If You Ever Hit A Deer, Make Sure It's Dead

2021.10.18 07:29 HeadOfSpectre If You Ever Hit A Deer, Make Sure It's Dead

Transcript of an interview with Hank Scott, regarding an accident he had with a deer on June 13th, 2015. Interview dated August 2nd, 2019
Interview conducted by Autumn Driscoll for the Small Town Lore Podcast.

Driscoll: And we’re rolling! Thank you, for taking the time to speak with me Mr. Scott, I really appreciate it!

Scott: Yup ‘Course.

Driscoll: Could you state your name again, just for the record?

Scott: Hank Scott.

Driscoll: Thanks! So, the deer. Do you remember when you encountered it?

Scott: Damn right I remember. June 13th, 2015, around 10 PM. Was out on the highway, headed back from work. Worked a late shift back then, in one of the factories not too far from where I lived. Was alright. Good work. Was getting a little old for it back then though.

Driscoll: Do you remember exactly where you saw the deer?

Scott: Somewhere along one of the back roads. Adjacent to Highway 24. Lot of deer in that area. Seen a few before, usually off to the side of the road. It’s not unheard of to hit one. But never had before.

Driscoll: You ever hear any odd stories about the deer around there?

Scott: Odd stories?

Driscoll: Y’know, deer that didn’t act quite right? Other incidents, kinda like what happened to you? Stuff like that.
Scott: Uh… One or two, maybe. Small stuff, over the years. Deer making odd sounds, eating meat, behaving in all sorts of strange ways. None of it all that strange if you know a thing or two about deer.

Driscoll: What do you mean?

Scott: You know much about deer?

Driscoll: I can’t say that I do.

Scott: Well they’re weird fucking animals. Just about every strange account you hear about deer, well someone, somewhere has documented it as just something they do. Lotta people think of them as these graceful, majestic things. Fact is, they’re dumb and they’re weird. I’ll say this up front. I’m not entirely convinced that what I saw that night wasn’t just a completely normal deer. It sure didn’t act like any deer I’ve seen before, but they’re hard to predict and I’m no expert. Who’s to say?

Driscoll: Alright… Let’s talk about the deer. You saw it on Highway 24, right?

Scott: Yup. Was on my way back from work. There’s never really any lead up to these things. One minute, you’re on the highway and all's good. Next thing you know, there’s a fuckin’ deer in the road… It’s funny. Right before you hit an animal, any animal, time seems to slow down a bit. Seconds pass but you remember it all so clearly and take it all in. I suppose it’s got something to do with the way you form new memories or something… Anyway. I remember seeing the goddamn thing looking right at me as I drove up to it. Shiny eyes in the darkness. Big set of antlers. Damn thing just looked confused.

Well, naturally I hit the brakes. Tried to steer myself away from it. Didn’t do any good. Deer was right in the middle of the road. Nowhere to go. No time to stop. I hit it hard. Deer seem to bounce, when you hit them. I’ve seen it in dash cam footage. You hit them, and they just get launched. Was the same principal here. I hit it at an angle and sent it flying somewhere off to the side of the road. My car kept going and I eventually brought it to a stop, then I just sat there for a moment dumbstruck and trying to calm my nerves.

Driscoll: Sounds like it was terrifying.

Scott: Believe me when I tell you that it was. I don’t like hurting things. Still remember the first time I hit a possum… Poor thing, looked right at me before I ran it over. I still remember it. Still feel bad I couldn’t have missed it instead… Wasn’t too happy to have hit a deer. Figured I’d killed it and figured it had fucked up my front end too. I remember taking a look out my driver's side window and seeing it in the darkness, lying on the road. Couldn’t tell if it was alive or dead. Figured it was dead…

Driscoll: Did you get out of the car?

Scott: No. Was about to, but didn’t get the chance. Suppose it might’ve killed me if I did. I just sat there for a while, trying to process what had happened and calm my nerves. I was just itching for a cigarette and I probably wasn’t even thinking when I lit it up. Then, once I was halfway through my smoke I took one more look over at that deer and got ready to get out. I didn’t even get the door open though when I noticed that the deer had stood up.

Driscoll: Stood up? Unharmed?

Scott: Maybe… See, I’ve heard of deer getting hit and then running off. Always assumed they went off to die somewhere. Never in my life heard of one standing up on two legs, though.

Driscoll: On two legs?
Scott: It was standing on its hind legs. Upright. Like a man. Front legs were hanging in front of it… One of them was only barely attached to it, but it didn’t seem to notice that. I could see its eyes shining but I don’t recall there being any other light around. It was looking right at me. Staring me right the fuck down… Thought better of getting out of my car, then. He didn’t look too happy.

Driscoll: I imagine he wasn’t...

Scott: No shit. Bastard charged me after about a moment or so. Came at me right on his hind legs and hit the car right on the back end. Felt like I’d been hit by a truck. I don’t know if it was adrenaline or what but my car moved. Fishtailed right off the road. That deer was a whole hell of a lot stronger than he looked and he wasn’t done yet. I was panicking by then, trying to get to the other side of the car. Looking for my cell phone in my pocket. I almost got it when he hit me again, ramming my car with his antlers and pushing it towards the edge of the road. I remember those antlers went right through the body of the car. They shattered the back windows and the car moved.

I dropped my phone around then. Just had it out of my pocket. Didn’t have time to find it before he hit me again, and again. You can see it in the pictures, whole back side of the car is dented to hell. Looks like I got hit by a fucking train but I swear to God it was just one wounded deer.

Driscoll: Jesus…

Scott: Yeah… Couple more hits and I was off the road. Next thing I know, the cars falling. Rolled right off the side of the road and into a ravine. Landed upside down. I got banged up in the process… Legs got pinned… Seatbelt was stuck. But I could see the deer, standing right at the top of the ravine. Eyes still shining in the darkness. Felt like it was studying me, trying to figure out if I was dead or not…

Driscoll: What did you do?

Scott: The fuck could I have done? I was stuck. Car was totaled. Doors wouldn’t open. And that deer was deciding if he wanted to have another shot at me or not… I kept quiet. Tried not to scream. Tried to be as quiet as I could so he’d think I was dead… Guess it wasn’t enough for my friend out there. He came down to check.

Driscoll: Jesus…

Scott: Yeah, that’s who I was praying to. It slides down the side of the ravine and I can see the hooves walking around my car. I can hear the sounds it was making. Huffs and chirps. Its footsteps were… Erratic. It walked with a bit of a limp, dragging its left foot behind it. I could feel it knocking on the car, as if it was trying to get a response… I just stayed silent. Prayed to whatever God was listening that it wouldn’t hear me, or figure out I wasn’t dead yet… After a while, I saw some headlights passing up above and it paused for a bit. Didn’t stick around after that. I didn’t see just where it went so I wasn’t sure if it was gone or not. I hoped like hell that it was, though.

Driscoll: What did you do next?

Scott: Well, after things had been quiet for a bit I started moving. Tried to get my seatbelt undone. After a while I succeeded in that regard only to drop down and hit my head against the roof of the car… Didn’t do my legs any favors. Just seemed to make things worse, actually. Breaking both your legs at once isn’t fun. Hurt like a motherfucker… I assume the fall broke them, but having myself just hanging there just made it worse. I recall screaming at one point… Then trying to make myself quiet when I thought I heard something moving outside. I kept looking for the deer… Didn’t see anything. Still, didn’t want to take any chances.

Driscoll: I can’t blame you… How did you get out?

Scott: I didn’t. Not on my own, at least… I just stayed there, hanging until I could see daylight through my broken windows. Wasn’t long after that that another car found me and called for help. They brought in fire trucks, an ambulance. Managed to rip my car open and get me out, then they got me to a hospital.

Driscoll: I see… Is that where…
Scott: That’s where I lost my legs, yes. Damage was bad. Too bad to fix. It was either life with legs that might never work again, or life with a new set of legs that might not break so easy. Not an easy choice… But I’ve got no regrets. It’s hard. Losing a limb is a difficult thing to live through. Glad I did live through it, though.

Driscoll: What about the deer?
Scott: What about it? I never saw it again, if that’s what you’re asking. Could be it went off into the woods to die. Could be it’s still out there, hopping around on three legs. Guess we each took something from the other… If you’re wondering if I want revenge or something stupid like that, I don’t. Got better things to do with my time than go all Captain Ahab on some fucking deer… Or on something that looked like a deer… Like I said, it’s entirely possible it was just a deer. Deer are weird fucking animals.

Driscoll: But you don’t believe that, do you?

Scott: … No… Not entirely. One of the folks that picked me up out of that ravine said that my car looked it’d been taken out by a truck. Figured I’d been hit by a semi. Someone suggested that a semi had hit me after I’d hit the deer and everything I’d seen was just… Some sort of fever dream, I guess…
Driscoll: I take it you don’t believe that either.

Scott: I know what I saw. The deer was real. Of that I am absolutely certain. There was no truck. There was nobody else on the road but me. It was the deer.

Driscoll: I believe you.

Scott: Good… Then that’s all I got to say on the matter. Put it on your podcast. Tell everyone. Make sure they know. If you ever hit a deer, you make sure it’s dead. You go back and you hit it twice if you have to. Just make sure it’s dead. And if you don't, you better fucking run as far and as fast as you can… Cuz you might not be as lucky as I was to walk away with your life… That's all I've got to say.

End Recording
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2021.10.18 07:29 Technical_Serve_4737 Active subwoofer install help

Hello! I bought an active subwoofer (jbl basspro sl2) to install in my 2013 R56 base model, but cannot find any guides online that specify where to run cables through to battery and where to connect to the stereo unit. I'm a total noob when it comes to car mods as this is my first.
this page of the manual has a wiring diagram and I have the necessary fuses and wires etc.
any help would be appreciated!
thank you <3
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2021.10.18 07:29 goddessofolympia Questions about giving Aurora a happy life

Many questions!
A co-worker was giving away a hamster. When I asked the hamster's name she said she couldn't remember. 😔 I was not confident in my hamster care skills, but figured I probably couldn't do worse.
Well, her name is AURORA, she is a black and white Syrian, I'm guessing 6 months old, and I think that she is very clever.
I am trying to find out as much as possible to give her a happy life.
I have a cat, but keep him far away. Aurora is living in my bedroom. I have her on the dresser in the closet, right next to the bed, and I close the closet and bedroom doors while I am at work and she is sleeping so that I know for sure the cat can't get in.
After she escaped the too-small wire cage the first night (!) I got her a new home.
She has a 40-gallon reptile aquarium. It has 2 front-opening doors and a locking screened lid with an extra small door on top. With a coupon, it was less than $90, and came with all sorts of reptile lights and hides that I plan to donate to the shelter. I put a 4-inch platform that she fits under on half of the floor, so she has the total open floor space, with deep bedding up above. I just use one door and filled the whole other half with paper bedding, supported by a wall of toilet paper rolls. The platform has a hole in it so she can pop up into the bedding from below, as well as climb over the toilet paper wall on a little wooden bridge. On the open side she has an 11-inch wheel, hides, a sand bath, a toilet, toys, and another wooden bridge.
She toilet-trained herself!! I gave her a dish of reptile sand in the corner and she used it right away! I just think she's so smart.
I was worried that my bedroom would smell like Hamster, but I don't think it's going to since she has a litterbox. I don't think she smells bad at all, so maybe the "hamster smell" I remember from my friend's pet was from urine on pine shavings?
Aurora's home looks like Hell now, because I moved everything over from her old cage so she wouldn't be too shell-shocked from the move. She had a covered box full of bedding that she burrowed in, so I moved that as-is and covered it with hay and bedding so she can make burrows inside burrows!
Today I took out a few of the things from the old cage that she didn't seem to care about. She has been decorating, and filled one of the hides with hay and another with bedding! She filled half of her sand bath with bedding, which I thought was interesting. It was also interesting that she uses the big space under the platform, but has left it as open space instead of moving bedding in there.
I want her to be happy. I think maybe she is, because I don't see her that much, but she will come out to see me and take treat from my hand when I talk to her. She runs for hours on her big wheel.
Since it had been 2 weeks and she seemed settled in, I started to feel bad that I hadn't had her out yet. I ordered a folding playpen to put on the bed, and it arrived yesterday. I was nervous about picking her up, so I put a coffee cup in the cage and scooped her up when she went inside to investigate.
Well...Aurora did NOT look like she enjoyed being out AT ALL. 😳 She immediately began trying to climb the sides of the playpen, and would have easily gotten out if I hadn't blocked her. She just ran in circles, looking stressed and ignored the treats I offered.
I was stressed!! I leaned down and talked to her, but she stayed as far away as possible. I finally just put her back after 5 minutes, because she looked miserable rushing around trying to get out, and I felt like I was being mean. I thought she might calm down, but she didn't.
TAKING HER OUT. Do you think that she will come to enjoy it more? Is it beneficial for her to be out, or is it more for me?
FOOD. I got her high-protein pellets and seed mix. Is it best to scatter-feed her? Or maybe just the seeds so I can monitor that she's eating the pellets? I have the Science Selective pellets, but I read about Envigo Teklad hamster food...has anyone tried either?
Is it OK to give her those Kaytee Treat Blocks? I ordered some, but they are HUGE. I put one in the cage when I had to leave her overnight, just for something interesting, but she sure didn't make a dent, so I took it out and put it in a Ziploc. Should I toss it instead?
For fresh food I have given her spinach, broccoli, carrot, and Greek yogurt...not much fresh food, and just every other day. Should I be offering it more often?
For treats I am using pumpkin seeds, walnuts, and small pieces of banana chips.
SMELL. Is my memory of people's smelly hamster cages correct? What is the best way to prevent that?
FLEAS. My cat had fleas a few months back, but the vet put him on prescription flea preventative. I bombed/vacuumed like crazy/ sprayed before I got Aurora, but my friend got a bite last week! Does anyone know if there is a flea preventative for hamsters? The one that the cat has is prescription-only, but I would like to avoid having to take Aurora to the vet, which might be stressful.
GENERAL. I want to do everything I can to give her a long, healthy life, of course. Any recommendations for what I can focus on?
Thanks for advice, Hamster People! Everyone else probably thinks I'm nuts to be so interested in her, but what an adorable and fascinating little creature!
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2021.10.18 07:29 Hothel Imma sleep at 3am just because it is the devil's hour

imma kill him in my dreams
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2021.10.18 07:29 LuckiestLucky I wish there was a way to tip custom designers in Bells

Like, if there was a user or design you really liked, there’d be an option on the Portal to “tip” them in an amount of, maybe 1-10k bells. And it’d arrive in their mailbox the next day. Maybe there’d be a limit of only being able to tip a single person once per day, or even only one tip to anyone per day. It’d be a really fun way to incentivize good custom designs and give people a reason to make more.
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2021.10.18 07:29 shamikdighe What’s your “never again” story?

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2021.10.18 07:29 allthefishiecrackers I’d love some running recommendations!

Just got a treadmill with iFit and looking for some great running workouts. Having difficulty finding them using the unimpressive search tools.
I’ve been running for about 20 years, but currently not in amazing shape. I go about 3 miles outside but have to incorporate some walking breaks. I feel like I’m more advanced than like a Couch to 5k type workout, but can’t run 3 miles straight at the moment.
What level of workouts might be right for me? Any awesome ones you enjoy? Looking for right around 30 minutes.
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2021.10.18 07:29 Katyayn_ For me, the review Process stopped again in calculus!

Till Friday my task was getting reviewed very fast, like within one hour of submitting, but since two days only 2 tasks are reviewed, is there a technical glitch again?
Are you guys also facing the same?
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2021.10.18 07:29 Historical-Trifle247 Nightmare customer wants a refund

Earlier this month, a customer ordered a vintage clothing item from me. They requested rush shipping and I made sure to get it out the very next day. I even checked in that it got there in time and they liked it, they said they loved it, it was perfect, etc. Now like 12 days later they message me wanting a refund because they found they “no longer need it for event”. Like, how is that my fault? I don’t accept returns, and I told them this politely. Now suddenly the item is “not as described” and there is a big rip that absolutely, positively was not there when I sent it and they are demanding a full refund without even having to ship it back now. Like, I have written record of them saying they loved it. I feel this is dishonest, abusive behavior. They say they are going to file a claim. How likely is Etsy to side with me in this matter??
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2021.10.18 07:29 aznmango8 [WTS] DS Sacai Frags, sz 9.5, $425

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Here is the Fat Brain Toys Coupon Code
Best deals, coupons and discount you can find there. You can find great discounts on there too.
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2021.10.18 07:29 Ok_Cut4131 Class rank

So I'm International (Indian) and my school only reports class rank within a particular section (I'm in section S2 for example), where there are about 25 students in each. But I think class rank is to be reported taking the entire batch in consideration. So what should I do? Should I just put the class size as the number of students in my section? ( I don't wanna leave it blank because my rank is 1 in my section)
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2021.10.18 07:29 parakite The end of ‘Khilafat’: How the Gandhi supported movement unleashed the beast of Islamic fanaticism

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2021.10.18 07:29 g_r18 Being introduced to a potential date soon. I'm 25 she's 35.

Skip to paragraph 3 to skip the minor details
Due to depression and other physical and mental problems, I've been a recluse for years after highschool (graduated in 2014). Never really dated in highschool. Despite being antisocial, I tried a few times with various apps, but never really had any luck. Not even a match. I've given up and told myself it's not gonna happen more times than I can count.
Recently, I've reconnected recently with my best friend (and crush) from high school. We've hung out a few times and I was kinda hoping it was the start of something but for various reasons, it not the best idea, at least for now.
3) But her and her cousin ARE introducing me to one of their friends soon. She has a child, which I'm fine with, but she's 35, ten years older than I am. I know it's not that much of a big deal but idk if I'm comfortable with that big of an age gap yet. But I am willing to at least become friends and see where it goes from there. Question is, and I know every person is different, but what are pros and cons of being with a woman who's that much older? I know it's a goofy question but I guess I kinda need to see some positives and negatives to see where I stand. Especially since I'm new to dating.
If you need more details please ask
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