What is a decent vendor neutral mobile device management certification?

2021.09.20 06:15 notburneddown What is a decent vendor neutral mobile device management certification?

I’m looking for a good certification that is industry recognized that will teach me to be an expert on both iOS and Android.
Could someone please give me recommendation?
I found this but I don’t think it’s widely known:
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2021.09.20 06:15 JakeFarrar Just picked up our MY. Some comparisons to our M3.

We have owned our Black on Black M3 LR AWD w/ Acceleration Boost for just over 2 years now. Since then, we have absolutely loved the car and love even more how much money we save on maintenance and gas. Fast forward a bit, family is growing and we are in the market for a car with 3 rows. We bought a very nice van, and then immediately regretted it. Was huge and sucked down the gas. We basically never used it. Thankfully the used car market is good and we were able to offload it without taking a loss. But then what? We took a look at almost every single 7 -seater SUV. We also took a look at the other hybrid and all electric cars being offered these days. After a few weeks and multiple test drives, we placed our MY order… we also made the M3 work with 3 kids in car seats. Surprisingly it went very well!
After a long 81 days, We just picked up our MY. White on White with induction wheels, 7 Seater. Delivery day was smooth, minor issue with trunk fit and finish they fixed on the spot. Besides that all good and everyone was super nice!
How the MY compares to the M3:
The Inside: It’s about all the same as the M3! Was super easy to transition too. I do love all the little fit and finish changes that they have added over the years. I really like the new center console.
Spent the first day adding all the modifications. Blacked out the emblems, spoiler, performance pedals, matte screen protector. Logo puddle lights. Ceramic coated seats and exterior. All weather floor mats. And so on. Tint will come next week.
Some things I love:
I love how high up it is. Very nice for an SUV. But, I also love how low the M3 is. Feels much more sporty. So depends what you prefer. Both are great.
The wind noise, the MY is noticeably quieter then our M3. I also have the wind noise reduction kit on the M3.
The ride quality is way better in the MY. Makes the M3 feel like a track car with how much you feel every bump. We also have the induction wheels on the MY. It’s a super smooth ride. I also feel super sturdy in the car.
The car feels much more sturdy and well built. When I close the doors it’s solid. The M3 feels more hollow and tin can ish when I close. Very impressed with the solidness of the MY
Love the White Seats! If your on the edge get it! I did ceramic coat them. So far no issues. They are stunning.
Love how open the car feels. Love the hatch back. Love that it’s automatic.
Some things I don’t like about the MY:
The visibility out the rear window sucks. It’s very small gap. It gets the job done but it’s small.
I am not in love with the Tasmanian Mats. The rear trunk mat sucks to be honest. Slides around like crazy. Rest are okay. They just feel kinda plastic and cheap.
That’s about it. Everything else is the same or better then the M3!
Basically if I had to choose one I would choose the MY. I just love that it’s a bit bigger and higher up, better overall car for a family.
Side note: Definitely need to get the acceleration booster for the MY. It’s so slow! 4.8 compared to my 3.7 may not seem like a lot but when I slammed my foot down in the MY I was unimpressed. Makes me want to get a performance even more now. Too bad the performance MY did not have a 7 seat option.
Feel free to ask me anything!
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2021.09.20 06:15 FoxWalk Strawberry Milk dice to quench any druid’s thirst! 🍓

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2021.09.20 06:15 ScaredOfGreatness Injury battles force Townsville Blackhawks champion Sam Hoare into retirement

On the field each tough carry and play the ball needed to lead to the next opportunity to strike. Off the field, now as the father of a 10-month old, it is how every decision will impact his family.
It is why the Blackhawks skipper has called time on his career, ending a long tenure playing among the best of the best rugby league has to offer.
Hoare informed his Townsville teammates in the week leading up to their elimination final loss to Souths Logan Magpies he would retire at season’s end. It was a decision made after advice from doctors flagged that his troublesome knee could no longer withstand the demands of elite sport.
The 30-year-old prop has endured a torrid time on the injury front throughout his career, one which included 21 NRL appearances for North Queensland.
Ever since he suffered a season-ending knee issue playing for the Cowboys’ under-20s side, Hoare has been in a constant battle to take the field each campaign.
ACL tears in 2016 and 2018 prevented him from pushing for a NRL comeback, and meniscus damage sustained this year proved to be the last straw.
With his future alongside his wife, Townsville Fire ace Micaela Cocks, and daughter Hazel still endless, the outgoing captain said his desire to think beyond next year made his choice a necessary one.
“I’m still motivated to play, but doctors said it was probably a good idea to hang the boots up and focus on getting the body right for after footy,” Hoare said.
“I had that meniscus issue and doctors have kind of said I am pretty much playing without an ACL. It’s going to put a lot of pressure on other structures in the knee, so for my long term health I needed to have a think about hanging the boots up and I came to that decision.
“I’m looking at the bigger picture as a reason to think about it positively. I get to spend more time with Micaela and Hazel.
“Playing at this level is pretty time consuming and it does take a lot of your energy to think about getting up for a pretty high level.
“Playing rugby league is all about the mateships you create, and the Blackhawks have done a really good job from day one about building a positive culture. There are great people involved in the club.”
While Hoare can look back on his career satisfied with what he has achieved, ultimately there will be thoughts of missed opportunities filling his mind in the off season.
Despite going into halftime against the Magpies up 22-10, an early Souths Logan flourish out of the sheds thrust the Blackhawks onto the back foot for the rest of the 30-24 defeat.
It has been a frustrating theme for the green outfit. Rarely has their attack faltered, constantly putting on enough points to win a contest.
However defensive lapses have leaked into their game, leading to a string of high scoring losses.
With their season now ended, the wait for the club’s first title continues.
Hoare said if the rest of the squad remained largely intact for 2022, that breakthrough premiership was an inevitability, rather than a case of if.
And he said the feeling in the dressing sheds after Sunday’s loss suggested it would be the case, and would serve as motivation for the remaining group to tighten the screws off the ball.
“I think all year we haven’t put an 80 minute performance together. When we play near our best there’s not many teams that can go with us but unfortunately we haven’t done it consistently enough to be pushing for the top four,” Hoare said.
“When we’re playing our best it’s when we’re defending well, and this season we didn’t defend well enough for large parts to be one of those top four teams.
“The coaching staff definitely gave us enough information and coaching to defend well, but at the end of the day it’s up to us on the field to execute that.
“There were too many times we’ve gone away from our system and it’s led to some really high scores against us.
“If we keep this squad together for the large part that’s something we’ll build on. When you feel like this after a game it becomes motivation, especially through the pre-season, so I think it will help us build to 2022.”
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2021.09.20 06:15 gwiest Could someone please help me identify these? Went on a birding trip near San Francisco this week, thanks!

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2021.09.20 06:15 Zealousideal-Sir6294 How can I later the Regen intensity on SE Model? I do a lot of slow city driving and prefer a heavier regenerative braking. Is that possible to do in SE model?

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2021.09.20 06:15 luciusnepiusmaximus PAPU!

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2021.09.20 06:15 BlakLad Looking for video on FTC regulating youtube

Hey, I was rewatching some of Nerd City's videos and I remember there being a video on how the FTC caught Youtube lying about their userbase and gave them a huge fine but I can't seem to find it. Anyone know where it is?
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2021.09.20 06:15 TheBamaify MELI* YT CHANNEL

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2021.09.20 06:15 r1ckyh1mself An amazing and scientifically accurate 3D video of falling into a black hole

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2021.09.20 06:15 TotallyNotTorracat everything sucks

So i usually am super happy and try not to get too sad but damn I was walking to my friends to a park outside of school but its only for international students and they know I'm not one but it was too far to go back I felt kinda worried so i said "Uh I'm gonna head back" They just said ok and left? It didn't take too long to go back but I still feel alone So i started walking to the girls bathroom since I don't really have any other friends then I saw my old "friends" and they smiled at me I smiled back and asked what they were doing but they didn't tell me anything Then they started calling me emo and I kind of just felt Alone? I don't know I haven't felt this in ages Welp there's the bell
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2021.09.20 06:15 SteveMemeChamp 🏃🏃

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2021.09.20 06:15 jeftleft2022 [33m] still got it?

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2021.09.20 06:15 Usa_border Madden 22 ps5 franchise 150$ ab winner other rewards competitive not sim . A lot of teams left 24 hour advances

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2021.09.20 06:15 cbvv1992 🔥40% Off Code – $17.39 Halloween Costumes Clothes Jumpsuit Romper for Women!!

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2021.09.20 06:15 GarySmith43 Multifunctional Breakfast Waffle Maker Create the perfect breakfast sandwich with the Multifunctional Breakfast Waffle Maker, which allows you to make delicious waffles in the shape of a sandwich! Use the extra-deep to stuff your favorite meats, cheese, and veggies inside your waffles, then top it a

Multifunctional Breakfast Waffle Maker Create the perfect breakfast sandwich with the Multifunctional Breakfast Waffle Maker, which allows you to make delicious waffles in the shape of a sandwich! Use the extra-deep to stuff your favorite meats, cheese, and veggies inside your waffles, then top it a submitted by GarySmith43 to ddfese [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 06:15 AutoModerator The white zone is for immediate loading and unloading of passengers only. There is no stopping in the red zone.

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2021.09.20 06:15 AtomicSkunk Can I go from a 620 to a 720+ on the Evidence-based Reading and Writing by Oct. 28?

Okay, so I'm a senior in high school (yes, I know this that the Oct. 28th test is going to be really late for me) and I currently have a 1400 super score (620 on ERW and 780 on Math). My school is hosting an Oct. 28th SAT for all seniors and I was wondering if you guys could give me some tips on some study strategies or review my current study plan.
My current study plan:
1) Do two reading passages and one writing passage per day. These passages are from old-sat tests and college board practice tests. After going over each question that I got wrong, I will review and write down why it is the right answer and possible tricks and tips I could use in the future.
2) Read at least one or two articles per day from any reliable new source, such as the Economist, New York Times, CNN News, and/or the New Yorker. One of my tutors have always tried to encourage reading more and I'm reading these articles out loud to help with my stutter and accent (I have a slight chinese accent, which many people have bullied for)
3) Read a book right before a I go to sleep. I'm currently reading the Sherlock Holmes series.
Thank you and have a great day!
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2021.09.20 06:15 milkiest *Lofi asmr* fast aggressive camera tapping & hand movements [intentional]

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2021.09.20 06:15 TheBamaify MELI* YT CHANNEL

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2021.09.20 06:15 hshsbsnx I just bought the British kaki Jordan’s and I paid for DHL and live in Canada how long will it take to get to me?

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2021.09.20 06:15 751assets When my post shows more effort than D&D...

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2021.09.20 06:15 Perma_DM Arm rotating to become more powerful

I’m looking for a character in anime who’s punch gets more powerful when they rotate their arm. I have absolutely no other details but this stands out to me
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2021.09.20 06:15 DinosaurWarlock How to get a huge head start most of the time - SPOILERS

Warning, this is a bit tedious and can take practice, but doing these steps has allowed me my only (sort of) god run so far, one that I'm currently on.
If you start your run with mud and a way to get over the cliff at the start, you should be able to do this, though I would try to go down to snowy depths and try to find unstable poly, a teleport wand, or maybe some ways to get over the tree. Once in the snowy depths you can go to the right and climb back up and out to the entrance.
So the goal of this is to get to the gold room, and also equip yourself with an evil eye digging laser (Paha Silmä), and an item that turns the surrounding area into dirt (Tannerkivi) which is very useful for digging through indestructible material.
These items are fairly easy to obtain with a little creativity. Here's a video guide to access a room on the side of the first world filled with 250k gold.
This is a little tedious, but it is so nice not to be concerned with gold for awhile and to be able to really splurge on perk rerolls and shops.
One thing that the video doesn't mention is that you can get the gold without unstable poly, though personally if I had it in the beginning I would use it, even if it is a little dangerous. With practice you can get the gold every time. Another thing is that that video is slightly out of date in that poly no longer allows you to fly indefinitely. Trying to accomplish this without flight, or the other things I recommend starting with is pretty annoying.
Anyway in the area leading to the gold to right of the main map is a diamond shaped thing that you can dig through. You can dig through this with the Paha Silmä, which you can get in the snowy area to the left of the tree. It's just sitting there on a cradle under the snow, and looks like a pink ball. You might need to bomb your way through the snow, or use your wand witch could take awhile.
Once you dig your way through the weird diamond thing to the right of the map (near the gold), there's a weird perk used for some quest I'm not aware of that will make you shoot projectile bursts in every direction. This will damage you if they fire while you're standing on a surface. This can be avoided if you time your hops so that it doesn't shoot while you're on the ground.
Once you have this, go to the left to the blue orb that's near the scale thing. It's pretty close to the diamond near the edge of the desert.
I think you need to hit the orb a few times with the perk projectiles, or maybe you just need to make contact with it. Either way the annoying perk will go away, and you'll get my favorite item in the game, the Tannerkivi, which transforms all material in a nearby radius into dirt. Your kicks will cause earthquakes though, so watch out.
This item can be used for digging into all sorts of areas sooner than I usual, and can be used in leu of the above method shown in the video to dig to the gold, when combined with the evil eye.
With those two items, you can dig into anything, even through corrupt stone or whatever it's called, even though it will still damage you with it's strange area of effect damage.
I used the Tannerkivi, high health, and an infinite bomb wand to get to my first parallel world run!
There might be smarter, more efficient strats than this, but my philosophy is to cheese the game harder than it can cheese me. Enjoy!
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