weather changes, I'll be the personification of all those jokes about middle-aged people whose joints hurt implying that our time in the world is up and we're just living on borrowed time and fewer people give us the time of day.
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2021.10.28 06:08 DigitalPunkGFX Catacomb - The Zodiac (Misanthrop Remix 2021 Remaster)

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2021.10.28 06:08 tunasandwich2009 Park Jihoon - CHEEZE @ Comeback Showcase Stage (211028)

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2021.10.28 06:08 Oziwonzie Can someone recommend me a hdmi splitter that can bypass hdcp

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2021.10.28 06:08 Woozie__ [Round 102734] Coordinates anywhere on the bridge

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2021.10.28 06:08 CherryValkyrie Story with a happy ending. [ Nevermets ]

I finally gathered the courage to make this post and I want it to be an inspiration, a help and another voice that tells you not to give up.
I'm from Paraguay. My now husband is from Spain. We met through the PS4 (he was in a group of people who were from Spain as well) two years ago and started dating on December 2019. We planned to meet the following year, but COVID happened.
It was pretty difficult but we managed to get through it. We had our ups and downs, our moments of happiness, laughter, sadness and tears. It's quite an emotional rollercoaster. It's not easy at all. But we'd talk everyday, send each other things to remind ourselves we were there & that we'd be together soon.
Regarding the people that we used to play with, we don't deal with them anymore. They were immature and somehow tried to make our relationship difficult. A former close "friend" of us from said group manipulated both of us, especially me, and it was during a rough time we were going through - which lead to a short split of two weeks. My head wasn't in the right place either, which I felt bad for. Found out later it was because of jealousy and most of all, envy. I share this as an advice to not trust anyone and AVOID telling them details of your relationship, especially when you're far away. Some will pretend to help, but it's all for a personal gain from their part. We were too nice, tolerant and patient with them but it came to a point we took distance and never heard from them again.
Fast forward almost two years together, we're married and living together since July. And, yes. As nevermets, it's quite a risk you take. But we knew each other well and our families spoke and trusted the process.
So this is a reminder that the storm will always pass. Don't give up if the person is worth it and you know that deep in your heart. I wish you all the best 💜
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2021.10.28 06:08 -en- @Reuters: Moscow embarks on sweeping lockdown as COVID-19 deaths surge

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2021.10.28 06:07 -en- @Reuters: Singapore is looking into an 'unusual surge' of 5,324 new infections of COVID-19, the city-state's health ministry said, its highest such figure since the beginning of the pandemic, as beds in intensive care units fill up

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2021.10.28 06:07 Ver1976 ^^' Is the BFS embarrassing to make love?

Sorry for this silly question but I am single BUT I don't intend to stay single ^^
I wanted to know because it's kind of blocking me: is BFS complicated to deal with when having sex or is it not a problem?
Stop laughing ^^'
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2021.10.28 06:07 -en- @Reuters: China urges World Bank, IMF to help Afghanistan

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2021.10.28 06:07 Pokesi_ the truth is a hard thing to come by

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2021.10.28 06:07 -en- @Reuters: India rejected calls to announce a net zero carbon emissions target and said it was more important for the world to lay out a pathway to reduce such emissions and avert a dangerous rise in global temperatures

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2021.10.28 06:07 RBMK1000 Unter etwas als Familie machen habe ich mir was anderes Vorgestellt.

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2021.10.28 06:07 -en- @Reuters: Citigroup plans more investment in Saudi Arabia, eyes banking license

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