2021.09.20 06:25 Buddy_Dog19293933 TDM

Which TDM mode is better?
View Poll
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2021.09.20 06:25 TomHanksYo Is Dreams a stepping stone to Steam (Unity/Unreal) for you?

Dreams has been a ton of fun. Frustrating at times, battling the thermo and fixing logic bugs and trying to get quality music into the game and voice acting, etc., etc., etc., but a lot of fun. It has also been a ton of work.
I'm now thinking of dabbling in the Unity engine and getting on Steam. Anyone else?
I know it has been brought up many times before, but part of the reason is monetary. I sink a ridiculous amount of hours into some creations. I like that on steam you can ask for something as simple as a buck. That would help. Or even just by donation.
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2021.09.20 06:25 tdciago Budge & Pepper Observe Wrench & Numbers

If you stake out the Fargo syndicate offices for almost 6 months, you're bound to see (and interpret?) some interesting things. This i̶s̶ should be a true story.
Comings and Goings
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2021.09.20 06:25 rawcabbages My villain origin story

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2021.09.20 06:25 Fiiiissshhh Every masterpiece has its cheep copy

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2021.09.20 06:25 cindymens [selling] {us only} stinky spooky socks!🌚 after one very sweaty shift🦋

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2021.09.20 06:25 MuchTransportation68 not a bad opener

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2021.09.20 06:25 AGoodSO Question @ Renter Insurance Claim for Bike

I'm sure I should have posted before filing the claim, but I'm wondering about how to optimize my claims in general. I did list the MSRP of each item and their accessories.
My electric scooter's been stolen from a locked bike room in my apartment complex. I filed a personal property claim with my provider Pemco. I didn't mention that it was located in the bike room or that it probably wasn't locked to the bike rack.
I've asked my property manager for any recordings (there are cameras on the property) and I haven't filed a police report just yet, though they are unlikely to do anything. Hasn't popped up on sales websites yet.
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2021.09.20 06:25 LoyceButterfly Charlotte Wessels

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2021.09.20 06:25 eidikosclub Brand new question! (I checked) How to convert ogg files with FFMPEG?

I'm using a deck to learn Japanese and it is awesome but it doesn't actually play audio on my iphone because it is all formatted in ogg.
It works perfectly on my computer but I can't get it to play on the iPhone for the aforementioned reason.
The deck creator mentioned FFMPEG and using it to mass convert the files, about an hour and a half later after getting FFMPEG installed and running it with a GUI I have no idea what to do.
Assume no programming knowledge or advanced computer skills. How can I use FFMPEG or any other option to mass convert the flash deck for us on iOS?

If you need more specific examples or screenshots or whatever to make this easier to fix you have all my cooperation!
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2021.09.20 06:25 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - Cleveland mayor’s grandson fatally shot, report says | FOX

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2021.09.20 06:25 Antyguy77 I know the pic is bad, it's all I could get. My car was running off, decided to give spark plugs a go. My assumption is the mechanism inside of the plug wires is what I'm seeing. Cannot fit a socket through it, would it be safe to pull it right off the plug with a pliers?

I know the pic is bad, it's all I could get. My car was running off, decided to give spark plugs a go. My assumption is the mechanism inside of the plug wires is what I'm seeing. Cannot fit a socket through it, would it be safe to pull it right off the plug with a pliers? submitted by Antyguy77 to MechanicAdvice [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 06:25 SmawCity Friendly reminder: This is a DM ONLY subreddit

I just recently saw that two of my players subscribe to this subreddit, and even saw one of my posts asking for advice. If you are not the dungeon master, LEAVE THIS SUBREDDIT. There is no content here for players.
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2021.09.20 06:25 Available-Moose8874 Driving with an Inverter Under Load

Hello! As described in the title, I've been trying to find any information and help I can in regards to installing an inverter into the back of a Gen III Prius with a particular use-case in mind - Is it possible to drive with the Prius with an inverter running a ~500W load while most of the 12V electronics on are also in operation (lights, stereo, A/C, etc.)?
What I've been able to read online is that usually owners say to put the car into ready mode (and parked, with most of the electronics off presumbly) while running the inverter upwards of ~1000 Watts, perhaps in the event of a power outage, or they need to use the microwave for a short period of time. And that the prius itself idles at around 200Ws when all the electronics are off. What I don't really know and haven't seen people talk about is how much Prius system demands with all those aforementioned 12V electronics in use while driving. Other relevant information I've found is that the DC-DC (step-down?) converter has a fuse at 120 amps, so 12V*120A = 1440W maximum load on the 12V system, perhaps?
The reason why I'm interested in this kind of use-case is because I've been charging a ~500wh ecoflow power station using the 12V cigarette lighter port, which is limited to ~120W of input. Having the car in ready mode and idling intermittently for 3-4 hours just to charge the power station to ~80% or so, is a bit of a pain in the neck especially when I don't want be detected or make any noise when the engine kicks on. It'd be really cool if it were possible to charge the power station more quickly as it supports quick-charging through an AC outlet to charge fully in ~1 hour, which means that I would only have to drive and idle for a short amount of time to drive my daily appliances. But if the load exceeds what the 12V system is capable of handling, the car's electronics could be damaged especially without the proper safeguards in place?
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2021.09.20 06:25 omfiemjerl 24[F4M] Feeling Horny 💜 𝖪𝗂𝗄/𝖲𝗇𝖺𝗉 : LisaFikert

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2021.09.20 06:25 rockiesroll Any way to get lightkin armor in season 15?

i’m pretty new to the game, and I was looking around the tower at some warlocks for style inspiration, and I saw an awesome set with the lightkin robe. It’s from last season through an event so does that mean I can’t get the armor now? Any help appreciated!
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2021.09.20 06:25 BVBYM00N Burping all my love for you

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2021.09.20 06:25 ArchBulkov Completed art deco mountain home project.

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2021.09.20 06:25 CHEV_xx_CHELIOS Battle 180. It was close to one try.

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2021.09.20 06:25 WalaAkongMaisipNaUN 26 [M4A] Hello sa inyo!

Actually, yes, need ko ng distraction. Any distraction. Huwag lang NSFW or landi. Kwentuhan niyo ako. Baka magkwento din ako pero umay na din ako. Or tambay tayo at kwentuhan. Hello sa mga taga South diyan! DM niyo ako. Thanks!
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2021.09.20 06:25 OXIOXIOXI I tried AR, it sucks, will never be good ever

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2021.09.20 06:25 RiveraBoy299 Weslaco any wins on her?

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2021.09.20 06:25 True-Collection-5432 Hooked up with hottie, getting ghosted?

Hi all,
This past weekend I went out with the boys. I talked to a bunch of girls but nothing really exciting. As these things happen, I was about to leave the bar and spotted 2 girls who were just standing there alone, one of whom was really beautiful.
So I walked over, chatted them up and it turns out me and the hottie have a LOT in common. One of my friends comes in and starts winging by talking to the friend. At some point, the hottie tells me she's taking me home. Sweet!
Her friend and my friend and we all go back to hottie's place. We proceed to hang out there for another hour or so. At some point hottie and I are making out, my friend's making out with his girl. Hottie whispers that I should get them to leave. I start dropping hints, but it looks like his girl isn't down to take him home, and he lived pretty far away.
Hottie and I leave her room to "make popcorn" and start having sex in her living room. We do that for a while, and then go back to her room where I find out that my friend had some whiskey dick and couldn't close the deal. Ouch. But both friends are on their way out.
They leave and me and hottie get to it. We had sex for like 1.5 hours, she was calling me daddy, the whole 9 yards. That said, I was pretty high on maryjane and kinda drunk, so I couldn't finish (stayed hard the whole time though). So I crash at her place for like an hour and then take off in the morning.
Later that day I text her saying I had a good time (mistake #1). She responds that she did too. I left some stuff at her place, so she lets me know that she's going to be out for the day, but will leave it in a bag in front of her place. I go grab it and she left me a note in the bag saying "It was a pleasure :)"
I took this as enough of a sign of interest, so I shot her a text. Here's the text exchange:
Me: The pleasure was mine :) Are you free some time next week? (~5 hours later) Her: I am. Do you have something in mind? (Next day) Me: I do. When are you free?
Nothing back. That was a day ago. I honestly wouldn't care in general, but this is the first girl I've slept with since I had a breakup that I thought was as as much my taste as my ex, so I want to play this right and start teaching my brain that girls I will like are out there and I can get them.
What's the best way going forward?
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2021.09.20 06:25 Ok_Log_4559 CHARLES 💎 Great Opportunity | Insane Potential | Huge Rewards | Doxed And Based Dev | Good Marketing in Bound 🎇

Hello Dear Investor💎
We want to present you a project with great potential that rewards its holders with crazy ADA reflections💸
Your investment will be supervised by a well-known team that prepares huge marketing: Charity Donations, Coingecko, Tranding CMS, Coisniper, Coinhunt, Fameous Influencers Tweets, CMC, CoinPaprika🚀
CHARLES Token is named after Charles Hoskinson. Great founder of Cardano.
Creator of CHARLES Token is well known team:, which also owns GULAS pool!👑
🖋Doxxed And Friendly Devs
🧳Based Team
💍Huge Rewards in ADA💸
👑Great Marketing In Bound
🎇Coingecko And CMC Listings Are Coming!
🐦 Major Influencers On Board
🔒 Liquidity Is Locked For 1 Year :
🖌Ownership Is Renounced:
total supply: 1,000,000,000
Trading tax: 10%
7% rewards
1% liquidity
1% marketing.
1% charity donations
slippage: 12%
Contract: 0x50cdf3f3c577e08fb531d63052fd5162edff01bc
Buy Link:
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2021.09.20 06:25 SporeGalore1 The Gabby Petito news coverage is a distraction

While I sympathize with the victim and her family, mainstream news corporations are using Gabby’s death as a distraction from what has been an ASTRONOMICAL past fews weeks for foreign relations. Tensions over the Australia-US nuclear submarine, China’s preparation for war with Taiwan, the Evergrande collapse;
There are multiple indicators the world is preparing for increasing conflict and Americans are being reported Gabby’s story more than any of them. When people step back and realize just how common cases like hers are, I hope they question why the news decided to devote so much focus to this story. If this happened 3 months earlier, news stations would be giving Gabby a fraction of the attention they are now.
Rest in peace Gabby and to all of those with untold stories like hers
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